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8 Best-Selling Articulating Borescopes

In this blog post, you’ll read:Look for the most popular articulating borescope in the market? We have listed 8 of the best-selling articulating borescopes for you.

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It can be really frustrating right? 

Seriously, that’s how most people feel when they search endlessly for a suitable tool like an articulating borescope without success. 

Machine parts and engines often require quality inspection of interior and hard-to-reach areas. However, the effort, time, and the resources required for this type of inspection can sometimes be significant as it may require dismantling complex machine parts. Fortunately, articulating borescopes offer so many benefits in this area, one of which is inspecting and identifying flaws without having to unbolt any component. Therefore, it is vital to find an appropriate articulating borescope that suits your inspection requirements. 

This guide is a compilation of the best-selling articulating borescope available in the industry today. Hopefully, you’ll find one that suits your inspection needs. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in. 


I. 8 Best-Selling Articulating Borescope Overview


There are various articulating borescopes available in the non-destructive industry presently. Each is furnished with unique sets of design features which take care of special inspection circumstances. Here are 8 of the bestselling articulating borescopes you can find in the market today.  


1. 4-Way Articulating Video Borescope 


4-Way Articulating Video Borescope


This device features an insertion tube for viewing and capturing every detail of inspection with a 4-way articulation. The insertion tube is usually 4mm diameter and mostly waterproof. It also comes with a good number of LED lights to provide consistent lighting. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like
  • Increased freedom for a more comprehensive visual inspection
  • Well-illuminated device with at least 4 bright LEDs especially for dark corners of a component
  • Rotation mechanism for easy navigation and manipulation of the inserted tube. 
  • They are more expensive than both 2-way and 1-way articulating borescopes.



2. Articulating Borescope Inspection Camera 


This articulating borescope probe has very useful features including a gear adjuster on the body to adjust the direction of the inserted tube. It often comes with a 1-meter-long cable and 8mm diameter Camera which easily passes through hard-to-reach areas.


Things we like Things we don’t like
  • It has a powerful rechargeable battery with high capacity that can last for up to 2 hours during use.
  • Can capture both pictures and record videos with sound.
  • It has a heat sink and temperature controls which prevent the endoscope camera from getting hot.
  • Has adjustable LED with brightness control for inspecting dark areas. 
  • It might require constant recharging for longer inspection 



3. Articulating Borescope Camera for Android


3. Articulating Borescope Camera for Android


This articulating borescope camera connects to android mobile phones with an android app with easy-to-use features. Just by downloading the app from the play store and connecting it with your smartphone you ultimately get clear sharp images that can also be enhanced via the app.


Things we like  Things we don’t like
  • It is very intuitive and easy to use
  • Very portable with few attachments to carry
  • High image quality with enhancements built into the android app
  • The App requires frequent updates and can become obsolete in a few months



4. 3mm Articulating Video Borescope 


The 3mm articulating camera borescope has one of the smallest diameters in the market. This makes it easy to access tight spaces and tiny holes in components. It often comes with two options – flexible and semi-rigid – which gives less stress during inspection. It is used in various applications. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like
  • Very portable and easy to carry about making very useful for field operations
  • It has 3mm diameter insertion tubes that can access very tiny holes and corners
  • Sometimes focusing the camera can be an issue making the image blurry



5. Visual Articulating Automotive Borescope 


5. Visual Articulating Automotive Borescope


This articulating borescope is specifically designed for automotive inspection and has features that include 8mm diameter insertion tube, and a camera that can take both pictures and record videos with an SD card for storing the pictures and video recordings making it easy to transfer them to other devices for better analysis.


Things we like  Things we don’t like
  • It has a storage device for moving images and videos to external device
  • It is easy to control with high responsiveness 
  • May need more LED lighting to enhance its visual capabilities 



6. Remote Articulating Borescope for iPhone 


This articulating endoscope is specifically designed to work with an iPhone just by downloading the App from the iOS App Store. It connects to the iPhone using a USB cord and is equipped with functionalities that allow for image enhancements for high-quality pictures.


Things we like Things we don’t like
  •  It is portable and it is easy to set up and use with an intuitive interface.
  • The images are sharp and clear.
  • The insertion tube can be too flexible and hard to manipulate sometimes.



7. Wi-Fi Industrial Articulating Borescope 


7. Wi-Fi Industrial Articulating Borescope


This Industrial articulating borescope is equipped with wi-fi capabilities that allows for wireless connectivity for external devices like phones and laptops.  It is equipped with cameras and screens that are wide for easy viewing with an SD card for storing pictures and videos. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like
  • It has easy wireless connectivity that is easy to set up and operate
  • Very portable with rechargeable batteries that last up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • The pictures are high quality
  • Sometimes the LED lights can be too bright with inadequate option to reduce the lights making it hard to see some details



8. Steerable Inspection Camera Articulated Borescope


The steerable articulated borescope is designed with a rotatable mechanical adjuster that makes navigation and maneuvering easy. It also features 3m long insertion tubes that allows you to inspect farther. Other features include a wide LCD screen, LED lights, high-definition camera for sharp pictures. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like
  • It has mechanical features for easy maneuvering and operation of the device
  • Long insertion tubes and LED lights for more visibility
  • High image quality 
  • The mechanical steerable adjuster can break and thus render it inefficient 


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II. Articulating Borescope: Buyer’s Guide


This section gives comprehensive information about all you need to know with an articulating borescope. 


What is an Articulating Borescope?

An articulating borescope is a non-destructive testing device with optical features for viewing sections of specific components. you can use it to investigate regions and tight spaces that would normally be hard to reach using other inspection tools. Interestingly, this instrument consists of a portable device linked to a lengthy probe with an articulating camera tip. Usually, an articulating borescope will be placed into an engine to check it without disassembling it. Additionally, technicians often employ this instrument to inspect complex components for defects such as cracks, corrosion, and general symptoms of wear and tear. Ultimately, technology enables personnel to do routine and periodic checks in a fraction of the time and expense often required with traditional inspection methods. 


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What are Types of Articulations?

The choice of articulation is often based on the complexity of the inspection situation. Here are the four types of articulation borescope you’ll find in the industry today. 

180 degree articulation360 degree articulation


  • One-way – In this articulation borescope, the probe is often connected to a manipulating cable that can only view one direction. This is the most basic articulation borescope available in the industry and is usually applied to standard inspection with little or no complexity. 
  • Two-way – For this articulation borescope, the probe can view just two directions, including up-down direction or right-left direction. Hence, these two options will depend on whether you will be inspecting side-to-side or top to bottom of a component. 
  • Four-way – Combining the two options of the two-way articulation borescope gave birth to the four-way articulation borescope. This means that it can inspect both side-to-side and top to bottom components. However, its limitation is that it cannot rotate and is only confined to axial motion.  
  • Joystick 360 all-around Articulation – The joystick 360 articulation has the most sophistication and ability of the four types of articulation borescope. This device uses a joystick for control and can move vertically, horizontally, and rotationally. This means that you can view more angles just from one position.



What are Articulating Borescopes Used for?

Articulating borescopes aids workers in performing safe and accurate inspections. Fortunately, the availability of this tool in a variety of sizes and designs makes it more desirable for many inspectors. The most common applications are in the inspection of turbine engines, pipe systems, and car engines, which are primarily mechanical components. But frankly, other industries also use articulating borescopes for inspecting a variety of materials and components. The inspection includes aircraft, vehicles, HVAC, power generation and electricity, energy, gas, oil, maintenance, manufacturing, and mining. But that’s not all. They also come in handy for home DIY projects like car and motorcycle repairs.

But here’s what’s more interesting. Technicians in various fields benefit immensely from using an articulating borescope. For instance, maintenance of cars, boats, and airplanes with small engines often use it to access complex and hard-to-reach voids within the machine. 



How do I use an Articulated Borescope?

You should understand how to use this device properly for various beneficial reasons. Here are some pointers for making the most of your articulating borescope. 


1. Charge the Battery – Before beginning your check, make sure the battery is completely charged. Most borescopes have a full charge period of three or more hours, sufficient for most checks to be completed uninterrupted.

2. Extend the Tube – Extend the insertion probe completely for maximum articulation. Attempting to articulate the probe when coiled up might cause internal damage and poor articulation. 

3. Insert Slowly – Take your time inserting the probe into the component. This will enable you to check whether there is any damage within an element. Inserting the probe too rapidly or too roughly can result in missed visuals and possibly cause harm to the probe itself.

4. Articulate slowly – Slowly articulate the probe when doing your inspection. This helps you view your surroundings clearly and detect fractures or other defects.

5. Turn off the Component – Never place the probe into a moving or turned-on component. This has the potential to ruin your scope’s camera and probe. It is also necessary for your safety when accessing internal components.

6. Is your borescope water-resistant? – Do not immerse the handheld device in water unless it is waterproof. 

7. Safe working temperature – Articulating borescopes can operate safely within -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. Ensure that the temperature around you does not fall outside these temperatures. 

8. Gently pull out – If roughly or carelessly pulled, the articulating borescope can become stuck inside the component. Hence, it is good practice to gently remove the articulating borescope after operations. 



How to Choose my Articulating Borescope?

Choosing a suitable articulation borescope for your inspection can be arduous, especially when you don’t know the factors to consider. However, you should take into account these vital considerations. 

  • Inspection Duration Time

The time required for your inspection will significantly determine the type of articulation borescope you require. For instance, you might want to choose a lightweight device if it will take longer for you to finish your inspection. Also, a plugged-in power source will be preferable for longer inspection than a battery-powered articulation borescope. But suppose you require a hands-free option. In that case, a magnetic base articulating borescope will serve you better as you can attach it to the metallic body of the inspection sample while having your hands free for other activities.  

  • Working Diameter

The width of the inspection area is another critical consideration when choosing an articulation borescope. For example, a combustion engine has narrower holes leading into the chamber than that of turbine engines. Therefore, it will require an articulation borescope with a small diameter probe for a combustion engine’s inspection. 

  • The Direction of View

The direction of view required for an inspection will significantly influence your choice of an articulation borescope. You can choose between the three different view options that are available for articulation borescopes. For inspection that requires two-directional views, your choice of an articulation borescope will often fall between a left-right or an up-down view option. However, for complex inspections that require more view options, a 360-degree view articulation borescope will be more effective. 

  • How Harsh is the Environment?

The harshness of the inspection environment immensely affects your choice of articulation borescope. For instance, in an area prone to explosives, a more rugged and sturdy articulation borescope will suffice. 

  • Need to Capture Inspections (Images/Videos)?

Images can either be still pictures or videos depending on the accuracy required and the level of complexity of the inspection. And once these two factors are determined, picking an articulation borescope with either an image capture or a video recording becomes clearer. 

  • Price

This will be the most important consideration for most individuals and organizations as budgets for such equipment require a benefit-to-cost analysis. Hence, buying an articulation borescope will only be justifiable if the benefit outweighs the cost and the price is reasonable. 


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Why Choose NDT-KITS Articulating Borescope?

Choosing a suitable articulation borescope goes beyond just its application and price – even though they are the most important factors to consider in making your choice. However, a reliable supplier committed to quality is often more important. 

NDT-KITS is a Chinese manufacturer of articulating borescopes with extensive experience in the industry coupled with a huge investment in the research and development of innovative designs that help you achieve your inspection speedily and accurately. Their commitment to quality is top-notch, and with their ISO 9001: 2015 certification, you are guaranteed a quality that meets international standards. Their customer satisfaction is also second to none as they have a very responsive team that works round the clock to answer all your inquiries on the spot. 




Choosing a suitable articulation borescope should be without stress, especially if you carefully consider the criteria highlighted in this guide. Determining the inspection situation and the type of articulating borescope needed are usually the first steps. Still, the job is not complete if you’ve not found a suitable supplier who can meet your inspection needs. These needs can include quality production, accurate devices, and timely delivery. Also, you will need a supplier with highly responsive customer support to respond to all your inquiries every time without fail. NDT-KITS checks all these boxes and more. 

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