How to Test Ultrasonic Transducers?

Dual Element Ultrasonic Probe

When testing ultrasonic transducers, you should start with the basic physical dimension measurement. Then the next step should be functional testing, which consists of pulse-echo measurement at a specified distance and reflecting off a specified predetermined target.

What is Distance Amplitude Correction (DAC) Curve?


A Distance Amplitude Correction (DAC) is a method of compensating for the fact that the pulse-echo response of a reflector will decrease as the distance of the reflector from the ultrasonic probe increases.

Surface Crack Detection of Welds

Liquid Penetrant Testing PT1

There are 3 main NDT methods for the inspection of welding surface crack detection, Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) , Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) and Eddy Current Testing (ET). We shall consider how they are used, and what types of welding discontinuities they can be expected to find. We shall examine their advantages over other inspection […]