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Why Choose Us?

More than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing NDT instruments

  • In 1988, we effectively developed the first digital ultrasonic flaw detector in China, followed by the development of the first TOFD flaw detector and phased-array ultrasonic flaw detector in the years 2008 and 2010 respectively.

We have first-class technical engineers

  • Our company has appointed national and international experts who have great experience in the field of ultrasound inspection.
  • As of March 2021, we employed 153 people, including 45 skilled workers with master’s or doctoral degrees. They are experienced in mechanics, electronics, materials, and varied other sectors.

Sophisticated production instruments

  • Our ultrasonic equipment production base has many sophisticated SMT production lines, machining production lines, and probe production lines, which are regularly monitored by many skilled production technicians.

Product Features

High Precision

Due to the involvement of our advanced production as well as high-quality engineers, our products sustain high precision.


Our team is very strict and specific about the parts we purchase. We ensure that our products are of a high standard with utmost reliability. 

Affordable price

Despite maintaining high accuracy and durability on our products, the price is quite reasonable and more cost effective when compared to the similar products in Germany.

Customers Good Feedback:

Good Words From Good People

High-quality UT Flaw Detector

NDT-KITS ultrasonic flaw detector has high accuracy, high quality with a low failure rate. We have bought ultrasonic flaw detectors as well as probes from them for multiple projects.

Customer 2

Bill Norton

Intertek Group plc

The Excellent Service

NDT-KITS has been delivering ultrasonic probes as well as test blocks for us since 2011. Their 1-3 composite material probes can fully replace the Olympus probes. Their after-sales service is also excellent, as they provide quick feedback for any issue that arises.

Customer 1

Richard Abbey

SGS Group plc

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