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Flawtech vs. NDT-KITS: Comparison of Flawed Specimen

In this blog post, you’ll read:Decide to buy flawed specimens, but do not know how to choose from these two manufacturer, Flawtech or NDT-KITS? This article gives you a thorough understanding of what makes these two brands tick and what to consider when selecting one for your needs.

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Are you wondering what brand to trust of these two professional brands – Flawtech and NDT-KITS? 

Looking deeply into the products and services of two very well-experienced manufacturers could prove quite technical. But in a case where suitability is paramount, you’ll just have to pick one.

Flawtech has been one of the brands around the block for quite a while, hence the quality of its flawed specimens, but when compared with the quality NDT-KITS also provides, it gets more interesting.

This article gives you a thorough understanding of what makes these two brands tick and what to consider when selecting one for your needs.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.



I. Flawtech Flawed Specimen


1. About Flawtech


Flawtech has been around the non-destructive equipment manufacturing block for more than three decades. This makes it a considered benchmark for quality and excellent service. Since they meet all conditions of several sectors for the manufacturing of non-destructive equipment, this has contributed immensely to their customer base expansion. 

Flawtech’s collaboration with other organizations and clients has assisted with improvement in their various product offerings and has also contributed to helping them find better production processes and more sophisticated products. They are also invested in custom design equipment and quality assessment programs (QA). With professionals as employees, they have boosted customer service and improved its turnaround time.


2. Flawtech Popular Flawed Specimen


  • Standard Ultrasonic Kit 


Standard Ultrasonic Kit


The Standard Ultrasonic Kit consists of ten specimens, including one Tee, one Pipe, and eight Plates, with each having randomly located flaws (2 real flaws). All specimens are packed with documentation manuals, and they come in double-free carriage packs. It also consists of irregularly fixed flaws.



  • Four of the eight plates of the specimen are dimensions 0.375” T x 4” x 8”
  • The other four are with dimensions of 0.625″ T x 4″ x 8″
  • The double free carrier packs are dimensions 6″ x 16″ x 20″ each
  • The Pipe is with dimensions 4″Sch80 (0.337″T wall)
  • Two flaws per specimen bring all flaws to a total of twenty
  • The material of the specimen is made of carbon steel 


Price: $2,925.00



  • Standard NDT Demonstration Kit


Standard NDT Demonstration Kit


The Standard NDT Demonstration Kit, unlike the Standard Ultrasonic Kit, consists of five specimens which include three plates, one Tee, and one Pipe. It also comes with eleven randomly positioned discontinuities referred to as REAL FLAWS. 



  • The kit’s features consist of three plates with dimensions
  • plate 1 measuring VT 0.25” T x 4” x 8”
  • plates 2 and 3 measuring UT 0.625” T x 4” x 8”
  • It’s fitted into a carriage pack of dimension 6” x 16” x 20”
  • The material of the specimen is also carbon steel material.


Price: $1,650.00



  • Standard Radiographic Kit

Standard Radiographic Kit


The Standard Radiographic kit consists of one pipe, one tee, and eight plates with its material made from carbon steel and has twenty discontinuities. A documentation pack also comes with this, and it is all packed up in a double packaging case with x-ray film available for each specimen.



  • It weighs about 65lbs
  • Documentation pack is included
  • Package dimension is 20 x 16 x 6 in
  • 5 Plates measures 0.375” T x 4” x 8”
  • 3 Plates measures 0.625” T x 4” x 8”
  • The Tee dimension measures 0.625” T x 4” x 8”
  • The Pipe measures 4” Sch80 (0.337” wall)


Price: $2, 985.00



  • Standard Visual Kit 


Standard Visual Kit


The Standard Visual Kit consists of ten specimens, including seven plates and three tees. It also has twenty discontinuities in total and is packed with a carriage pack which includes documentation.



  • 7 Plates measuring 0.25” T x 4” x 8”
  • 3 Tees measuring 0.25″ T x 4” x 8” x 4”
  • The Specimen’s carriage measures 6” x 16” x 20” 
  • Specimen material is made of carbon steel
  • A documentation manual is included in the pack


Price: $2,010.00



  • API-UT-1 Flawed Specimen Kit


API-UT-1 Flawed Specimen Kit


The API-UT-1 Flawed specimen is a carbon steel specimen employed in the UT inspection of ferritic welds. It usually has some API custom options with flaw types. The API-UT-1 Standard Kit consists of four specimens.



  • It weighs about 200lbs – 225lbs
  • 1 plate measures 0.5″ Thick with Single Vee (0.5″ x 10″ x 12″) 
  • 1 Pipe which measures 8″ Sch80 (0.5″ Wall x 12″, 360°)
  • 1 plate measures 1.0″ Thick with Double Vee (1″ x 12″ x 15″)
  • 1 Pipe measuring 12″ Sch80 (0.688″ Wall x 12″, 180° Seg)


Price: $4,900.00



II. NDT-KITS Flawed Specimen


1. About NDT-KITS 


Since its inception over thirty years ago, NDT-KITS’ focus has been the manufacture of high-quality ultrasonic testing equipment, including flawed specimens. As a high-tech organization, it has grown and advanced with foresight for building and manufacturing high-performing and innovative ultrasonic solutions for its teeming customers of the flawed specimen. 

Their over three decades of quality products and customer satisfaction helps them thrive in the industry, investing heavily in research and development. This has increased its prowess while sustaining its market presence through quality, technologically advanced products, and customer satisfaction.


2. NDT-KITS Popular Flawed Specimen


  • Standard UT Kit (Ultrasonic Testing) – Flawed Specimens


Standard UT Kit (Ultrasonic Testing) - Flawed specimens


The standard UT Kit is a flawed specimen that comes in eight plates, one tee, and one pipe. It’s also made of a carbon steel material with twenty irregularly paced discontinuities or flaws in its package kit.



  • (3) Plates measuring 16X100X200mm – weld length 100mm
  • (5) Plates measuring 10X100X200 – weld length 100mm
  • (1) Pipe diameter ranges from 105-120mm and measure 10X200mm
  • (1) Tee measures 10X100X100X200mm – weld length: 100mm
  • It also comes with 20 total discontinuities (2 flaws per specimen)



  • NDT Demo Kit – Flawed Specimens


NDT Demonstration Kit (Demo Kit) - Flawed specimens


In the NDT Demo Kit, the flawed specimen is also a carbon steel material with eleven ambiguously positioned flaws. These flaws can be checked to determine or highlight the different merits and blowbacks of the non-destructive testing techniques.



  • Material is made of carbon steel.
  • Flawed specimen consists of 3 plates, 1 tee, and 1 pipe
  • VT Tee measures 10 X 100 X 100 X 200mm – weld length: 100mm
  • RT Pipe diameter range (105-120mm) X 10 X 200mm
  • MT Plate measures 10 X 100 X 200mm – weld length: 100mm
  • RT and UT Plates measures 16 X 100 X 200mm – weld length: 100mm



  • Standard RT Kit – Flawed Specimens


Standard RT Kit (Radiographic Testing) - Flawed specimens


The Standard RT Kit is an eight-plates, 1 pipe, and 1 Tee combination, all also made of a carbon steel material. It consists of twenty irregularly positioned discontinuities. 



  • (5) Plates measuring 10X100X200mm – weld length: 100mm)
  • (3) Plates measuring 16X100X200mm – weld length: 100mm)
  • Tee measures 10X100X100X200mm – weld length: 100mm)
  • Pipe diameter range (105-1200mm) x10X200mm
  • 2 flaws randomly positioned per specimen



  • Visual Testing Kit – Flawed Specimens


Visual Testing Kit (VT Kit) - Flawed specimens


The Visual Testing Kit, a different type of flawed specimen, consists of ten specimens made of carbon steel. It comprises a total of twenty specimen flaws (2 per specimen), with seven plates and three tee specimens making the whole.



  • (7) Plates measures 10X100X200mm – weld length:100mm
  • (3) Tee measures 10X100X100X200mm – weld length:100mm
  • Carbon steel material
  • Flaws include 2 for each specimen which totals 20



  • API-UT-1 Qualification Kit – Flawed Specimens

API-UT-1 Qualification Kit-1

The API-UT-1 Qualification Kit is a type of flawed specimen also made from carbon steel and comes with a four-specimen kit. It comprises two plates and two pipes of separate dimensions and specifications. The total flaws included in this pack are twelve, with three per specimen.



  • (1) Pipe measures 8″ Sch80 (360°)
  • (1) Plate measures 1.0″T
  • (1) Pipe measures 12″ Sch80 (180°)
  • (1) Plate measures 0.5″T
  • Carbon Steel material made
  • 12 flaws incorporated (3 per specimen)



III. Flawtech vs. NDT-KITS: Which is the Best for you?


Choosing the best of Flawtech and NDT-KITS requires using a standard set of criteria to measure their effectiveness for the inspection objectives. Here are the most critical criteria highlighted below. 


  • Accuracy: Though Flawtech manufactures flawed specimen equipment that measures accurately, NDT-KITS flawed specimens have higher accuracy than Flawtech’s products. They are designed and manufactured per quality standards such as API, CSA, and ASME standards.
  • Flaw Identifying Method: Both Flawtech and NDT-KITS have the same ultrasonic testing method for identifying flaws
  • Price: While both NDT-KITS and Flawtech manufacture flaw specimens of high quality, NDT-KITS prices are more competitive and affordable than Flawtech’s prices. This is not surprising as NDT-KITS leverages the abundance of professionals in China, which significantly reduces their cost of production. 
  • Delivery Date: NDT-KITS also has a shorter turnaround time than Flawtech as they have the technology to manufacture bespoke flawed specimens to meet customers’ requirements.
  • Warranty: Unlike Flawtech flaw specimens with no evidence of a warranty, NDT-KITS flaw specimens often carry a minimum of a 12-month warranty on all their products.



IV. Your Perfect Pick: NDT-KITS


For a company that invests more than ten percent of its sales in research and development, there is little wonder why they are a leading manufacturer and supplier of NDT equipment in the industry.

NDT-KITS also has a massive technical workforce from which it appoints experts and technical engineers to oversee ultrasonic equipment manufacture. Furthermore, they are committed to quality manufacturing by acquiring the coveted and industry-respected ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. Additionally, NDT-KITS is a customer-centered company with a highly professional customer support team who are on the ground and working round the clock to answer customer inquiries before, during, and after the delivery of customer orders.

Some other merits of choosing NDT-KITS include durability of products manufactured and precision due to the extensive industry knowledge of its engineers, who fabricate accurate bespoke non-destructive testing equipment. Most importantly, they offer competitive rates for their products with the same and even higher qualities than their European and American counterpart brands.





Having gone through the flawed specimens of both Flawtech and NDT-KITS, it is clear what brand you should choose.

Not to take anything away from the quality of flawed specimens Flawtech offers, but making a good choice depends on the brand that has maintained an outstanding manufacturing astuteness.

With NDT-KITS’ wealth of experience, its team of highly technical staff, its total devotion to research and development in improving its products, and the most important quality of the brand-customer satisfaction, you definitely cannot push them aside.

Now that the ball is in your court, what’s your next move? 

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