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CL60 Series Borescope - 180º Rotation

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12 months

Delivery Time:

4-5 weeks



Description of CL60 Series Borescope - 180º Rotation

Technological Superiority:


  • Portable design, easy to operate, long working hours, check the corrosion, cracks, welding, foreign bodies, wear, and internal parts processing of various industrial pipelines or complex equipment in a narrow space, and through fine comprehensive inspection;
  • Ergonomic design concept, atmospheric appearance, perfect use, one hand;
  • Mechanical control can be rotated in two directions, with single-side bending greater than 180 degrees, flexible control, labor-saving, high working efficiency, and low failure rate compared with electric power steering;
  • Direct connection to USB / bracket clip mobile phone otg interface; suitable for the general crowd;
  • 6.0mm,7.5mm high temperature resistance 300° and other specifications;
  • Front-end ultra-high bright LED lighting, optimize the lighting system design;
  • Alloy steel shell, rotary joints coated with wear-resistant steel woven products, poor working environment, durable.


Borescope - CL60 - 5Borescope - CL60 - 4










Camera Parameters:




External diameter

.0Φ 6mm

Pixel point

One megapixel pixels

Visual Angle

120 Degrees

Depth of Field

10-80 mm


LED illuminant

Probe Length

14 mm

Insert Tube Length

Standard: 1.0m

Insert Tube Material

Stainless steel silk weaving

Bend Angle (top / bottom)




Attended Mode

Direct connection to USB / bracket mobile phone connection



Parameters Facing the Probe:


Rlever Control and Direction

Two-way steering


One key lock

Guide Angle

One side> 180°

Guide Distance and Length

Standard 1 meter


hand regulation

Insert Tube

A 4-layer stainless steel wire woven tube

The Data I / O port

USB2.0 port,

Construction Material

Plastic PC case

Key Function

Take photos and adjust the light key

Internal Storage

computer.Mobile phone storage

System Weight

Including packaging equipment: <1.5 kg

White Balance

automatic white balance



Display and System Configuration:


Operating Temperature of the Host System

-10°C 50°C, the LCD panel must be heated below 0°C

Relative Humidity

Maximum of 90%, with no condensation

Operating Temperature of the Video Probe

-20°C 60°C, below 0°C should reduce the boot operation


Probe and objective lens can withstand IP67 waterproofing

Storage Temperature


Fittings of a Machine

hold-all.Clean the bag.Manual et al


    Endoscope - CL60 - 3     Endoscope - CL60 - 4





  • Automobile industry: The automobile industry is mainly used in detecting and diagnosing the wear, carbon accumulation and blockage of automobile engine, cylinder, oil pressure parts, fuel pipe, delivery and air conditioning system, differential device, water tank, fuel tank, gearbox, etc.
  • Aerospace: Inspection or body inspection of aircraft turbines, blades, engines, welds, internal cavity of the combustion chamber, and research and development and manufacture of rocket engines.
  • Industrial casting: mainly used for quality control during machining process.For example, the detection of various parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body valve body casting, mechanical parts casting, pipe fittings casting units, used to check the casting sand clip condition, burr condition and staggered hole condition and other quality control.
  • Wind power generation: equipment testing for nuclear power plants, wind power plants, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants and power construction units, such as defect detection, status monitoring inspection and maintenance of turbines, pipes, condenser ducers, pumps, boilers, heat exchanger, valves and pressure vessels.
  • Military equipment: used for testing barrel, barrel, armored vehicles and other military equipment.



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