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PA-10 Phased Array Flaw Detector

PA-10 phased array flaw detector is a powerful phased array flaw detector with 32/64PR; 32/128PR receiver/pulser channels for phased array.

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12 months

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1-2 weeks



Description of PA-10 Phased Array Flaw Detector



· 32/64PR; 32/128PR Receiver/Pulser Channels for Phased Array

· Dual Independent Channels for High-performance TOFD Detection

· Embedded Focal Law Calculator, which can perform:

· Four Kinds of Scanning Modes: Linear, Sectorial, Depth and Static

· Four Kinds of Focal Types: True Depth, Sound Path, Projection, and Focal Plane

· Optional Display Mode of A / B / S / C, etc

· Calibration is more convenient to implement and can be calibrated for each beam

· Multiple Groups for Parallel Scanning, comparable to many instruments working simultaneously

· Negative Square Wave Pulse, with Resolution up to 2.5ns, PRF up to 20KHz

· 10.4″ TFT LCD Color Touch Screen, Resolution 800×600 Pixel

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