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UE0040 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

UE0040 ultrasonic flaw detector carries out reliable detection of defects located below the surface of the test piece.

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12 months

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1-2 weeks



Description of UE0040 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The design of UE0040 digital ut flaw detector could satisfy customers various requirements and use habits. It widely reference with the design of ultrasonic inspection equipment and application experience, use cutting edge technologies of hardware, software, acoustics , ergonomic and so on , guarantee the instrument keep ahead in excellent performance target, practical function and convenient application among similar industry products. UE0040 digital ultrasonic flaw detector is easy to operate, abundant and practical functions to promote customers working efficiency greatly, take the heavy work become easy. The particular broad band feature excellent matches with low or high frequency probes, satisfies various inspecting demands.




  • Designed to meet the requirements of EN12668-1:2000 standard
  • With high light TFT screen, clearly shown in high or low lighting conditions
  • High performance lion battery for long time work
  • With high speed USB interface
  • With function to preset 30 sets of testing parameters, User can preset , save, recall, verify, print and send it PC easily.
  • With capability to save 1000 sets of testing waveform and data, user can save , recal, print, and sent to PC easily.
  • With capability to measure the height of crack
  • UE0040 digital ultrasonic flaw detector  was selected to inspect Beijing Olympic main stadium and other big projects.







The UE0040 ultrasonic flaw detector is designed to provide flaw detection capability in below inspection situations:

  • Weld Inspection
  • Forgings Inspection
  • Steel Plate Inspection





Frequency range  0.5-15MHz、0.5-4MHz、2-8MHz
Gain range  110dB(with 0.1dB、2dB、6dB steps,Automatically setting gain according to echo amplitude)
Vertical linear error  ≤3%
Horizontal linear error <0.1%
Horizontal resolution  >40dB
Dynamic range  ≥36dB
Surplus sensitivity  >62dB
Testing range  0mm~ 5500mm
Rejection range  0%~80%
Rectangle mode  plus, minus, dual or RF wave
Probe mode  single or dual transducer
Pulse voltage  600V
Damp match  200Ω、500Ω
Noise < 15%
Attenuator precision  <±1dB/12dB
Sound speed  (100 ~ 20000)m/s
Temperature  -10~40℃
Humidity  20%~95%
Power voltage  220VAC, 7.2VDC
Battery duration  working 5 hours, sleeping 6 hours
Dimension  200mm×138mm×60mm
Weight  1.4Kg(battery included)


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