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A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073

UE0073 will solve above problems by below methods:

1. Adjust the gain and gate height to make the first underside wave higher than the gate.

2. Using blanking function to invalidate the noise wave before the first underside wave.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15.3 × 7.6 × 3.7 cm

12 months

Delivery Time:

1-2 weeks



Description of A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073

If normal ultrasonic thickness gauge can’t meet your testing requirement, please select our UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge, it can solve various thickness measurement difficulty.


Difficulty description:

The normal ultrasonic thickness gauge with pulse/echo method can’t measure thickness under below situation:

1 The first underside echo lower than the gate. (If the height of the electrical level gate is un-adjustable)

2 There is noise waves before the first underside echo and it higher than the gate.   (We will get the thickness which produced by the noise wave)


The parts has highly corrosive near surface, coarse-grain materials (e.g. Cast iron), aluminum, small diameter pipes, super thin sheet, super thick plate, rough surface, nonuniform inner structure, part contains defect, lamination structure material has above testing situation, and can’t be tested by normal ultrasonic thickness gauge, but UE0073 will solve above problems by below methods:


  1. Adjust the gain and gate height to make the first underside wave higher than the gate.
  2. Using blanking function to invalidate the noise wave before the first underside wave.


Features of UE0073: 

1 Live Color A-Scan

The user can directly see the A-scan wave form on the screen, which is quite important for the situation that we need to validate the testing results. Many causes will cause incorrect testing results or even no testing result. We could find the causes easily through the A-scan. And adjust the GAIN, BLACKING and GATE three parameters to get the correct testing result.


2 Live Color B-Scan

A B-scan is a cross-sectional image of thickness value. The UE0073 can acquire and display live B-scan data. It is used to check the bottom outline of testing part; the instrument will automatically catch the Minimum value of the whole B-scan image. When user moves the point line on the B-scan image, the UE0073 will display the thickness value of each point of B-scan image.

A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073


3 Adjustable GAIN

User can increase or decrease the amplification factor of echo signal, by 1 db step. It is quite useful for acoustic attenuation materials (e.g. Cast iron) testing.


4 Blanking Function

The UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge use blanking function to invalidate the noise wave before the first underside wave, like below picture, instrument will invalidate the waves above the red line, and omit the useless noise waves that impact the measured thickness value, it’s useful in testing of rough surface or nonuniform inner structure part .

A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073-1


5 Adjustable GATE    

The UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge only get the thickness value when the wave is higher than the gate. So the adjustable height of gate is very important, especially in low echo signals testing (e.g. ultra thin sheet, ultra thick plate).

A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073


6 Red Arrow

When measure the thickness value, A red arrow will point to a point of A-scan waveform, that indicate thickness value of the waveform point. It will help user to validate the measured thickness gauge. We will get the correct thickness value when the red arrow point at the advancing front of the first underside echo.


7 Rectification Modes
Four modes selectable: RF, Half-Wave Positive, Half-Wave Negative and Full Wave.
RF: describe the whole echo waveform.
Half-Wave Positive: show the Half-Wave Positive without the Half-Wave Negative.
Half-Wave Negative: upturn the Half-Wave Negative and dispose of the Half-Wave Positive.
Full Wave: show both the Half-Wave Positive and upturned Half-Wave Negative.

A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073


8 High-resolution OLED Screen

the UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge use 2.4” color OLED screen, it can be clearly display under high-light and dark situation, the contrast of the OLED screen is 10000:1, it’s 40 times of TFT screen, the resolution of this screen is 320 * 240 pixels, it’s 9 times of competitor’s products.


9 Past Zero Detection Technology
UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge is total digital ultrasonic thickness gauge, all the Live A-scan function, past zero detection technology and high-precision are base on the digital signal; by using the Past Zero Detection Technology, the UE0073 testing value is not affected by the echo intensity, material attenuation coefficient, gain and gate height, so the testing data has higher reliability.


10 Real 0.01mm Resolution
UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge has real 0.01mm resolution, usually, the resolution of normal ultrasonic thickness gauge is called 0.01mm, but it’s real resolution can’t reach 0.01mm, because it’s timer counter of hardware is usually below 30MHz, and the hardware resolution can reach 0.1mm, by average many testing data, it generated a 0.01mm resolution testing data, this can not effectively improve the real resolution, but it will cased unstable testing result. the UE0073 using advanced digital technology and special algorithm, it has real 0.01 mm resolution, the experiments show that it can easily distinguish two test blocks that the thickness difference is only 0.01mm.


11 Large Storage Space
UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge has larger storage space, it can store 100,000 thickness values and 1000 A, B scan waveform, the thickness value can be displayed in gate format, 15 thickness values can be displayed in one screen; with USB 2.0 high speed interface and DATAVIEW software, user can transfer and manage the testing data easily.

A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073


12 Through Coat Measurement
UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge can measure the metal thickness of coated or painted parts, it will save a lot of time.


13 Higher Refresh Rate
UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge has 4Hz, 8Hz and 16Hz refresh rate, in normal application , user can select 4Hz, when need faster scanning, user can select higher refresh rate.


14 Difference and Difference Rate
The user can pre-set a thickness value, when the actual thickness value generated, the instrument will calculate the difference and difference rate.

A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073


15 Min/Max Thickness Capture
UE0073 ultrasonic thickness gauge can display the current thickness value, Max. thickness value and Min. thickness value during testing.

A&B Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UE0073


Features UE0073 UE0073-D UE0073-DL Data Logger Option
Color Display  
Live A-Scan  
Time-based B-Scan  

Control of Gain, Blanking, Gate, Range,Delay,

RF and Rectify Modes

Echo-Echo Mode (Thru Paint & Coatings) X  
Data Logger X X
DataView Software X X


Screen 2.4″ color OLED, 320 X 240 pixels, contrast 10,000:1
Operating Principle Pulse echo with dual element transducers
Measuring Range

0.50mm to 508mm(0.02″ to 20.00″), depending on material, probe  and surface condition

Measuring Resolution Selectable 0.01mm, 0.1mm(selectable 0.001″, 0.01″)
Units Inch or Millimeter
Rectify Modes RF+, RF-, HALF+, HALF-, FULL
Display Mode Normal, Minimum / Maximum capture, DIFF/RR%, A-Scan, B-Scan
V-Path Correction Automatic
Update Rate Selectable 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz
Material Velocity Range 500 to 9999m/s (0.0197 to 0.3937in/us)
Languages English
Alarm Settings Minimum and Maximum alarms. Range of 0.25 mm to 508 mm (0.010″ to 20.00″). Dynamic waveform color change on alarm
Power Requirements 2 AA size batteries
Operating Time Approximately 40 hours
Instrument Shut-off

Selectable ALWAYS ON or AUTO OFF after 5, 10, 20 minutes of inactivity

Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C (+10°F to +120°F)
Size 153mm X 76mm X 37mm(H X W X D)
Weight 280g including batteries


Data Logger Option
Capacity 100,000 readings, 1000 waveforms,400 files
File Structure Grid file
Rows X Columns 21 X 12
Communication Port USB 2.0 (Full Speed ) port
Software DataView PC software


UE0073 Probe Specifications











UE0073-D/DL Standard


Cast iron

Small tube











Contact Diameter








Measurement Range

0.8 to

1.2 to

1.0 to 200.0mm

4.0 to

0.8 to

0.7 to 12.0mm

4.0 to

Temperature Range

-10 to 70℃

-10 to

-10 to 70℃

-10 to 70℃

-10 to

-10 to 70℃

-20 to 300℃


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