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Zetec vs. Jireh: Comparison of Ultrasonic Scanner

In this blog post, you’ll read:Zetec and Jireh ultrasonic scanners are known for quality manufacturing. How do you choose from these two ut scanner brands? This article helps you with the essential parameters to choose the best for you.

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It’s a war.

While ultrasonic scanners are essential tools for checking the quality of most industrial products, selecting the best of two ultrasonic scanners can sometimes be a source of internal conflict. This is even more so when comparing brands like Zetec and Jireh ultrasonic scanners known for quality manufacturing. However, it need not be. A careful comparison using verifiable parameters, including features, specifications, and benefits, can quickly help you choose an ultrasonic scanner that best suits your inspection needs. Also, knowing your requirements will help you choose one that gives you more benefits. 

This article helps you with the essential parameters that can help you easily choose from two of the best brands of ultrasonic scanners in the industry. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive in.



I. Zetec Ultrasonic Scanner


1. About Zetec

For over fifty years, Zetec has held on to its forte as a leading manufacturer of NDT (non-destructive testing) tools. They are well-known providers of some of the most sought-after NDT solutions for industries like maritime, automotive, military, aerospace, and power generation. But more striking is their mission to make the world safer with their range of innovative products, including ultrasonic scanners used in airports and train stations to keep traveling individuals and the public safer. What’s more, they are committed to ensuring the quality of their products and services is top-notch. 


2. Zetec Popular Ultrasonic Scanner


  • NDT PaintBrush

NDT PaintBrush1


An extremely versatile ultrasonic scanner from Zetec is applicable in detecting loss of material thickness for metals, non-metals, and composite materials. Also, it is an essential NDT tool for measuring the level of corrosion, erosion, or abrasion on both plates and pipes. Interestingly, it has so many features that make it very intuitive without long training sessions. 


Features & Benefits

  • LCD screen for quickly viewing the internal and external state of the inspected part
  • Easy navigation of the device for both plates and pipes
  • The probe locator helps to ascertain the position of the probe at any point in the inspection process
  • It also features real-time calculation of object position both in 2D 
  • A magnetic wheel helps to stick firmly to any metallic inspected part
  • It also has 3D plotting for accurate corrosion data collection 
  • It has the option to export collected data to excel for further in-depth analysis. 



  • Minimum pipe diameter measurement of 150mm 
  • Accuracy to detect up to 1.6mm thickness loss 
  • Material detection includes metals, non-metals, and composite materials.



  • WELD Crawler


WELD Crawler


Zetec’s WELD Crawler is manufactured for scanning weld joints and ascertaining their thickness. It’s got great features that allow it to function efficiently in harsh environments and places with limited access and complex geometry. Its design makes inspecting different weld types very easy, making it a cost-effective NDT device suitable for many industries and components. 


Features & Benefits

  • The quick transformation from radial (pipes) to axial (plate) scanning 
  • Effective scanning solution for harsh environments
  • Applicable for environments with low clearance where access is often minimal
  • Cost-effective modular design with easy navigation 
  • It has a lift-off lever for easy maneuvering for pipes and plate component
  • It also features a laser pointer with onboard cameras connected to the display for easy viewing during an inspection. 



  • 56mm clearance required 
  • 150mm weld thickness 
  • Options for up to 4 phased array probes for the base kit
  • Option for NPS 2.5 for pipes 
  • An encoder with automatic encoder programming 



  • FlexTrack




This is another popular ultrasonic scanner from Zetec carrying many features to carry out thickness inspections of components. This model can carry out sophisticated thickness inspections using its automated but flexible tracker, which is easy to assemble and operate. It is also applicable in various industries, including aerospace and automotive sectors, while it is also beneficial for maintenance and production works. 


Features & Benefits

  • Flexible track for easy navigation of the scanner
  • Optimal design that makes it easy to assemble, install, and store
  • A sturdy track that firmly supports scanners even in overhang positions



  • 100mm/s and 25mm/s maximum speeds for the arm axis and track axis, respectively 
  • 810mm and 610mm maximum and usable stroke for the axis arm, respectively. 
  • 1,370mm and 145mm are the track length and width, respectively 
  • 1,039mm and 13.7mm are the total arm length and motor cable length, respectively 
  • 2.58kg and 8.12kg are the cable weight and track and motorized module weight, respectively 



  • NDT Sweeper


NDT Sweeper NDT Sweeper1 NDT Sweeper2


Though Zetec’s model of ultrasonic scanners operates manually, it nonetheless has features that make it versatile for quick and easy ultrasonic testing and inspection. With its 2D scanner, it is versatile to perform the many functions of specialized scanners, given that both flat and curved surfaces fall under its purview. Applicable for corrosion mapping, seam welds, and many other ultrasonic testing and inspection. 


Features & Benefits

  • A versatile tool with the various application, including corrosion mapping and long seam welds
  • It provides C-scan mapping over long distances and composite components
  • Very high precision 2D scanners with integrated encoders
  • Magnetic wheels help to attach the scanner firmly to the component during an inspection
  • Has solid frames that can support dual phased array probes



  • 4-inch NPS circumferential and longitudinal pipe range
  • 48mm radial clearance
  • Two phased array probe holding capacity 
  • 15.6mm minimum wedge width for phased array probe holder
  • 75.6mm maximum wedge width for phased array probe holder
  • 3m umbilical length 



II. Jireh Ultrasonic Scanner


1. About Jireh

Setup in 1981 to serve the numerous inspection and testing needs of various industries, Jireh Industries has established itself in the quality assessment industry as one of the leading manufacturers of automated and manual scanners over the past forty years. With several products in its portfolio, Jireh serves many industries, including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and power generation. The application of its scanners has been found to include the inspection of boiler tubes, pipes, vessels, and tanks. Jireh industries are headquartered in Alberta, Canada, but has since spread its tentacles to reach other locations worldwide, including Texas in the USA and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.



2. Jireh Popular Ultrasonic Scanner


  • ROTIX – 2 Probe Phased Array Scanner


ROTIX - 2 Probe Phased Array Scanner


One of Jireh’s most popular phased array probe scanners, with its standard two-phased array probes, gives it the ability to inspect both radial and plane ultrasonic testing and inspection. It has features suitable for various sectors, including automotive, marine, power generation, and oil and gas. 


Features & Benefits

  • It has adjustable chains that are easy to assemble and take apart, which allows for scanning a wide range of tube diameters
  • It has frame bars to hold multiple probes and single probe
  • It has an integrated encoder compatible with standard equipment
  • It has urethane coated wheels to enhance the smooth rolling and navigation around the inspected components 
  • Locking the scanner in position is provided by a brake system 



  • 5m umbilical cable length
  • Maximum holder capacity – 2 phased array probes
  • 450mm frame bar
  • 200mm frame bar 
  • Maximum holder capacity for two long probes
  • ID irrigation kit – 4mm 



  • STIX – 2 Probe Long Seam Scanner


STIX - 2 Probe Long Seam Scanner


Jireh’s weld seam inspection solution has reached a new mark of quality with this ultrasonic scanner which has one of the best collections of innovative features. Its ability to switch effortlessly from circumferential to axial thickness measurement, coupled with its intuitive interface, requires little or no training. This scanner is also compatible with standard instruments, making it more versatile and integrated with other devices.


Features & Benefits

  • It features a dual-frame for firmly holding two probes for axial scanning, including weld seams on pipes.
  • Versatile design for easy transformation from axial to circumferential scanning 
  • Intuitive designs for easy navigation and operation
  • It also has holders for the phased array probes, which are easily adjustable 
  • Magnetic wheels that attach the scanner firmly to the inspection sample for easy operation



  • Minimum seam weld that can be inspected – 152.4mm
  • Minimum tube diameter – 254mm
  • ID irrigation kit – 4mm 



  • NAVIC – 3-Axis Nozzle Scanner


NAVIC - 3-Axis Nozzle Scanner


This is yet another popular ultrasonic scanner from the Jireh family. This is specially designed as a specialized ultrasonic scanner to inspect weld seam with high precision and accuracy that other models often do not obtainable. The NAVIC-3 comes standard with a specialized probe holder, which enables real-time monitoring of the probe position. 


Features & Benefits

  • Features variable drive speed with its motorized driving accessory and steering control
  • It has a sturdy probe holder that ensures constant contact between the probe and the weld surface 
  • Sophisticated remote control for intuitive navigation with an effective reach of up to 30m 
  • Easy to operate with ergonomic handles and controllers
  • An integrated computer program for easy control and operation of the scanner



  • 5m length of umbilical with options for longer including 10m, 15m, and 30m.
  • 5m J300 encoder cable
  • ID irrigation kit – 6mm
  • 6m auxiliary cable



III. Zetec vs. Jireh: Which is the Best for you?


Now that you have the parameters of each brand through their respective popular models, it is vital to know which one will be best suited to your inspection requirements. This selection is often critical and can be considered using the following factors. 

  • Application – A wide range of applications is often preferred as it is more cost-effective. Both brands seem to have a wide range of applications. However, Zetec has a more versatile product with a broader range of material and industrial applications, especially its generalized ultrasonic scanners.
  • Accuracy – Selecting an ultrasonic scanner with minimal accuracy can be like throwing money away. Specialized ultrasonic scanners often present more accurate results since they are equipped with unique probes specifically designed and constructed for such purposes. Jireh had more specialized ultrasonic scanners, which means they have more accurate ultrasonic scanners.
  • Reliability – Products that cannot deliver expected benefits based on the available features can be unreliable, so selecting an ultrasonic scanner is essential. Both Zetec and Jireh are quality brands with quality features and high-reliability scores. 
  • Cost – This can be the deciding factor for most companies based on their budget. Jireh products are more expensive than Zetec, and understandably so since they produce more specialized ultrasonic scanners. Specialized ultrasonic scanners have more accuracy since they have more probes, which increases the cost of their product. 
  • Delivery Date – The ability to deliver a product in the shortest possible time is critical and should be considered in selecting a supplier. 


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IV. Comparison with Other Brands of Ultrasonic Scanners: Zetec vs. Jireh vs. NDT-KITS


While Zetec and Jireh have both manufactured some of the best ultrasonic scanners, it is worth considering other quality brands like NDT-KITS


NDT-KITS ultrasonic scanner


With over three decades in the non-destructive and ultrasonic testing industry, NDT-KITS, a leading ultrasonic solution provider, has manufactured and supplied some of the most innovative ultrasonic scanners used in various applications across various industries. 

Their products also have one of the highest levels of accuracy as they have substantial industry experience coupled with their research and development team, who relentlessly dole out a quality product every time. Their sophisticated manufacturing line also helps manufacture top-notch quality and precision-based ultrasonic scanners. 

Importantly, NDT-KITS’ strategic location gives them access to a large pool of professionals since they are located in the Chinese tech capital of Shenzhen. This location advantage reduces their cost of production, making their ultrasonic scanners very affordable compared with Zetec and Jireh. 

They are also committed to quality by acquiring the coveted ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, which influences their manufacture of reliable products. Also, they deliver products to customers with one of the shortest turnaround times in the industry.



V. Your Perfect Pick: NDT-KITS

NDT-KITS offers so many benefits, some of which are not equaled by any manufacturer in the industry. Firstly is their commitment to quality products backed by their line of sophisticated manufacturing equipment. What’s more, they have one of the most qualified sets of individuals working in their manufacturing facilities. These individuals are skilled and vastly experienced in the industry. They are also heavily invested in research and development, ensuring that innovative designs and products are presented to their teeming customers.

Most importantly, their price is very competitive compared with other European and American brands of the same quality. These competitive prices give them an edge over their competitors and have increased their customer base. Their customer support is also top-notch seeing that they always respond to customers’ inquiries promptly before, during, and after delivery of the product. 




In all, comparing two quality brands like Zetec and Jireh have the advantage of helping you decide on the best suited ultrasonic scanner for your inspection operations. However, considering such brands using essential parameters like accuracy, reliability, price, delivery date, and application often gives you a better perspective of which will serve your objective better. Nevertheless, a consideration of other equally reliable suppliers like NDT-KITS with over three decades of successful delivery of quality ultrasonic scanners is in order. Now that you have all this information, what’s your next move?

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