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Top 5 Flawed Specimen Manufacturers and Suppliers

In this blog post, you’ll read:Find quality flawed specimen manufacturers and suppliers? This article highlights the top flawed specimen manufacturers in the industry, including their location, company information, and popular products.

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Ever wondered if there are still quality flawed specimen manufacturers in the market today?

The question is not if they exist but if you can find them. Flawed specimens simulate different defects that you might likely come across while inspecting certain materials, components, or a manufacturing activity like welding. However, top-notch manufacturers of flawed specimens seem too hidden from many quality assessment professionals. Knowing where to look for these top manufacturers is key to getting the right flawed specimen to suit your inspection needs. 

This article highlights the top flawed specimen manufacturers in the industry, including their location, profile, and popular products. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive in. 



I. Top 5 Flawed Specimen Manufacturers


Here are the top 5 flawed specimen manufacturers in the industry today. 



Flawed Specimen Manufacturer/ Supplier




Hong Kong, China 



North Carolina, USA



Lancaster, UK 



Georgia, USA


NDT Supply

Kansas, USA




NDT-KITS Flawed Specimen Manufacturer


  • Headquarters: Hong Kong, China 


  • Company Background: NDT-KITS is a leading high-tech non-destructive test equipment manufacturer with a history of a pioneering innovative solution that eliminates customers’ pain points. Since 1988 when NDT-KITS was established, they’ve registered their presence in research and development, starting with manufacturing the first digital ultrasonic flaw detection device in China. But they didn’t stop there. NDT-KITS has invested heavily in improving its production processes and facilities, transforming its basic production line into an advanced automated process with more sophisticated equipment that has enhanced its production. Also, they are very committed to the quality manufacturing process, which has seen them acquire the internationally recognized ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification. This has improved their customers’ satisfaction as they can give their customers the best, including a minimum of 12 months warranty for every order. NDT-KITS has customers at both national and international levels, partnering with blue-chip companies and multinationals to help them meet their quality objectives. 


  • Popular Products: Flawed specimens, ultrasonic scanners, thickness gauges, flaw detectors, probes, calibration blocks, and transducers


  • Recommend Reason: Their very affordable prices, outstanding product quality, highly skillful workforce, investment in R&D, and sophisticated manufacturing equipment are reasons for recommending NDT-KITS. 



2. Flawtech


Flawtech Flawed Specimen Manufacturer


  • Headquarters: North Carolina, USA


  • Company Background: Due to the rising need in the non-destructive testing industry for flawed specimens, Flawtech was established in 1985 to meet these increasing needs and the deficit of quality flawed specimens available in the industry. Being the brainchild of an industry expert and educationist – Dr. George Pherigo, who trained technicians in the industry to meet this challenge. Flawtech boasts of very skillful employees with expertise that allows them to design some of the most precise flawed specimens. They have a teeming number of customers worldwide applying their flawed specimen in different industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, maritime, power generation, and petrochemicals. They’ve also invested huge sums of money in getting the best facilities and equipment that have enhanced their quality delivery system and improved customer service. 


  • Popular Products: Flawed specimens and accessories.


  • Recommend Reason: Flawtech invests in training technicians to get highly informed and skilled employees. They also have some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment coupled with their extensive years of experience in the industry. 



3. Sonaspection


Sonaspection Flawed Specimen Manufacturer


  • Headquarters: Lancaster, UK 


  • Company Background: Established in 1980, Sonaspection is a well-known and well-respected manufacturer of quality flawed specimens worldwide. They have consistently doled out flawed specimens that meet industry standards using innovative manufacturing techniques to pioneer some of the most precise ultrasonic testing devices for over forty years. Though taken over by the institution of mechanical engineers, Sonaspection has built an international reputation for itself in both manufacturing, sales, and training of highly skilled technicians and practitioners of non-destructive testing, especially for flawed specimen manufacture. With an office in the US, Sonaspection is very ambitious and dedicated to meeting the needs of various customers and industries across the world. 


  • Popular Products: Custom flawed specimens and accessories, calibration blocks.


  • Recommend Reason: They have a wealth of experience in the non-destructive testing industry and an affiliation with the internationally recognized professional body – the institution of mechanical engineers. 



4. Jess W. Jackson & Assoc., Inc. (JWJ)


Though Jess W. Jackson & Assoc. is only involved in sales of non-destructive equipment and accessories, their wealth of experience in the industry is quite extensive. Their knowledge about the tools, such as flawed specimens, is impressive and commendable. 


JWJ Flawed Specimen Manufacturer


  • Headquarters: Georgia, USA


  • Company Background: Established in 1960, Jess W. Jackson has been in the business of supplying and distributing NDT equipment and accessories for over sixty years. They are well known for their strategic partnership with an NDT industry manufacturing giant – Waygate Technologies, which is the NDT arm of Baker Hughes. They also have partnerships with other NDT equipment manufacturers like Zetec and calibration companies like PJLA Calibration. They have a bulk of their customers in the US around the southeastern states of the US, including Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Kentucky. 


  • Popular Products: Flawed specimens and accessories, coating thickness gauges, hardness testers, ultrasonic testing devices, and penetrants.  


  • Recommend Reason: They are certified by internationally recognized standardization bodies, including ISO and IEC, with many years of industry relevance. They are also in partnership with an industry giant in NDT manufacturing. 



5. NDT Supply


NDT supply is a sales company for NDT equipment and tools. Their many years in the sales of these devices have earned them a reputation and credibility that puts them side by side with the industry’s finest suppliers. 


NDT Supply Flawed Specimen Manufacturer


  • Headquarters: Kansas, USA


  • Company Background: Established in 1999, NDT Supply is dedicated to the supply of NDT equipment and accessories, and they partner with industry manufacturers to bring quality and cost-effective NDT solutions to their customers. Led by one of NDT industry’s experienced professionals NDT Supply can recommend and proffer suitable ultrasonic flawed specimens to their customer with honesty, quality, and reliability as their watchwords.


  • Popular Products: ultrasonic flawed specimen and accessories, borescopes, conductivity meters, concrete testers, and hardness testers.


  • Recommend Reason: Their consultancy service where they offer expert advice to their customers is a strong reason to recommend this company.


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II. Tips in Finding a Reliable Flawed Specimen Manufacturer


Finding a reliable flawed specimen manufacturer can be a pain in the neck for most quality assessment professionals. It can even be more problematic if you don’t have a clue of what to consider when searching for one. Here are the essential criteria you should never miss when you are in the market for a reliable flawed specimen manufacturer.


  • Manufacturing experience 

The industry experience of a manufacturer is key to their reliability and rating and the credibility they claim to offer. The number of years since their existence in the industry is often equated to their experience since it is more likely to gain a higher level of expertise the longer you stay in the industry.

  • Product quality

The quality of the product and services offered by a manufacturer is also an excellent indicative metric for how reliable they are. The reason is that simple. Dependable manufacturers manufacture quality products that are also reliable.

  • Price and warranty

This factor is often the most important for most businesses. Truth be told, companies want to make more profit and will often prefer options that can help them achieve their goals and objectives at a minimal cost. Hence, you need to consider a manufacturer that meets your flawed specimen requirements are the most competitive of prices. Also, they must be willing to take responsibility by way of a warranty for a minimum of 12 months. 

  • Delivery time

A manufacturer with the shortest turnaround time should be your preferred option. Flawed specimen manufacturers that delay delivering your order can make you lose productivity which can cost you a significant amount of money. 

  • Customer support 

After-sales support is equally important as any challenge while using the flawed specimen can cause you to lose productivity if there is no customer support or if the customer support does not promptly reply. 



III. How do I Choose the Quality Flawed Specimen?


Choosing a quality flawed specimen should cause you any headache, provided you know the correct requirements to check. You should consider the following essential factors in selecting flawed quality specimens. 


Standard RT Kit (Radiographic Testing) - Flawed specimens


Application – The application you require flawed specimens should be your first consideration, as different flaw applications require different flawed specimens.

Range – The range of flaws that a flawed specimen can imitate is also critical. The more flaws, the better, as you can comfortably detect several flaws using a single flawed specimen. 

Accuracy – You should critically examine the level of accuracy of the flawed specimen to get a quality flawed specimen, as this can significantly affect the result you get. 



IV. Import Budget Flawed Specimen from China


China is the epic center of the best manufacturers in the world. This is due to the Chinese government’s favorable policies and planned industrial programs. These governmental efforts have helped many create some of the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing facilities and a multitude of experts and professionals. The impact of this pool of professionals is that manufacturing cost is reduced, making Chinese manufacturers able to give highly competitive prices to their customers.

One of these Chinese manufacturers is NDT-KITS, a leading high-tech manufacturer of non-destructive testing devices. With close to four decades in the industry, they have been at the forefront of providing innovative, practical, yet cost-effective non-destructive testing solutions to their teeming customers both nationally and internationally. NDT-KITS manufactures some of the most accurate and quality flawed specimens that compete favorably with their American and European counterparts. 

Getting your flawed specimen from NDT-KITS poses some immense benefits for you, chief of which is their competitive rates that can’t be found anywhere in the industry for their quality. Additionally, their huge investment in research and development enables them to offer bespoke flawed specimen solutions to customers. This means that they can meet all your flawed specimen requirements, including a specialized design that is specifically made for you. But that’s not all. They have a standby customer support team dedicated to answering all your inquiries before, during, and after delivering your order. You never have to wait 24 hours before they respond to your inquiries. Their commitment to quality is also very high. They are ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management System, assuring you of the high reliability of the flawed specimen purchased from NDT-KITS. 




Getting a suitable flawed specimen should be very easy, especially since we’ve given you the top 5 of the industry’s finest flawed specimen manufacturers and suppliers. Even when you know how to select flawed specimens that meet your inspection needs, knowing how to also choose a reliable manufacturer is a critical skill. Ultimately, you want a reliable manufacturer like NDT-KITS with a significant amount of experience in the industry, competitive pricing, good turnaround time of delivery, excellent product quality, and a responsive and dedicated customer support team. 

Now that you have all the information you need to purchase the best flawed specimen for your inspection, what else is stopping you? 

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