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Top 6 Borescope Manufacturers in France

In this blog post, you’ll read:Here is the list of topnotch borescope suppliers in France. This piece will answer your questions about locating quality French borescope manufacturers accordingly.

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How effortless or stressful is it to locate a trusted manufacturer of borescopes in Europe?

It can be daunting for borescope users and inspection officers when sourcing the right inspection instrument to be deployed. The reason is because buyers need suppliers that can understand their inspection needs. This major concern holds European customers to a standstill sometimes with France as a typical example. Therefore, we’ve written this article with a list of some of the top suppliers you can find right away. This piece will answer your questions about locating quality French borescope manufacturers accordingly. Come along when you’re ready.

I. Top 6 Borescope Manufacturers in France

Here is the list of topnotch borescope suppliers in France.



  • Address – 3 rue Lambert, Parc Lavoisier, 91415 Dourdan cedex – France
  • Year of Experience – 1981 (41 years)
  • Company Introduction – FORT is a trusted French manufacturer of the best non-destructive testing equipment. It has been in the production of inspection tools for more than four decades. And that is why FORT is a trusted brand in France, especially in the manufacturing of NDT inspection tools. Its knowledge of the French market has enabled it to stay above other suppliers. Hence the quality of its machines. FORT thrives on being able to attend to its customers’ needs, including requests that other suppliers would reject. FORT challenges itself to come to its customers’ aid by being an inspection partner other than just a supplier.
  • Products Offered – Videoscopes, Industrial endoscopes, Inspection cameras.



  • Address – Building 9B, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
  • Year of Experience – 1988 (34 years)
  • Company Introduction – NDT-KITS is a dependable supplier and manufacturer of inspection equipment. And its sole aim is to satisfy its customers both foreign and local with the best inspection tools for various inspection needs. As such, they have recruited the best professionals the field has to offer. Furthermore, NDT-KITS has also integrated research and development into its production and sales strategies. Its borescopes meet all international industry certifications. Meaning they supply industry-approved products after checking all quality management standards such as the CE, ISO 9001, and EU EN 12668 compliance tests. NDT-KITS’ customers have a high-praise for all its supplied equipment and can also attest to incredible after sales service. Which always makes them want to come back for more.
  • Products OfferedEngine Borescopes, Articulating Borescopes, USB Borescopes


3. Baker Hughes

  • Address – 68 Chemin des Ormeaux, 69760 Limonest, France
  • Year of Experience – 1987 (35 years)
  • Company Introduction – Baker Hughes is a top-tier technology company, with interests in various subsidiaries. Baker Hughes is endowed with the expertise of top-ranked professionals, involved in the design and development of innovative inspection products. With borescopes supplied in over 120 countries, Baker Hughes is a global quality borescope supplier. This does not hinder them from also reaching the local markets and offering services as much as they offer products. Additionally, Baker Hughes has a pool of over 50,000 skilled professionals worldwide. These are qualified individuals who are not only provided with an enabling environment to make top-quality products but are also equipped to succeed in their various career endeavors. Baker Hughes can be considered a leading supplier of state-of-the-art borescopes in the local market and other climes.
  • Products Offered – Video Borescopes, Fiberscopes, Accessories



  • Address – 19 rue d’ Arcueil CS 700014, 94593 Rungis Cedex, France
  • Year of Experience – 1919 (103 years)
  • Company Introduction – Olympus is a brand that has been on the block long enough to reflect the standard. Olympus has under its belt a wealth of experience in the manufacture of optical devices and several other inspection tools. Over the years, Olympus has combined the vast experience it possesses to manufacture and supply different types of remote visual inspection products. Moreso, its innovative portable inspection tools will effortlessly guide an inspection officer through difficult areas of inspection. In addition, an array of intuitive and intelligent borescopes and accessories ensure efficiency in the application of these tools to numerous inspection solutions. Olympus is well represented both locally and globally.
  • Products Offered – Industrial Videoscopes, Industrial Fiberscopes, Inspection Assist Software, Light Sources.


5. Ralcam

  • Address – 2/F, Building, Chuangye Industrial District, QiyuRd., Fuyong, Baoan, Shenzhen City, China
  • Year of Experience – 2010 (12 years)
  • Company Introduction – Ralcam Borescopes was established in 2010, and has been able to achieve record milestones in just over a decade. Its range of innovative inspection tools provides sufficient information on the amount of research and development invested to manufacture quality borescopes. With a team compliant with all quality control standards, it is no surprise they have patented products. These patents also imply the best prices for their products and announce quality. It also boasts industry-certified products. Its products are FCC and CE-certified. Furthermore, ISO 9001 management standards are strictly adhered to. Ralcam believes the best way to a customer’s heart is via the supply of quality products, at reasonable prices, rapid delivery, and excellent after-sales services.
  • Products Offered – Industrial Borescope, Smartphone Borescope, Articulating Borescope


6. IT Concepts

  • Address – 9 Rte de la Ballonnière, 78840 Moisson, France
  • Year of Experience – 1991 (31 years)
  • Company Introduction – IT Concepts is a forerunner in the manufacturing and supply of remote visual inspection technology. With over three decades of competent supply of borescopes, its range of visual inspection solutions is top quality. Its core values include listening to its customer’s needs and implementing designing and manufacturing prowess to satisfy its customers. IT Concepts develop prototypes according to certified quality standards. As such it is quality certified by the ISO 9001 standards. Customers globally who have experienced the quality of IT Concepts products have much to say about the quality and precision it provides. All of its production levels are optimally aligned for an effective manufacturing process.
  • Products Offered – Flexible Borescopes, Videoscope, Flexible Fiberscope


II. Affordable Borescope Manufacturer Recommend: NDT-KITS

After all considerations of all the top suppliers of borescope manufacturers in France, the supplier to trust can still be a problem. And these are the kind of problems every inspection officer encounters. This is why many buyers would rather go with a recommendation than rack their brains over which supplier to take a chance on. With that in mind, we can assist in recommending a tested, reliable, and trusted supplier. And that supplier is NDT-KITS. 

NDT-KITS is a fan favorite for its customers and an admirable supplier for prospective customers. Why is that? You may ask, here’s why. NDT-KITS has over 40 years of industry experience in the supply of borescopes for inspection. The customer’s experience with the turnaround time is phenomenal. This is due to the customer-centric support staff they are equipped with. 

The quality they supply also reflects how competitive their prices are. Hence, the advantage they possess over other suppliers and brands. Every customer is guaranteed the acquisition of a standard management-certified product and approved by the ISO9001, CE, FCC quality assurance and control standards. Therefore, for your inspection equipment purchase, look no further than NDT-KITS.



In a nutshell, it is a tough task for users of inspection tools to merry-go-round numerous suppliers before identifying the best supplier to patronize. With a focus on European countries and France identifying these suppliers can become quite cumbersome. But with these top suppliers, you are assured of quality tools. However, with an internationally certified company like NDT-KITS, you can quickly achieve your inspection objectives as their track record of quality and innovation has been a consistent long ride. Also, their customer satisfaction ratings have hit the roofs as their numerous customers continue to give their services five-star ratings. But more importantly, you don’t have to pay expensive prices for quality as they have one of the most affordable borescopes in the industry. So, now that you have this information, what’s your excuse?

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