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Top 7 Borescope Manufacturers in Europe

In this blog post, you’ll read:Here is the list of the top 7 borescope manufacturers in Europe,If you’re one of these buyers, then this piece is for you. Without any further delay, let’s begin.

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It can be backbreaking!

The challenge encountered by many buyers of non-destructive testing tools when identifying and locating a trustworthy source for their inspection needs is indeed enormous. Every customer wants a supplier that will not only understand their individual needs but can also give them a good bargain for quality products. However, these suppliers are readily available to serve your interests and put an end to your labor. If you’re one of these buyers, then this piece is for you. Without any further delay, let’s begin.

I. Top 7 Borescope Manufacturers in Europe

Here is the list of the top 7 borescope manufacturers in Europe



  • Address – Wendenstraße 20, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
  • Year of Experience – 1919 (103 years)
  • Company Introduction – Olympus’ passion stems from providing customer-centric industrial equipment. And with over a hundred years of wealth of experience, only the best can be expected of such a brand. And Olympus has constantly exceeded expectations. It has over 30,000 support staff with vast industry knowledge globally. This competent staff horde has enabled Olympus to achieve over 17,000 patented products. It is recognized over the years as one of the best innovative manufacturers in the world. Furthermore, Olympus is heavily invested in research, design, and development. Hence its ability to maintain quality manufacturing. So, do not hesitate to contact them if you are willing to acquire your inspection tools as quality is guaranteed.
  • Products Offered – Videoscopes, Borescopes


 2. Baker Hughes

  • Address – 68 Chemin des Ormeaux, 69760 Limonest, France
  • Year of Experience – 1987 (35 years)
  • Company Introduction – Baker Hughes is a leading supplier of technologically advanced inspection tools. Its products serve its customers satisfactorily and keep them coming back as they are a trusted brand. Its fiberscopes and borescopes are supplied in over 120 countries in Europe and worldwide. Additionally, Baker Hughes is strengthened by a workforce of over 50,000 professional staff. They are responsible for the optimum service provided to a customer. From the customer’s product needs to the after sales service, it’s hinged on the professionalism of these skilled staff which has been phenomenal.
  • Products Offered – Video Borescopes, Fiberscopes, Accessories



  • Address – Building 9B, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
  • Year of Experience – 1988 (34 years)
  • Company Introduction – NDT-KITS is a leading manufacturer of non-destructive testing equipment such as the borescope and videoscopes. It boasts over 40 years of industry experience. And top-skilled technical support that upholds the values of the company by providing quality testing tools. It offers one of the most competitive prices in the European market, which puts other manufacturers on their toes. Its borescopes are quality management certified by standard regulators in the industry. Its creative and innovative equipment is ISO9001, and CE certified. Enabling both potential customers and regular customers to get value for their money’s worth.
  • Products OfferedEngine Borescopes, Articulating Borescopes, USB Borescopes



  • Address – 3 rue Lambert, Parc Lavoisier, 91415 Dourdan cedex – France
  • Year of Experience – 1981 (41 years)
  • Company Introduction – Another top European market supplier of borescopes and accessories is FORT. A French manufacturer in partnership with the German brand Vizaar that contributes to its expansion in Europe and maintains quality products as well. Its knowledge of the market spans over 40 years. FORT draws its strength from being more than just a supplier to its customers. Therefore, when other suppliers are not keen on taking on a customer FORT will be there for anything a customer wants. It’s always a win-win for both supplier and buyer with FORT
  • Products Offered – Videoscopes, Industrial endoscopes, Inspection cameras.



  • Address – 155 Voie Ariane, ATHELIA I – 13600 La Ciotat – France
  • Year of Experience – 1982 (40 years)
  • Company Introduction – Since its establishment some four decades ago, Efer Endoscopy has been focused on manufacturing equipment for the aeronautical engineering sector. But after its relocation to a new facility a few years later, there was a need for expansion. Efer Endoscopy now supplies both locally and internationally. And its international supply isn’t just to other European countries but also extends to the US and Japan. However, the standard products it offers are visibly depicted in its skilled design and production process. It also manufactures complex tools deployed in a particularly difficult environment. Efer Endoscopy is always glad to serve its customers to taste.
  • Products Offered – Explorator line, Video camera, Video line


6. IT Concepts

  • Address – Gewerbestraße 17 Lahnau, Germany
  • Year of Experience – 1991 (31 years)
  • Company Introduction – IT Concepts was founded over three decades back. And has become a major supplier of remote visual inspection (RVI) tools in Europe. Its borescopes and Videoscopes are created to function with minimal downtime while boosting productivity and optimizing safety. Its prototypes are developed in compliance with specified industry standards. Thereby earning its quality management certifications from standard quality management bodies like ISO9001. Its core strengths are keyed to listening to its customers to be able to identify their pain points and have a satisfactory solution for them.
  • Products Offered – Flexible Borescopes, Videoscope, Flexible Fiberscope


7. viZaar

  • Address – Hechinger Straße 152, 72461 Albstadt, Germany.
  • Year of Experience – 1997 (25 years)
  • Company Introduction – In twenty-five years of existence, viZaar has attained commendable feats in the supply of innovative inspection equipment in Europe. Headquartered in Germany, viZaar received its first patent in 2000. And in 2001 changed its company name from SNK to its current name. In 2005, it developed its first Videoscope, relocated to a personalized operating facility, and increased its employee capacity to 28. And a couple of years later, achieves its industry certification ISO9001, ISO14001, SCCP, and KTA for quality manufacturing. Additionally, it acquired FORT SA, France as part of its expansion plans. viZaar aims for continuous advancement both in capacity and in the product it offers.
  • Products Offered – Industrial Borescopes, Videoscopes, Tank and Pipe cameras


II. Affordable Borescope Manufacturer Recommend: NDT-KITS

Shopping for an affordable borescope is every buyer’s desire. The possibility of achieving this feat is sometimes determined by how much research and information gathering the buyer is ready to engage in. And when that is done, are you assured of affordability and quality by the selected supplier? These are crucial questions buyers are phased by. And the cycle goes on and on. 

It seems like a huge challenge, right? Here’s the catch. When a supplier is then recommended, it means the recommended supplier has been tested and approved before they can be recommended. This is why we recommend NDT-KITS to you. NDT-KITS is a trusted brand that has supplied quality, industry-standard-approved inspection equipment to numerous customers in Europe and the rest of the world. With NDT-KITS you get the full package. 

Quality products, excellent in-line service, and after sales service. Furthermore, prompt delivery and all at budget-friendly costs. NDT-KITS has earned the trust of its customers, and so would you if you chose to acquire all your inspection tools from them. Lots of positive reviews have been remitted from customers about NDT-KITS’ products and their services.



In conclusion, Europe is endowed with some of the best manufacturers of non-destructive testing machines. Some of them have been highlighted in this piece. And while you will fare well with selecting any of them, our recommendation is that you select one with a long track record of quality delivery and a consistent customer-centric service such as NDT-KITS. It is important because NDT-KITS satisfies every criterion and checks all the boxes including providing very competitive prices that are second to none in the industry. All of these without sacrificing quality. Their huge investment in research and development is another important factor for choosing NDT-KITS which ensures that they can provide bespoke borescope solutions to meet your specific inspection requirement.

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