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High Temperature Probe UT0019

High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducer is designed for high temperature inspection; it has stable performance in high temperature inspection and long service life, this Ultrasonic Probe with BNC (Q9) connector.

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Description of High Temperature Probe UT0019

High-Temperature Ultrasonic Transducer is designed for high-temperature inspection; it has stable performance in high-temperature inspection and long service life, this Ultrasonic Probe with BNC (Q9) connector

Single crystal probe with a replaceable delay line applied for high-temperature detection environment

Supply 0° (ZH Type) Longitudinal Incidence and 45°/ 60°/70° (AH Type) Shear Wave incidence Delay Lines.
Supply 13 / 25 / 38mm three ZH types standard height delay lines, and 45°/60°/70° three shear wave AH types delay lines
Two Types of Delay Lines:
HT1: Maximum 20seconds on the workpiece at 200℃(392°F) HT2: Maximum 10seconds on the workpiece at 300℃(572°F) Quick Change Structure of Delay Line and Probe
Standard Lengths of ZH Type Delay Line matching with Probes φ10mm(0.375in) crystal probe with 13mm(0.5in) delay line φ13/19mm(0.5/0.7in) crystal probe with 25mm(01.0in) delay line

Intermittent contact detection with the high-temperature workpiece (Castings, Forgings, etc.,)
Direct Flaw Detection
Detection of the curved surface of the workpiece



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