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Top 6 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Manufacturers

In this blog post, you’ll read:Decide to buy ut flaw detector and looking for ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturers now? This article lists 6 of the top ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturers in the industry today, highlighting their location, profile, and most popular products.

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It’s like waiting for snow in summer.

Searching for a suitable ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturer can be an endless unfruitful toil, especially when unsure of where to look. 

An ultrasonic flaw detector is an essential tool for most non-destructive tests. Getting a suitable one depends on finding a reliable supplier with extensive years of successful delivery of quality ultrasonic flaw detectors in the industry. 

This article will give you 6 of the top ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturers in the industry today, highlighting their location, profile, and most popular products. 

So, if you are ready, let’s dive in.



I. Top 6 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Manufacturers


Here is a list of the top 6 ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturers today and why they are regarded as one of the best manufacturers.



Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Manufacturer







Tokyo, Japan



Hong Kong, China



Washington, USA



Milton Keyes, UK



California, US


1. Krautkramer


Krautkramer Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Manufacturer


  • Headquarters: United States of America 


  • Company Background: It started in 1892 as one of the first companies to lead the manufacture of X-ray machines under the name SEIFERT. After many years in the industry, it has mastered the production of quality ultrasonic testing equipment, including ultrasonic flaw detectors and scanners. They have also acquired many other companies and technologies in nuclear instrumentation and radiation measurement, industrial control systems, condition monitoring, sensors, and inspection, as well as other non-destructive testing technologies. While increasing their portfolio offerings, these various acquisitions have also established them as a leading force in the NDT space. The name Krautkramer is the arm of ultrasonic testing and portable inspection solutions of Baker Hughes. 


  • Popular Products: Ultrasonic testing equipment like flaw detectors, scanners, probes and wedges, and thickness gauges.


  • Recommend Reason: They produce quality, technologically advanced ultrasonic testing equipment which is very intuitive and easy to operate. 



2. Olympus


Olympus Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan 


  • Company Background: For over a century, the Olympus brand has been known for its pioneering and innovative ultrasonic testing equipment manufacture. In 1919, while it was still known as Takachiho Seisakusho, Olympus started as a microscope manufacturer. It quickly moved on to manufacturing cameras and other optical instruments in the 1930s and 1940s. After a change of company name and management, Olympus manufactured some of the firsts in the optical inspection industry, including a gastrocamera and the Olympus pen (a half-sized camera). Olympus quickly grew its production facilities and technological resources to modernize and increase its revenue which it has achieved as they are now well-represented in most continents and regions worldwide. 


  • Popular Products: Ultrasonic scanners and flaw detectors, endoscopes and videoscopes, thickness gauges, transducers and probes, XRD, and XRF analyzers.


  • Recommend Reason: Their extensive years of experience in the NDT industry and their diverse NDT solutions stands them out. 





NDT-KITS Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


  • Headquarters: Hong Kong, China


  • Company Background: NDT-KITS is a leading ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturer with over three decades of industry experience. With a focus on research and development, this company has produced some of the most innovative and advanced ultrasonic testing devices nationally and internationally. As a high-tech company, NDT-KITS has a strong presence in the non-destructive testing industry, with highly qualified professionals doling out various bespoke NDT solutions to its teeming customers. Their commitment to quality is non-negotiable. They strive to satisfy customers with their manufacturing processes to acquire the most prestigious and internationally recognized ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification. They serve various industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, power generation, electronics, and maritime.


  • Popular Products: Ultrasonic flaw detectors, scanners, probes and wedges, thickness gauges, phased array transducers, calibration blocks, and electrical conductivity meter. 


  • Recommend Reason: Very innovative and cost-effective ultrasonic testing solutions at competitive pricing give them an edge in the industry.


4. Zetec


Zetec Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


  • Headquarters: Washington, USA


  • Company Background: Established in 1968 from a small office in Washington, US, with a single-frequency eddy current tester as its only product, Zetec is a non-destructive testing equipment manufacturer. Though its beginning was small, the company has grown to become a leading force in the industry with many more non-destructive inspection instruments, including ultrasonic flaw detectors. After its first product, which won Zetec their first government contract, they have invested a lot into research and development, which allows them to work with different industries, including nuclear power generation, automotive, electronic, oil and gas, and military. These opportunities have also led to its expansion over its 50 years. Their offices and centers are in Canada, France, South Korea, China, and Japan. Zetec’s mission is to make the world a safer place with precision-based quality assessment equipment. 


  • Popular Products: Ultrasonic flaw detectors, probes, thickness gauges, transducers, eddy current instrument.


  • Recommend Reason: They have extensive years of experience in the industry with several NDT equipment.



5. Sonatest


Sonatest Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


  • Headquarters: Milton Keyes, UK


  • Company Background: Since its establishment in 1958, Sonatest has been one of the innovative NDT equipment manufacturing companies with many products in its portfolio. They are involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of some basic and advanced tools in the NDT industry, some of which include ultrasonic flaw detectors. They have some blue-chip and multinational companies as their customers, including Airbus, Shell, and Siemens. Additionally, Sonatest partners with some other subsidiaries worldwide to help reach other corners of the world and increase their global footprint. 


  • Popular Products: Ultrasonic flaw detectors, probes, wedges, thickness gauges, scanners, couplants, accessories, proprietary software. 


  • Recommend Reason: Their products are reliable, accurate, and rugged to withstand some of the harshest environmental conditions. 



6. Dakota


Dakota Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


  • Headquarters: California, United States of America 


  • Company Background: Since 1996, when it became a corporate entity, Dakota Ultrasonics has been known for its quality ultrasonic testing equipment. Their wide range of ultrasonic equipment and the multitude of industries they serve ensures that they are always at the forefront of innovation while providing solutions. Some of the industries they serve include electronics, medical, maritime, construction, mining, and agriculture. 


  • Popular Products: Ultrasonic flaw detectors, thickness gauges, bolting equipment, Sonic testers, and bolting monitors.


  • Recommend Reason: They have a wide range of products with huge applications serving many industries. 



II. Tips in Finding a Reliable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Manufacturers


Finding a reliable manufacturer that can meet all your quality assessment requirements can sometimes be like searching for a pin in a haystack. Even though there are many of them online these days, knowing the essential criteria to check can help you quickly screen out the unreliable ones. Here are some practical tips to make your search as easy as pie.


  • Research how solid the ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturer is

The level of investment, private facility, year of establishment, and the number of countries where a company is present are all details that can help you identify how reliable a company is. Therefore, a company must have a significant capital base in many countries and with very many years of existence in the industry to pass as a solid flaw detector manufacturer. 

  • Check whether the company’s product types are multi-choice

Choosing a preference based on your inspection requirements is a huge factor in choosing a reliable flaw detector manufacturer. If their products cannot give you options for making an inspection-specific choice, you may not be reliable. 

  • Review the customers’ feedback on the supplier

A reliable supplier will always satisfy more than half of its customers. Hence checking the feedback of a suppliers’ customers can give you an idea of how the supplier may eventually treat you once you place your order. The more positive feedback from suppliers’ customers, the better reliable they are. 

  • Determine the how much support you can get

Many suppliers are just out to deliver your orders with recourse to how you fair while using the flaw detector. However, frustration can set in when you need help with a challenging situation while using the flaw detector. The frustration can become double without adequate support from the supplier in such situations. Hence, a supplier with a responsive support team shows high reliability and should be preferred. 

  • Know about the delivery time and warranty

Your supplier turnaround time after placing your order can significantly affect your inspection objectives, for good or bad. Delay in delivery can delay your operations and result in a loss of production time and even profit. Hence, select a supplier with the shortest delivery time of all the manufacturers you may be considering. Also, the warranty from a supplier is a sign of reliability as the supplier is ready to take responsibility for any fault in the equipment for a given period. 



III. How do I Choose the Best Ultrasonic Flaw Detector?


Here are the most critical factors you should have handy when selecting the best ultrasonic flaw detector for your peculiar use.


Price: Based on your budget, the price may probably be the most crucial factor you should consider. Suppose the flaw detector price is way above your budget, especially when the features are not necessarily what you require. 

Accuracy: The level of accuracy is another important criterion for selecting a suitable ultrasonic flaw detector for your peculiar inspection needs. If the level of accuracy is low, then it means the flaw detector has a reduced ability to detect flaws in a component and should not be chosen for your inspection. 

Range: The range of application of a flaw detector is another essential factor you should critically consider in making your choice. You wouldn’t need to start looking for a specialized Ultrasonic flaw detector anytime you have a new inspection. 


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IV. Import Budget Ultrasonic Flaw Detector from China


It’s not a secret that China is a fast-rising industrial economy. Chinese manufacturers are one of the biggest in the market, with high-quality manufacturing equipment and product due to governmental policies and assistance. China is also home to a large pool of professionals willing and able to contribute to the manufacturing economy, making the cost of production very low. However, what is fascinating is that most business quality assessment professionals are not taking advantage of Chinese manufacturing by patronizing Chinese manufacturers with high-quality products and competitive prices. 

One of such Chinese manufacturers is NDT-KITS are leading manufacturer of ultrasonic testing equipment and other non-destructive testing products. They have over three decades of manufacturing some of the most innovative NDT products in the market, starting with the pioneering of the first digital flaw detection equipment in China back in the 1980s. But that’s not all. NDT-KITS is also known for its heavy investment in research and development. Its highly qualified and experienced team of engineers and technicians is saddled with manufacturing some of the most practical industrial testing solutions. 

Getting your ultrasonic flaw detectors gives you many advantages, one of which is excellent customer support. They have an excellent customer support team dedicated and available to respond to customers’ inquiries before, during, and after the delivery of an order. However, their most significant benefit is their competitive pricing, unparalleled by their American or European counterparts with the same quality.


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Your choice of a great supplier is often determined by your inspection objective then your budget. Identifying the purpose of your inspection is always a great place to start your selection. Then, your budget, the level of accuracy you require, and the range of flaws and products you intend to inspect can be a follow-up criterion. Nonetheless, you’ll get plenty of benefits if you order your ultrasonic flaw detector from a Chinese supplier like NDT-KITS. They offer great value for money and have a short turnaround time for delivering your order. 


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