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Top 4 Metal Conductivity Meter Manufacturers and Suppliers

In this blog post, you’ll read:Metal conductivity meters are essential for determining the presence of electric charges and certain elements in a material. There are lots of conductivity meter manufacturers in the market. Here are the top 4 recommended to you.

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Have you been on a search to find a reliable and trusted metal conductivity meter manufacturer? 

Metal conductivity meters are essential for determining the presence of electric charges and certain elements in a material. These materials can both be solid or liquid. The presence of an electric charge in a material can also indicate specific material properties like strength and durability. This is why finding a reliable manufacturer that can supply you with a suitable metal conductivity meter is vital. 

This article highlights four of the top suppliers of metal conductivity meters in the industry and what makes them tick. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.



I. Top 4 Metal Conductivity Meter Manufacturers



Metal Conductivity Meter Manufacturer/ Suppliers



Helmut Fischer

Sindelfingen, Germany



Hong Kong, China


PCE Instruments Corporate

Florida, USA


NDT Supply

Kansas, USA


1. Helmut Fischer


Helmut Fischer Metal Conductivity Meter Manufacturer


  • Headquarters: Sindelfingen, Germany


  • Company Background:

With almost seventy years of industry experience and history, Helmut-Fischer remains one of the pioneers of non-destructive testing equipment, especially the metal conductivity meter. Founded just after the war in 1953, it rapidly grew through the years and established its brand as one of the best in the industry.

The German economic boost of the 50s and ’60s strengthened the steady growth and development of the Helmut-Fischer brand. It was able to set up the Helmut-Fischer Foundation, which has continuously overseen the maintenance of the brand and the continuous manufacturing of non-destructive tools that have lasted decades.


  • Popular Products:  

Metal conductivity meter, X-ray XRF, handheld coating thickness gauges, capillary optics, and automation instruments.


  • Recommend Reason:

Their wealth of experience, tools that have stood the test of time, and top-notch production lines are reasons for the recommendation.





NDT-KITS Conductivity Meter Manufacturer


  • Headquarters: Hong Kong, China


  • Company Background:

NDT-KITS has been a renowned manufacturer of non-destructive equipment. It developed its first digital ultrasonic flaw detector in 1988 and has never looked back on its vision. Furthermore, it has manufactured several award-winning ultrasonic testing tools, obtained patents for its products, and is certified by several international quality standard regulatory bodies. Still, it strives for better quality manufacturing using advanced tools, equipment, and processes in the non-destructive industry.

NDT-KITS’ electric conductivity meter is one of its best-selling products in domestic and international markets. It has also been immensely bolstered by its devotion and commitment to ongoing research and development to improve the quality of products it supplies to its ever-confident customers.


  • Popular Products:

Electrical conductivity meter, ultrasonic scanners, thickness gauges, flaw detectors, probes, calibration blocks, and transducers. 


  • Recommended Reason:

innovative products, commitment to quality, massive investment in R&D, and advanced manufacturing process are reasons for recommending NDT-KITS. 



3. PCE Instruments Corporate


PCE Instruments Corporate Conductivity Meter Supplier


PCE Instrument is a dealer of several testing equipment with subsidiaries and partnerships with various manufacturers that produce these testing devices. They help sell and ship various other tools used for both laboratory and field testing. 


  • Headquarters: Florida, USA


  • Company Background:

PCE Deutschland GmbH was formed by three brilliant engineers who first worked as process control engineers in the pulp and paper industry before a change of events saw them establish what is now known as PCE Deutschland GmbH. When it was formed in 1999, it dealt with control and weighing, laboratory, and measurement equipment. And as the demand for these tools increased, the three engineers decided to focus on supply rather than the manufacturing of these measuring tools.

As the company grew, it developed various measuring tools that covered testers and gauges. In 2015, the DIN EN ISO 9001 certified its development of the detector, scales, and sensors. The growth of the brand over the years has been astronomical. However, they consulted and procured tools rather than manufacturing.


  • Popular Products:

Meters, Detectors, Gauges, sensors.


  • Recommended Reason:

Although they are not into manufacturing testing equipment, their experience in procurement is quite valuable.



4. NDT Supply


NDT Supply Conductivity Meter Supplier


While NDT supply is another equipment sales company, its portfolio of testing equipment and its network of manufacturers are pretty significant. They are very dedicated to marketing equipment, which is a very remarkable thing considering their achievements over the years. 


  • Headquarters: Kansas, USA


  • Company Background:

NDT Supply, as the name implies, is not a manufacturer of non-destructive equipment, but they are a reliable source for all non-destructive tools’ supplies with honesty, quality, and reliability as its core values. 

NDT Supply supplies its equipment at very reasonable yet competitive pricing, which is why its buyers and customers trust the brand. With over three decades of industry knowledge, despite its non-production of non-destructive tools, NDT Supply’s customers choose them for their unbiased opinion and understanding of what suits them best. This has earned them the absolute trust and dependability of its customers. 

Accompanying its competitive pricing is the vast knowledge of its technical team on the varying testing equipment it has in store. And this is used to answer all pertinent questions and concerns regarding the tool ready to be purchased.


  • Popular Products:

Conductivity meters, coating thickness gauge, concrete testers, and demagnetizing equipment. 


  • Recommended Reasons:

Its core values (which are Reliability, Quality, and Awesome pricing) are enough reason to recommend this brand. 



II. Tips for Finding a Reliable Metal Conductivity Meter Manufacturers


  • Manufacturing experience: 

The wealth in years of experience of metal conductivity meter manufacturers tells a lot about their reliability. The longer a manufacturer has been in the industry, the more the number of customers it would have served over the years. This shows that many of its customers are satisfied with the products and services, which keeps them coming back for more.

  • Product quality: 

The quality of a product is an essential factor to consider when in the market for a reliable conductivity meter manufacturer. It might be a waste of money if the manufacturer sells a substandard product that does not meet durability requirements. This might result in constant breakdowns and repair of the conductivity meter. 

  • Customer support: 

A reliable metal conductivity meter manufacturer always has technically sound customer support to answer customers’ pain points. This team is the first point of contact for both returning and prospective customers, and this allows them to attend optimally and professionally to their needs and requests.

  • Price and warranty: 

Manufacturers need to ensure that conductivity meters have reasonable or budget-friendly prices to attract potential customers and bring back returning customers. Also, there can be a discount for customers with certain conditions like a significant number of orders, which will keep them coming back with referrals. Additionally, a warranty will give them the confidence of quality production and aftersales service for a given period.

  • Delivery time: 

This is the most critical factor to consider. A customer is never delighted with the late delivery of equipment acquired, which is another medium to determine a manufacturer’s reliability. Prompt delivery is the hallmark of any reliable metal conductivity meter manufacturer to earn customers’ trust.

  • Customer reviews: 

Feedback and reviews have been proven to assist buyers in deciding the reliability of a manufacturer or supplier. It helps understand what customers think of a manufacturer’s products and services and where relevant improvements are needed. Customers’ reviews also enable a potential customer to analyze whether to patronize a particular manufacturer or not, as every customer wants a reliable and trusted source.



III. How do I Choose the Best Metal Conductivity Meter?


In choosing the best metal conductivity meter, a few factors must be considered. 

First and chief of all these factors remains understanding the needed requirements of the conductivity meter that would assist you with your inspection objectives. 

Secondly, the mode of application of your metal conductivity meter is paramount to selecting the best metal conductivity meter for optimal measurement. Furthermore, considering the flexibility of the operation and choosing the right probe to carry out the job would also aid in selecting a suitable metal conductivity meter to use.

The price and warrant of the metal conductivity meter help you gain confidence in the quality of the metal conductivity meter you are acquiring, and an important factor is also estimating your delivery period.


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IV. Import Budget Metal Conductivity Meter from China


Importing a budget metal conductivity meter from China isn’t difficult, especially with a trusted brand that has successfully delivered several orders in the past. And with so many benefits to gain from Chinese brands, including very competitive rates and quality products, importing your testing equipment from China is the best way.

One of such Chinese brands is NDT-KITS. They are one of the most reliable and trusted non-destructive testing equipment suppliers. This is not surprising given their track record in sales, quality products, competitive pricing and warranty, customer reviews, and excellent customer support.

And should you ever find yourself scouting for a trusted manufacturer and supplier of budget-friendly metal conductivity meters in China, NDT-KITS should be first on your list.

NDT-KITS is equipped with the best technical support team with first-class ratings and a vast experience in the ultrasonic equipment manufacturing industry. They have manufactured award-winning products and are ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management Systems.

Their production line is also equipped with technologically advanced facilities and machining production lines in an effective and seamless production base.

So, before getting lost in a sea of metal conductivity meter manufacturers and suppliers, ensure you try out NDT-KITS for a suitable conductivity meter solution.


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In conclusion, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of metal conductivity meters in the market but finding a trustworthy brand can sometimes be daunting. However, the top 4 of the best manufacturers in this article should help you locate a suitable one. But importantly, using the criteria of manufacturer’s experience, quality, price, customer support, and delivery date will further assist you in identifying the best manufacturer for your needs. Nevertheless, choosing a Chinese brand like NDT-KITS gives you ample benefits like competitive prices and responsive customer support that you may not get from other manufacturers.

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