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6 Best-Selling Wi-Fi Endoscopes

In this blog post, you’ll read:Want to get the best quality Wi-Fi endoscopes? We highlight the best-selling Wi-Fi endoscopes to meet your inspection needs.

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Yes, it can become a recurring worry.

Are you bothered about how and where to get the best quality Wi-Fi Endoscopes? Like most quality inspectors, getting a quality inspection tool like an endoscope is usually a daunting task, especially when you can’t find a supplier locally. 

Endoscopes are essential for inspecting tiny areas where the usual inspection tools are unable to reach or would require some dismantling to reach. Wi-Fi endoscopes don’t only make it easier but also better as they can be connected to your smartphone or some other external devices for a more comprehensive analysis.  

In this article, we highlight the top best-selling Wi-Fi endoscopes for you to find suitable for your inspection needs. Without further ado, let’s get to it. 



I. 6 Best-Selling Wi-Fi Endoscopes


This section gives complete detail about the top 6 Wi-Fi endoscopes you need to know. 


1. HD 1200p Wi-Fi Endoscope


1. HD 1200p Wi-Fi Endoscope


This endoscope has several features, including a 1200P HD resolution that ensures sharp and clear images and the standard Wi-Fi connection ability that allows connection with other external devices. Other features include CMOS Sensor, flexible cable, and aspect ratio options of 640×480, 1280×720, and 1600×1200. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like 
  • High-definition clear, and sharp images
  • Wireless connection with many other external devices at once 
  •  The high-definition pictures consume a lot of power. 



2. Wi-Fi Endoscope Camera


This endoscope is equipped with a 1080p high-definition camera for quality image and video capture. It also has a 5m long insertion probe for longer reach with LEDs to brighten dark corners. Other features include an IPS color screen, charging cables, and an SD card for picture storage.


Things we like  Things we don’t like 
  • It has a 1080-pixel camera for crystal clear images and videos
  • Very long insertion probes
  • LEDs for lighting dark spots 
  • The camera consumes a lot of power and does not allow the battery to last long. 



3. Waterproof Wi-Fi Wireless Endoscope


3. Waterproof Wi-Fi Wireless Endoscope3. waterproof borescope


With a protection rating of IP67, this waterproof Wi-Fi endoscope is protected against water ingress and dust. It also allows connection for multiple devices over a Wi-Fi network, an HD camera, and an 8.4mm diameter, 3.3m long semi-rigid insertion tube for an extended reach during an inspection. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like 
  •  Easy to download the connection app and connect over a Wi-Fi network
  • Waterproof protection, which makes it suitable for inspection of fluid-immersed components
  •  It’s not sturdy and easily risks the waterproof design.



4. Wi-Fi Endoscope for iPhone


This endoscope easily connects to iPhones using an iOS app. It features a high-resolution camera with a 4.5-inch monitor screen, LEDs to light up dark spots, and a Wi-Fi downloadable app. It also features automatic shooting mode and a battery charge indicator to know when the battery is fully charged. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like 
  •  It is easy to use with an iPhone. 
  • The app enables picture enhancements for a high-quality picture.
  • The iPhone needs frequent updating, which can become quickly obsolete.



5. Digital Wi-Fi USB Endoscope 


5. Digital Wi-Fi USB Endoscope


With a Wi-Fi connection option and a 4.3-inch digital screen, this endoscope has many digital features that make inspection easy and intuitive. These features include adjustable LED, USB connection options for other external devices like laptops and PCs, anti-blur for clear pictures, and digital horizontal conversion technology. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like 
  • Many digital features for easy and intuitive inspection
  • Sharp, high-quality pictures 
  • USB for multiple external connections to enhance a comprehensive analysis
  •  The digital features require some time to learn. 



6. Wi-Fi Endoscope Snake Camera


This Wi-Fi endoscope has a 5m long snake cable with a high-definition camera. Its other notable features include widescreen inspector monitors, a zoom function, rechargeable batteries, and an SD card for storing and transferring pictures between devices. 


Things we like  Things we don’t like 
  •  Far-reaching snake cable for extensive inspection.
  • SD card storage e for transferring pictures between devices for better analysis 
  • The snake camera can sometimes be hard to control due to its length. 


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II. Wi-Fi endoscope: Buyer’s Guide

This section gives comprehensive information about all you need to know about the Wi-Fi endoscope. 


What is Wi-Fi Endoscope?

An endoscope is often employed when trying to view areas that are hard to reach, especially for industrial components. However, a Wi-Fi endoscope is a compact handheld device with a penetrating probe and screen monitor, usually with the ability to connect to other external devices like phones and laptops over a wireless network. The resolution of the attached camera is also generally very high to aid an easy and direct view of enclosed spaces. The increased utility of this type of endoscope among engineers, plumbers, and computer tech personnel is even more interesting. They employ it for various industrial applications like automotive inspections and pipeline examination.

The fact that they can connect wirelessly makes them convenient and easy to operate.


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What is A Wi-Fi Endoscope used for?

Wi-Fi endoscope is an advanced, technologically sophisticated inspection device that allows faster, easier, and better ways of examining closed industrial components, often with a tiny hole for access. With a Wi-Fi endoscope, you can capture images and record videos which can be used as data that can be easily viewed on your smartphone or laptop, provided it can connect via a Wi-Fi connection.

This device is essential for professionals like plumbers, electricians, and automotive inspectors who deploy it to identify and analyze flaws hidden in these hard-to-reach parts. For instance, the combustion chambers of an automotive engine may require it to examine defects within the engine without having to unbolt any part of the engine.



How do I Connect Endoscope to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your endoscope to Wi-Fi doesn’t require a complex process to perform, but a few steps are involved in executing this connection. Before use, you can connect the endoscope camera with the Wi-Fi transmitter by using a micro-USB port. Then the Wi-Fi transmitter is turned on by continuously pressing a power button on the transmitter until it comes on. After this is completed, you’ll find the Wi-Fi settings, input the password to pair, and click connect when the option comes up on the screen to connect the device.



What is the Difference Between a Wi-Fi Borescope and a Wireless Endoscope?

As there are so many similarities between this inspection equipment, there are some differences too. First of which is that the Wi-Fi borescope has a handheld device responsible for controlling all its operations. Meanwhile, the wireless endoscope also has a rubberized handheld device, but all its functions are controlled via the app after connecting through a Wi-Fi connection.

Furthermore, the diameter of the wireless endoscope is relatively slimmer than its counterpart, the Wi-Fi borescope. This makes navigation a lot easier when deploying the wireless endoscope, irrespective of the space to be measured or examined.


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How to Connect Wi-Fi Endoscope to Android Phone?

Like connecting the endoscope to Wi-Fi, connecting a Wi-Fi endoscope to an android phone will require that you download an app for the complete and correct functionality of the device. Then you’ll have to turn off your mobile data so you can connect to the endoscope’s Wi-Fi. With this connection established, an inspection can commence. However, the required operating system for an Android device is OS 4.4, which is the least of the operating systems on any Android device.



How do I connect my iPhone to my Wi-Fi endoscope?

Connecting with a Wi-Fi endoscope for an iPhone device requires a minimum of iOS 10, but the steps are pretty straightforward. Simply go to the settings, select the Wi-Fi, and wait for the endoscope’s network to appear. Then you choose OK, so it creates a Wi-Fi connection, and once this is complete, it automatically displays a Wi-Fi camera on your smart device. Using the Wi-Fi serves as the connection and replaces your local mobile network.

In the past, the least iOS required for an iPhone was iOS 8, which seems to be obsolete now as more technologically advanced iOS’ is being released continuously.



How do I Reset my Wi-Fi endoscope?

If, for any reason, there’s a need to reset the endoscope’s Wi-Fi, as simple as its connection process, so also is its reset. You simply reset by pressing and holding down the reset button on the endoscope’s handheld for about eight seconds.

The Wi-Fi indicator flashes once this is done, and the Wi-Fi is successfully reset. The exact process, as previously highlighted, is done again to reconnect with your smart device, and full access to the endoscope is restored.



Why Choose an NDT-KITS Wi-Fi Endoscope?

As there is a repertoire of inspection tools in the market, the same seems to be the case for suppliers. Although many are competing to be the best supplier of these inspection tools, there is but one recommended supplier tested and trusted to supply its customers with the required equipment.

NDT-KITS stands on a higher pedestal, separate from the rest. Its core values are deeply rooted in customer satisfaction, continuous technological advancements to better serve its customers and integrity. These core values ensure NDT-KITS and its customers retain mutual respect for service excellence. The same energy is maintained in its manufacturing and supply of Wi-Fi endoscopes.




What does all this mean? After identifying the six best-selling Wi-Fi endoscopes in the industry with accompanying information on how each operates and its features, it is safe to say that this information will suffice for you if you are in the market for a Wi-Fi endoscope, even if you are a first-time buyer. 

Nevertheless, without a trusted and tested supplier like NDT-KITS, you still might be deprived of satisfaction as several suppliers have been known to be unreliable. Ensure that you are looking for the right qualifications in your supplier. These qualities can range from innovative solutions to timely delivery, but ultimately your supplier choice should serve your inspection purpose and give you satisfaction. 

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