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Top 5 Borescope Manufacturers in Canada

In this blog post, you’ll read:Here is a list of the top Canadian manufacturers of borescopes you’ll find in the industry. While they have their strengths, choosing one that meets your requirements is always instructive.

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Have you ever wondered why quality inspectors find it challenging to locate top-notch borescope manufacturers in North America?

It mostly has to do with knowing where to look. Many individuals, especially first-time buyers, have no idea where to begin their search. Even for experienced inspectors, sticking to the requirements can sometimes be confusing, given the sea of options and manufacturers available in the industry today. Therefore, every assistance in making this task less daunting is appreciated by customers because it saves time and resources. However, this post aims to help you quickly locate a suitable borescope manufacturer, especially if you’re a first-time buyer looking in the Canadian market.


I. Top 5 Borescope Manufacturers in Canada

Here is a list of the top Canadian manufacturers you’ll find in the industry. While they have their strengths, choosing one that meets your requirements is always instructive.


1. Fiberscope

  • Address – MEDIT INC, 1-1599 Dugald Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0H3, Canada
  • Year of Experience – 20 years (2002)
  • Company Introduction – One of the most efficient manufacturers of inspection tools in the North American hemisphere is Fiberscope. Their operating station is in Winnipeg and other parts of Canada. Established in 2002, it is motivated by aspiring to be the best dealers in borescopes, videoscopes, and pipe cameras. And guess what? They are one of the top suppliers in North America.
  • Furthermore, they ensure the littlest downtime. They also supply a range of inspection tools for customers’ remote visual inspection requirements. Additionally, its sales team is a team of professional handlers who ensure a customer is satisfactorily serviced.
  • Products Offered – Borescope, Videoscopes, Pole Cameras


 2. Maverick Inspection Ltd

  • Address – Suite 22-161 Broadway Blvd, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2A8, Canada
  • Year of Experience – 28 years (1994)
  • Company Introduction – With over two decades of a constant supply of innovative tools, Maverick Inspection Ltd. has been a reliable source for its customer’s inspection needs. In Western Canada, the Maverick team has been able to advance its products technologically, to suit the needs of its customers. They offer products that assist in both aerial and subsurface inspection. Its customers globally are impressed and satisfied with its range of technologically advanced remote visual inspection and other subsidiary products. Therefore, if you are looking for a dependable borescope supplier in Canada, Maverick should be your go-to supplier.
  • Products Offered – Borescopes, Videoscopes, Fiberscopes



  • Address – Building 9B, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
  • Year of Experience – 34 years (1988)
  • Company Introduction – NDT-KITS is a top-qualified and certified supplier of your NDT equipment, such as your borescopes and videoscopes. With enormous industry experience spanning over forty years, NDT-KITS is well-known for producing professional NDT tools. They also have talented engineers who are vast in NDT equipment in their arsenal, constituting a technical team totaling 125 with over 40 learned engineers. Additionally, NDT-KITS possesses CNC machine tools and other mechanical equipment that help test the precision of their manufactured tools. To cap it all, their after-sales service is top-notch.
  • Products Offered – Articulating Borescopes, USB Borescopes, Engine Borescopes.



  • Address – 3415 Rue Pierre-Ardouin, Québec QC G1P 0B3
  • Year of Experience – 103 years (1919)
  • Company Introduction – Olympus is one of the biggest names in the machine inspection industry. This is due to the reputation they have garnered through the years. Supplying the best inspection tools is one of their covetable attributes. Olympus has a wide array of remote visual inspection equipment. And with over a century of industry experience, only the best is expected. Additionally, in North America and the rest of the world, Olympus is very well represented. They provide a plethora of intuitive and intelligent products that serve the needs of their customers, especially in Canada. 
  • Products Offered – Borescopes, Videoscopes, Industrial Fiberscopes, Light sources.


5. Baker Hughes

  • Address – 4839 90 Ave SE Suite FRNT Calgary, AB, T2C 2S8, Canada
  • Year of Experience – 35 years (1987)
  • Company Introduction – All around Europe, North America, and worldwide, Baker Hughes is another top-quality manufacturer and supplier of borescopes for all remote visual inspections. This is why for over 35 years in the industry, Baker Hughes has earned for itself a brand and a name worthy of commercial trust. With certified products that are efficient in all forms of inspections, its borescopes and fiberscopes are innovative and user-friendly. Due to its other interests, such as mining and oil and gas, Baker Hughes also offers inspection tools and pipeline inspection services. Its support team is made of world-class engineers and technicians highly inspired to serve the best quality remote visual inspection equipment money can buy. Not forgetting its budget-friendly pricing.
  • Products Offered – Fiberscopes, Borescopes, Videoscopes, Accessories


II. Affordable Borescope Manufacturer Recommend: NDT-KITS

Most buyers’ most important goal is finding appropriate tools at affordable costs. This is what every customer hopes to enjoy —value for money. Therefore, how this would be attainable becomes the buyer’s concern.

But here is the thing.

Even after identifying top suppliers in Canada, it becomes easier to select the overall best supplier in Canada from the list. One that meets most buyers’ general and individual inspection needs and with a consistent track record of quality based on testimonies and reviews of past customers.

One such manufacturer that meets this description is NDT-KITS. For the ultimate borescope features, every buyer expects durability, different camera diameters, ease of access, proper illumination of the inspected environment, etc. All of these are present in the borescopes supplied by NDT-KITS.

Hence, as remote visual inspection personnel that desire an efficient NDT inspection tool, NDT-KITS should be your first and only consideration. It has an incredible wealth of industry experience and standard management certifications by ISO9001, CE, and FCC for quality. For affordability, no other supplier beats the prices offered by NDT-KITS for its products. Do you still doubt it? Give them a chance to convince you and clear up all doubts you may have.



In a nutshell, there are numerous remote visual inspection equipment suppliers in Canada. But the best suppliers that are constantly sought after always meet buyers’ overall and individual requirements. Therefore, identified in this article are some of the bests you can find if you are in the North American region of Canada. However, leading borescope suppliers like NDT-KITS offer some of the industry’s best and most innovative remote visual inspection tools. They provide top-quality borescopes, with intelligent and intuitive features, at cost-effective prices and with efficient customer service. A trial, they say, will convince you.

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