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How to Import Borescopes from China?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Have you ever thought about importing borescopes from China? Do you know how to import? This guide details all the necessary steps to help you import borescopes from China.

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Have you ever wondered how easy importing borescopes from China is?

The borescope is an essential non-destructive inspection tool that allows inspectors to assess the quality of a material or component, especially for hidden or hard-to-reach spaces. The portability and real-time picture of the material under examination is a significant benefit of using a borescope as a quality assessment tool. However, it can be pretty expensive when buying from European or American suppliers. On the other hand, China offers borescopes with competitive prices. But there is a catch, importing from China requires particular know-how. 

This guide details all the necessary steps and discussions you need to have when importing borescopes from China. So, if you’re ready to know more, let’s dive in together. 

How to Import Borescopes from China


I. Why Import Borescopes from China?


It’s no news that China is fast becoming an industrial giant serving many continents and regions with industrial and manufacturing solutions. The reason for this is not rocket science. The availability of a pool of expertise and professionals has reduced the production cost and has quickly turned China into a production hub for many manufacturing companies. Many manufacturing companies, including many borescope manufacturers, now turn to China to manufacture their products at significantly reduced prices, which helps them stay competitive and offer low prices to their teeming customers. 



II. Where to Buy Industrial Borescope in China?


Buying an industrial borescope from China requires that you know where to find suitable and reliable suppliers. Here are some places to kickstart your search for an appropriate industrial borescope manufacturer. 


  • Google Search

Probably the first place most people begin their search for anything, is Google and rightly so. Google is the biggest search engine globally and typing any search query in the search box returns billions of carefully curated search results. Nevertheless, knowing specific search operators like “and,” “not,” “+,” “-” will help you search effectively for suitable suppliers. 


  • Attend Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade fairs, shows, and exhibitions are other places you can find reliable borescope suppliers. But here is the thing. Where Google search only returns information about the companies and their products, trade fairs and exhibitions allow you to interact with these suppliers and see their products firsthand. You can even test the borescope to have a feel of their features. 


  • Go to Borescope Factories

Visit a borescope factory to see how the manufacturer makes their borescopes, and you can ask relevant questions concerning things you are not clear about. This is the best way to identify a suitable industrial borescope supplier. The only limitation is that you can only visit a limited number of suppliers compared to trade fairs and Google searches. 



III. Types of Industrial Borescopes Produced in China


There are a variety of industrial borescopes produced in China, including:


  • HD Industrial Borescope – This usually has one of the best picture qualities with a 1080P High Definition (HD) quality. They often have bigger screens, sometimes up to 4.3-inch LCD screens, to properly view the pictures. This borescope is usually adequate for finding tiny flaws, and it is effective for poorly illuminated areas. 


  • Remote Control Borescope – This borescope has a unique remote-control feature that allows you to operate and navigate the interiors of an object from a distance. This feature makes it practical for areas with limited human access and environments with harsh conditions or those that pose harm to humans, like highly flammable areas. 


  • Borescope for iPhone – The uniqueness of this type of borescope is the ability to connect and operate it via an iPhone application. This borescope is well-integrated with an iPhone operating system, and this allows you to view the picture from your quality examination on your iPhone. 


  • Borescope for Android – This borescope can be connected to any android phone and can be manipulated with an app on the android phone. The android operating system helps with navigating certain functions, including picture quality, resolution, and zoom functions. This is especially useful where the need for portability is critical as some screens can become too big for certain inspection situations. 


Borescope for Android 


  • USB Borescope – Connecting options can also become a critical factor, especially when connecting to external devices like PCs and laptops. The USB borescope makes connecting to many external devices with USB connectivity options. The reason is that USB connectivity is a popular connectivity option for most external devices. 


  • Wi-Fi Borescope – Another connectivity option is a wireless connection option which you will find with a Wi-Fi borescope. This type is especially effective if you want to connect wirelessly to multiple viewing devices for real-time inspection assessment and with numerous devices and inspectors connected over a network. 


  • Wireless Borescope – This type of borescope enables connection over different wireless connection portals, including Wi-Fi, wireless LAN, and wireless WAN. 


  • 360 Degree Borescope – where a vast field of view is required, the 360-degree borescope often comes in handy. This is very effective for inspecting a complex object where the detail of internal parts is critical. They are primarily applicable in buried pipelines, walls, sewers, and appliances. 


  • 90 Degree Borescope This borescope is very effective where a limited field of view of not more than 90 degrees is required. The need for a borescope with a wide field of view can be more expensive. Hence, this borescope is a cost-effective and accurate inspection requiring standard quality assessment. 


  • Video Borescope – This borescope is sometimes referred to as a videoscope. It allows video and image capture during the inspection operation with superior image quality than a regular borescope. 


  • Waterproof Borescope – Sometimes, an inspection might be needed for a submerged object that cannot be moved. This often calls for a waterproof and watertight borescope to resist the ingress of water into the main electronic board of the borescope. 



IV. How to Purchase Borescopes from China?


Purchasing a borescope in China, as with purchasing any equipment, can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the critical things to watch out for. Here are some considerations you may have to take when purchasing a borescope from a supplier in China. 


  1. Figure out inspection type and material


The first critical consideration for you should be the type of inspection you want to embark on and the material you would be examining. Onshore and offshore inspection, dry and submerged components should all be carefully considered when deciding the borescope to purchase. Also, the material should be an essential factor. When choosing a borescope, ferrous and non-ferrous materials like plastic and fiber are considered differently.


Figure out inspection type and material


  1. Consider accuracy and field of view


The anticipated level of accuracy during the inspection should be a critical consideration as it can be pretty frustrating to spend time and energy purchasing a piece of equipment that gives inaccurate results. Identifying the level of precision and the field of view that the inspection type requires will give you an idea if to go for a 90 degree or a 360-degree borescope. 


  1. Get quotation and make confirmation


Ensuring you confirm that the supplier fully understands your requirements and gets the correct quotation for your requirements and the agreed model before placing your order. Misunderstandings between customers and suppliers is often a cause of frustration for both parties. However, clarifying these aspects can save you from headaches and loss of energy and resources. 


  1. Make deposit payment and get produced


The last step in purchasing a borescope from China is depositing a part of the payment before production can begin. Making a deposit is a show of commitment on your part so that the manufacturer can start manufacturing the borescope. However, the balance of the payment will need to be paid before the supplier can commence the shipping process from China. 


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V. Problems with Importing Borescope from China


Challenges often occur when importing goods and products overseas and importing borescope from China is no exemption. The main challenge is when you are not aware of these possible challenges beforehand to put in place adequate measures to avoid them. Here are the most critical problems you may have to guide against when importing a borescope from China. 


Problem on Quality

The quality of the borescope is essential as it has multi-level implications if the quality is not up to par with what is required for the inspection. The track record of the borescope supplier is of great importance if you must ascertain the quality of the product as a supplier who has consistently shown a lack of commitment to quality products in the past is likely to do the same with your orders.

Problem on Shipment and Delivery Time

The supplier’s credibility will play a significant role in ensuring that there are no delays or hitches during shipment. You stand a better chance of a hitch-free shipment process with a supplier who has had significant experience of shipping overseas in the past. These experienced suppliers will have reliable shipping and logistics agents that handle the process seamlessly. The reverse is usually the case for an inexperienced supplier.

Problem on Non-complying Dealers

A non-compliant dealer is yet another possible challenge you might have to handle. Dealers who don’t comply with industry standards of safety, health, and quality are often the subject of many governmental sanctions and fines, which can significantly increase the overall landing cost of your order. A careful consideration of your supplier’s history and customer feedback can save you from this challenge. 



VI. How to Find the Best Chinese Borescope Supplier?


Searching for the best Chinese borescope supplier is often tricky, especially when you don’t know what to consider when choosing a good supplier. Fortunately, you are reading this post, and we have highlighted the critical things you may have to consider when in the market for a top-notch Chinese borescope supplier. 


  • Good Market Competitiveness and Industrial Competency

The first factor worthy of consideration for an outstanding Chinese borescope supplier is market competitiveness. This factor considers several supplier metrics, including their years of existence, market capitalization, investments, research and development, customer base, and partnerships. These metrics show how competitive and competent they are in the industry and how strong their brand is perceived. 


  • Strict Quality Control 

Without quality, the guarantee that the borescope will last for even a day or do what it is expected to do is absent. A good supplier should be able to guarantee the quality of their borescope to carry out the expected inspection satisfactorily for a reasonably long period. This gives you, the customer, some level of assurance and satisfaction when making your order. Nonetheless, a supplier can only provide these guarantees if they follow strict quality controls and take stringent quality measures. One of these controls is to follow an industry-standard for quality management system with certifications like ISO 9001:2018.


  • Responsive Customer Support Team

Another essential consideration in choosing a suitable borescope supplier is the presence of a responsive customer support team. Customers will always have inquiries before, during, and after ordering. It can become quickly frustrating if it takes too long for a customer support team to respond to an inquiry. It even gets worse if they fail to respond altogether. Such treatment can leave you as a customer unsatisfied.  




What does all this mean? Importing a borescope from China isn’t that difficult if you know where to look and what to consider. Considering things like the type of inspection, the expected level of accuracy, and the inspection material will help you choose the right borescope for the job. Also, anticipating importation challenges, including supplier’s commitment to quality, shipment delivery time, and production delays, can help you avoid unnecessary hitches during production. Ultimately, choosing a reliable supplier from China with significant years of experience and a track record of consistent success in delivering quality borescope to customers will save you from headaches.

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