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​​How to Import Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges from China?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Want to order quality ultrasonic thickness gauges with lower cost? Ever thought about importing from China? Here we have the article for you.

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how to import ultrasonic thickness gauge from China


It is most customers’ dilemma, especially if you order from overseas. You take delivery of your equipment after so much planning and careful consideration only to find a slight deviation from your requirement. You must overcome this hurdle to successfully import critical equipment such as ultrasonic thickness gage from China. 

Needless to say, the importance of an ultrasonic thickness gauge for a quality assessment professional includes the determination of a coated component’s duration before corrosion sets in. Shipment of an ultrasonic thickness gauge may be cumbersome, and that is why a reliable way of import must be fashioned.

Let’s take you through a more convenient way of importing ultrasonic thickness gauges from China.

We are ready when you are.



I. Why Import Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from China?


You might be thinking, why import ultrasonic thickness gauges from China? Here are some of the reasons you should import your testing equipment, like an ultrasonic thickness gauge from China.


  • Diverse Digital Gauges

A variety of ultrasonic thickness gauges are available in the Chinese industrial market. From standard, advanced thickness gauges to customized thickness gauges according to the type of inspection challenge and requirements identified or the kind of measurement to be executed. 


  • Competitive Pricing

Many manufacturers of this equipment are spread across China, fostering more competition amongst producers. This situation allows competition to thrive. With competition among manufacturers, prices are expected to vary, and customers are the beneficiaries.

Competitive Pricing of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  • Sophisticated Manufacturing Techniques

China uses an innovative manufacturing method to produce its quality control and evaluation instruments. With cutting-edge facilities and manufacturing equipment and an engineering team that blends modern manufacturing procedures into their production line.


  • Simple Assembling 

An effortless assembling process accompanies products and tools acquired in China. They expect an effortless assembling process of their equipment, which is why they make assembling uncomplicated.

Meanwhile, some customers naturally prefer to import inspection tools from China. Others need more reasons to be convinced.



II. Import Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from China


Here are ways to quickly kick off your search for a reliable Chinese supplier of ultrasonic thickness gauges. 


  • Searching Google 

When buying an ultrasonic thickness gauge from China, searching Google for sources and ideas of suppliers may be an excellent place to start, but it does not mean that you will find the top providers in the market just by chance and fate.


  • Online Sourcing 

Online sourcing is also much like Google searching and can help you find a supplier of these types of inspection tools as an essential source for ultrasonic thickness gauges. Nevertheless, they are excellent mediums to start your search with an idea of what you are searching for, and they can help narrow down the search, so not much time is consumed in the search.


  • Trade Fairs & Exhibitions 

These are one of the best ways of finding a reliable supplier of these types of tools because with trade fairs and exhibitions, you are guaranteed not to get just the best but also at discounted prices. Trade fairs and exhibitions assist customers in knowing about the machinery they are in the market to get. Some trade fairs and exhibitions popular and trusted are listed below, including:


China International Industry Fair (Shanghai)

The CIIF, as shortly abbreviated, is a jointly organized exhibition with numerous government parastatals and manufacturing industry companies scheduled for autumn annually.

International Nondestructive Testing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Guangzhou)

This is also an exhibition of manufacturers of non-destructive testing companies. It is an avenue to showcase their latest tech and advancement in non-destructive equipment manufacturing in Guangzhou, China.

International Nondestructive Testing Technology Application Exhibition (Shenzhen)

This exhibition allows non-destructive testing manufacturers to exhibit their equipment and applications in the production process, also scheduled to be held in Shenzhen, China.

China International Exhibition on Non-destructive Testing and Test Equipment (Wuxi)

The Wuxi province also has some of the best NDT manufacturers in China. This exhibition is organized to display their equipment and help domestic and foreign customers find the best machinery in the market.



III. Popular Types of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Non-destructive Testing


Many thickness gauges are available, each with a unique set of capabilities for both basic and advanced performance. The many alternatives often meet varied application demands, ranging from basic handheld gauges to complex versions. However, one feature that all ultrasonic thickness gauges have in common is the capacity to detect thickness from one side of a component. Furthermore, an ultrasonic thickness gauge can measure the thickness of most technical materials, such as plastics, metals, metal composites, rubber, and internally corroded materials. Interestingly, most prominent manufacturers provide Hall-effect thickness gauges, perfect for rapid, precise, and accurate readings on nonferrous or thin materials like plastic bottles.


  • Basic ultrasonic thickness gauges 

They are used to take precise measurements from one side of internally corroded or eroded metal pipelines and components. While they are often lightweight and robust, they are also ergonomically built for one-handed usage in most situations.


  • Hall-effect thickness gauges

To conduct reliable readings on nonferrous and thin materials such as plastic bottles, these thickness gauges often depend on a magnetic probe.


  • Advanced ultrasonic thickness gauges

These are often equipped with conventional metal thickness measuring capabilities and software choices. They are unique in that they are compatible with both dual element and single element thickness gauge transducers.



IV. Purchase Process for Importing Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from China


Perhaps you wonder what the importation process of ultrasonic thickness gauge from China looks like. Here is the step-by-step process involved if you are looking at importing from China soon.


1. Choose Type and Material 

Before any purchase and shipment are made, the type of ultrasonic thickness gauge transducer must be determined. And what assists in deciding this is the material to be tested. Various types of transducers apply to various types of material. Glass, ceramics, and most metals efficiently convey ultrasound waves. Therefore, when measuring this type of material, the appropriate transducer must be used. Some transducer types include contact transducers, delay-line transducers, dual element transducers, and immersion transducers.


2. Consider Usage and Application 

Basically, an ultrasonic thickness gauge is widely used and usually measures numerous engineering components. Its application is determined by the type of ultrasonic transducer probe to be used, which decides the mode of application required to be employed. Three modes of application are considered. The first model entails the measurement of the time-space from the generated sound wave and the feedback echo, then subtracting it from a zero-value offset of a fixed component.

The second mode involves the measurement of the time-space between echo feedback from the test object’s surface and the echo from the first internal wall. The third mode entails the measurement of the time-space between the two interior walls.


Consider Usage and Application


3. Figure out Measurement Range and Accuracy

measurement on sharp perimeters requires delay-line transducer or immersion transducers to ensure accuracy. Different factors that may likely hinder accuracy must likewise be considered. Some of these factors include sound attenuation and scattering, defective sound coupling, alignment in material sound velocity, proper instrument calibration, etc. generally, the ultrasonic thickness gauge with the most accurate and precise measurement is the delay-line transducer or the immersion transducer.


4. Confirm and Get Quotation

confirmation of the transducer to be acquired is next in the purchase process after all necessary information on the order has been determined. Then a quotation is forwarded to the customer as confirmation of the equipment acquired and expected for delivery.


5. Pay Deposit and Produce

This comes after all considerations are met, and all terms and conditions are agreed on between customer and manufacturer. The customer must make deposits as production commences, and after the full cost price, production is completed. 

Shipment can then proceed from the completion of production. The saying goes,” Production isn’t complete until it reaches the final consumer.” 


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V. Top Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Supplier Recommend

To start with, finding a reliable supplier of ultrasonic thickness gauges can be arduous sometimes. This is so because there are lots of manufacturers with similar products. What sets the top from the rest is the ability to offer its customers the best service and competitive price.

Dependable ultrasonic thickness gauge suppliers are important to helping quality control personnel conduct accurate and precise inspections. As this is essential to the production process, sometimes searching through the internet for a reliable supplier isn’t enough.

This is a guide to help you identify the top ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers in the industry today.  Click to read: Top 10 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers


VI. Problems you may Encounter when Importing Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from China


  • Quality Issues 

Importing the right quality is as important as the equipment’s use because any tool imported must not be detrimental to any consumer. Therefore, the quality of machinery is paramount, as it must be able to perform its functions.

An importer is responsible for any equipment imported, thereby making him liable for any equipment dysfunction. You must be certain of the supplier’s quality record before agreeing to purchase any equipment from such a supplier.


  • Delayed Delivery 

Time is an essential variable to consider when importing from China. This is likewise dependent on the port from which the shipment originates. Many factors must be considered, but delivery is also as important as the rest. 

A reliable freight company must handle your shipment. You are expected to understand the principles that guide such a shipping company to be confident that your shipment is safe and will arrive intact and timely.


  • Payment Problem 

Accepting legal tender in the mode of payment can be a major problem in concluding your purchase for particular equipment as the payment method in different countries vary. Some payment methods are highlighted below, and they include


Telegraphic Transfer

This is also known as telex transfer or abbreviated as TT. This form of electronic transfer requires the electronic transfer of funds with the transferring bank deducting charges. In some cases, the receiving bank also deducts transfer charges depending on the bank’s policy on acceptance of the telegraphic transfer.


This is also an electronic commerce company that facilitates payment and receipt of funds via the online medium. This form of payment could also be acceptable in international trading.

Letter of Credit

This is another form of payment utilized in international trade whereby a buyer presents the seller with this letter guaranteeing that the buyer will make payment of the precise amount of goods purchased. If the buyer is unable to pay, the bank will be charged for all of the buyer’s debt.


  • Shipping Method: 

Your shipping method could also determine if your consignment will arrive safely and intact. This is why a standard shipping company with a record of excellence must be responsible for shipment to avoid disappointments.


  • Packing Issues: 

This is a major concern when shipping equipment purchased. The method or technique adopted in packaging should adequately ensure that the shipment is carefully packaged and guidelines on handling shipment are indicated on the package.





In a nutshell, importing ultrasonic thickness gauges shouldn’t be a difficult task, especially when you have a trusted shipping company to assist you in transporting your shipment from China to your location. But as clearly discussed above, some other factors can pose some threats to the successful importation of the machinery.

A few of these challenges include delayed delivery, payment method, quality issues, etc. 

Furthermore, before a customer’s request is registered for production, all purchase procedures must be completed, which is essential before shipment can be considered. Without completing purchase request steps, production can not be initiated, nor can shipment be possible.

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