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How to Import Paint Thickness Gauges from China?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Want to purchase budget and quality paint thickness gauges? Importing coating thickness gauge from China is your best choice.

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It’s the question you secretly dread.

You have been battling this question secretly in your mind, and it’s concerning how to import paint thickness gauges from China.

No doubt, a paint thickness gauge or paint meter as it is sometimes called, is used for numerous purposes, part of which includes confirming rust, corrosion, or any prior paint job on a component such as automobiles. Importation of a paint thickness gauge could seem inconvenient, and that is enough reason to have a very dependable handler of such import.

So, if you are ready to know how to import paint thickness gauges from China with little or no stress, then let’s dive into this post. 



I. Why Import Paint Thickness Gauges from China?


China is a booming industrial economy with many benefits for manufacturers and producers including low production cost which means affordable prices for customers. But that is not all. Here are other reasons why you should import a paint thickness gauge from China. 


  • Diverse Digital Gauges 

Different paint thickness gauges are available in the Chinese manufacturing markets, both domestic and international. It comes in a different range which is either regular advanced thickness gauge or customized thickness gauges as requested by the customer according to the identified problem or the kind of measurement to be executed. 


Diverse Digital GaugesHow to Import a Paint Thickness Gauge from China


  • Competitive Pricing

A lot of the producers of this inspection tool are all over the world. A producer’s pricing method differentiates them from the rest of the flock. This enables competition amongst producers which is usually great for the market and allows a customer to get good deals for their bargain. With competition within the market and among producers, prices are expected to vary, and customers benefit immensely from such.


  • Advanced Production Methods

A more technologically supported mode of production is employed in fabricating this inspection tool. A critical measuring tool such as a paint thickness gauge is produced under a very sophisticated facility and with technologically advanced machines. The technical team also performs their roles to ensure the proper standards are complied with during production.


  • Easy Assembling

Easy assembling is a factor that must also be identified since a customer would not be satisfied with a product whose equipment assembling is too technical. Assembling the purchased measuring tool must be user-friendly and very less technical.



II. Where to Buy Paint Thickness Gauge in China?


There are different avenues you can use to launch your importation journey and they include:


  • From Online

Information about almost anything and everything can be found online, and this is why everyone makes use of Google or some other search engine to source information online. Likewise, for paint thickness gauges, information on where to buy the best paint thickness gauges can be found online, including the top best suppliers of this device.

Online sourcing is very exact in the information provided as continuous updates are made by the providers of this information to assist a customer in searching for the best suppliers of the paint thickness gauge. Although the information provided might be limited by theory i.e., one can only read about function types, and features of a paint thickness gauge and not physically see it.


  • From Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are an excellent means of getting buyers to not only read in brochures the equipment they are interested in but also examine the equipment itself. A customer interested in acquiring a paint thickness gauge is more likely to see and feel what it looks and feels like.


  • From Top Coating Thickness Gauge Suppliers List

A list of top coating thickness gauge suppliers is typically available online. This is another medium of getting to contact the best suppliers and this medium is similar to what online sourcing will provide you as a customer.



III. Tips to Select the Right Paint Thickness Gauge


There are a few tips to be considered before selecting the appropriate paint thickness gauge. These tips assist in understanding the features, operation, and performance of the paint thickness gauge and they are as follows.


  • Quick Data Response

A paint thickness gauge or tester must have an average response time of one second for the common thickness tester, and a zero point five-second time response for the better thickness tester. Its response time is measured by the interval, and it does not require any special wait time.

  • Potability

A paint thickness gauge’s size could limit its usage. If a thickness gauge is too big, it may hinder its usage outdoors as it is not easy to carry about. Therefore, a paint thickness gauge size must be considered before acquisition.

  • Storage

When it is required to save data recorded from a paint thickness gauge, then a Bluetooth thickness gauge that can easily record its data via a mobile app should be considered as well.

  • Temperature

For inspection personnel who measure thickness in a low temperature environment, the measurement might be impossible to display. Therefore, to get a measurement that can be displayed, a thickness gauge that works in low temperatures every time it is deployed must be considered.

  • Life Span

Probe wear cannot be avoided when deploying a paint thickness gauge, but for a thickness gauge that can last longer, a probe with high hardness and wear resistance probe should be selected.

  • Accuracy

We might be saving the best for last because precision is critical when using a paint thickness gauge. And measurements must be recorded for future reference to determine if the data recorded can be accurately assessed.



IV. How to Buy a Paint Thickness Gauge from China?


To buy a paint thickness gauge from China you may need to follow these steps.


1. Consider Type and Material

The type of paint thickness gauge to buy and material is crucial to the production of any equipment. Thus, different paint thickness gauges are deployed for different materials. Therefore, when a customer purchases equipment, the type of paint thickness gauge is specified along with the kind of material it’s needed for. 


2. Think about Usage and Application

A paint or coating thickness gauge also referred to as a paint meter is applied for the measurement of dry film thickness. And this helps a technical staff take an order to determine the type of paint meter to advise a customer on acquiring. A paint thickness gauge also measures a coated surface’s expected life, product performance, and appearance. In case the factors for inspection differ, the staff can appropriately recommend the best thickness gauge to be acquired. 


Think about Usage and Application


3. Check Measurement Range and Accuracy

The measurement range and accuracy are usually precise when the right paint thickness gauge is employed for inspection. Scattering and attenuation, defective sound coupling, adequate instrument calibration, and the sound velocity in the material are common factors that affect accuracy.


4. Confirm and Get Quotation

The next step after these first two steps is to provide the customer with a quotation. A quotation confirms the type of paint meter ordered for, and production of the equipment can commence as soon as other steps are completed. After all required information on the order has been determined, the customer also confirms that the quotation has been received for payment to be made.


5. Pay Deposit and Produce

A deposit is usually necessary to signify that all necessary stages have been duly completed. This would automatically give the manufacturers the green light to commence the production process or even the shipment process in a situation where the ordered product is already available. Shipment becomes the next thing to discuss and determine what means of delivery is to be assigned. 


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V. Common Challenges Importing Paint Thickness Gauge from China


As with importing most things, importing a paint thickness gauge from China is not without its challenges. However, knowing these challenges beforehand will make it easier to handle. Here are the challenges you should know about when starting your importation journey.


  • Communication Gap 

Communication entails receiving information and giving corresponding feedback to ensure the information has been perfectly disseminated and understood. In international trade, the communication barrier has always been a hindrance to completing purchases. Therefore, the communication style between customers and producers to understand each other is very important, so that miscommunication does not end in disparity in the product order.


  • Quality Issues

A customer must be guaranteed an excellent delivery of service without having to worry about quality issues. A manufacturer, on the other hand, must be reliable to meet the standards of the customer as regards the equipment purchased. A manufacturer’s reputation is usually connected to its ability to deliver quality products. Failure to make this possible means a reduced turnover, and a very low customer base.


  • Long Lead Time

Lead time is the time between the commencement of a production process and its completion. This is an attribute every producer would like to prove to its customers as what makes them effective and efficient thereby gaining their trust. A shorter lead time implies that the production process is completed in a limited time with the standard quality required of the producer. Longer lead time means sales are delayed and time wasted. This only implies inefficiency on the part of the manufacturer from the consumer’s point of view.


  • Delay in Delivery 

Delay in delivery is another factor that remains a challenge to most producers and customers. On the part of the shipping or delivery company, any delay could be caused by anything, but every customer expects that these delays could be mitigated by taking necessary steps to ensure prompt delivery. Delivery delays do not have a positive impact on both the producers and the shipping company, or whoever decides on the means of delivery to the customer.





In a nutshell, we have taken you through the steps you may have to take when importing a paint thickness gauge from China including ensuring that common challenges like communication gaps, long lead time, and delay in delivery are well handled. However, choosing a suitable Chinese supplier with a consistent track record of successful delivery will save you a lot of headaches.

NDT-KITS is one of the best suppliers of paint thickness gauges, with tested and trusted quality thickness gauges in the industry. They are well invested in research, design, and development to help solve customers’ needs with their portfolio of thickness measurement solutions.

So, the next time you’re in the market shopping for a paint meter or paint thickness gauge, try searching out NDT-KITS and you will not be disappointed.

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