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How to Import Calibration Blocks from China?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Where can you buy the quality and budget calibration blocks? China is the good place to go. Here’s the guide on how to import from China.

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How to Import Calibration Blocks from China


Like most customers, the efforts devoted to importing ut calibration blocks from China may leave you stressed with yet no solution in sight.

Calibration blocks are essential tools for assessing and refining the accuracy of measuring equipment, with these calibration blocks often available in different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the test object’s applications, form, and shape determine the type of calibration block to be employed. So, this understanding coupled with the need to critically analyze the capabilities of the calibration block supplier can be overwhelming, primarily when the details of the critical factors are not known.

Hence, successfully importing a calibration block may take a toll on you. But this blueprint should help. So, if you’re ready, then let’s begin. 


I. Why Import Calibration Block from China?


It may cross your mind to ask why importing an ultrasonic calibration block from China? Well, the reasons are not far-fetched, and we have profiled a few reasons why you should import your inspection equipment from China.


  • Competitive Pricing

Numerous producers of the ultrasonic calibration block are scattered all over China, creating competition amongst manufacturers. This competition permits competitive prices in the market, and thus, it blossoms. Moreso, competition creates an opportunity for customers to benefit as prices now vary among producers within the market.


  • Advanced Production Techniques 

Sophisticated modes of production are adopted in the production of this inspection equipment in technologically advanced factories. These require state-of-the-art production equipment and technically sound support teams that incorporate sophisticated manufacturing methods and principles into their manufacturing process.


  • Uncomplicated Assembling

An undemanding assembling process is a more convincing reason why products and tools acquired in China are reliable and user-friendly. They provide an easy assembling procedure of their machines, and this is why they make assembling clear and straightforward.


  • Various types of Calibration blocks 

An array of ultrasonic calibration blocks are available in the Chinese market. From the usual calibration blocks to specified, customized calibration blocks as requested and designed by the customer to fit the different purposes it’s required for and according to the inspection needs.

Interestingly, while other customers prefer importing inspection equipment from China, others still have to be convinced.


II. Types of Calibration Blocks Produced in China


There are various calibration blocks produced in China, as with other advanced industrial markets like the US and Europe. These calibration blocks include:


  • IIW Type Calibration Block 

This type of calibration block is an acronym fashioned from the International Institute of Welding (IIW). It comes in two different types as well. The IIW Type 1 is a calibration block with varying components and has a few extra calibration features such as circular groves, scales, and notches for specific application conditions. The IIW Type 2, on the other hand, is a revised version of the IIW Type 1 with some additional qualities.


  • ASME Calibration Block

ASME calibration blocks accurately suit piping Inspections that comprise EDM notches on both the outer and inner dimensions. It is an angle-beam calibration block with eight to eleven percent theoretical wall thickness.


  • Step Calibration Block 

As it is commonly referred to, step calibration wedges or blocks are available in different configurations and sizes. Step blocks or wedges are typically produced with four, five, or even up to ten steps as determined by the inspection requirements. Furthermore, custom blocks can be attained with as many steps.


  • DSC Calibration Block 

DSC calibration block estimates and inspects for sensitivity, distance, refracted angles, and beam index calibration for angle beam transducers. It ensures the calibration of angle of spread and sensitivity, alternate and longitudinal wave span, and set alignment for the sound beam spot of incidence. It also complies with AWS and ASHTO inspection requirements.


III. Importing Calibration Block from China


With several avenues available to import calibration blocks from China, here are the most accessible and popular of these methods.


  • Google Searching 

Investigating and learning how to import calibration blocks from China can be done via a Google search as Google is everyone’s encyclopedia adequately equipped with accurate and precise information. However, it doesn’t guarantee you’d choose the best supplier of ultrasonic calibration blocks. Nevertheless, it is a good starting point in sourcing and harvesting information about producers and manufacturers of this inspection tool.


  • Browse Platforms 

Various online platforms similar to Google searching can help source for suppliers of these calibration blocks for inspection. Browsing these platforms is very useful, and it is an important medium for market knowledge on ultrasonic calibration blocks. Nonetheless, they are much helpful when you know exactly what you’re searching for because they help narrow down the search and provide fast and accurate information of what you are in the market to search for, which saves time and resources for you.


  • Attend Trade Show & Exhibition 

This is another mode of dispensing accurate information about products and services rendered by different manufacturing companies. Trade shows and exhibitions give more precise and detailed knowledge of products better than what Google search and browsing platforms offer. This is due to the availability of personnel from various companies with which a customer can directly interact.

Moreover, there are prototypes of almost all the products every manufacturer offers. And with those exhibitions, you can view products and services you might be interested in. At trade shows and exhibitions, you are likely to get brochures of inspection equipment from eye-catching manufacturers. 


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IV. Problems you may have when Importing Calibration Blocks from China


Importing calibration blocks from China doesn’t come with its challenges and having prior knowledge of them can be very helpful. Here are some of the difficulties you might have to contend with when importing calibration blocks from China. 


  • Quality 

Many buyers of inspection machines are usually apprehensive of acquiring the best quality, which is why quality is of great importance to them. It serves the motive for its purchase and gives them value for their money. The right quality of machinery is as important as the machine’s deployment because equipment imported should not and must not cause any harm to its user. An importer is as responsible for the equipment as the supplier. This makes all parties involved liable for the dysfunctions or malfunction of the equipment—another reason why you must be completely certain of the supplier’s track record.

Quality of calibration block

  • Payment 

The means of payment vary between countries, and the most acceptable mode of payment must be understood to avoid payment problems. Different acceptable modes of payment may include a letter of credit, PayPal, or Telegraphic Transfer, also known as TT or Telex.

Any other modes of payment different from this must be carefully stated and understood before even planning to ship the product to anywhere in the world the customer is located.


  • Lead Time 

This supply chain or manufacturing has to do with the timely completion of a purchase or production process that takes from its start to finish. As part of due diligence, every customer must initiate on any prospective producer they are considering. The lead time is a very critical factor to consider. Shorter lead time aids faster sales or production, while a longer lead time can hamper sales.


  • Shipping 

The freight company responsible for shipping is the most important of all, as they would determine how, when, and in what condition your consignment arrives. Failure to appoint a professional shipping company means failure to receive perfectly packaged and carefully handled products.


V. Find the Best China Calibration Block Supplier


To begin with, locating a dependable supplier of ultrasonic calibration blocks can sometimes be taxing. This is possible due to the similarities in products by different manufacturers in the market. What differentiates the top best suppliers from the others is the ability to provide customers with the most efficient and effective service at a very competitive price.

Dependable ultrasonic calibration block suppliers are essential to assisting inspection officers and personnel in running or managing precise and accurate inspections critical to the manufacturing process. Often, surfing through the web for a dependable supplier isn’t enough. 

Some critical things you should look for in a supplier should include dependability and a high commitment to quality manufacturing. Also, a variety of calibration blocks is equally essential as they show the innovation and flexibility of the supplier. 

Furthermore, a good supplier should absolve you of all the problems customers are likely to encounter in their attempts to acquire an ultrasonic calibration block. This drives their reliability score off the charts.




In conclusion, NDT-KITS is a reliable supplier of ultrasonic calibration blocks in China with a consistent track record of successful delivery of high-quality calibration blocks. They are also well invested in research, design, and developments with a continued commitment to quality manufacturing as the leading supplier of one of the best calibration blocks you can find in the market.

NDT-KITS’ ultrasonic calibration blocks are extensively employed in the aerospace, automobile, petrochemical, and power supply industries. And they are a vast supplier of other ultrasonic equipment that is reliable, tested, and trusted, with the best price available in both foreign and domestic markets.

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