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Top 7 Ultrasonic Calibration Block Manufacturers

In this blog post, you’ll read:Ultrasonic calibration is an essential part of manufacturing. Some reliable suppliers are identified above for easy assessment to enable you to make the right choice of supplier.

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Ultrasonic Calibration Block Manufacturer 1


Have you always labored to find trustworthy ut calibration block manufacturers? Your search and hard labor might have just ended, as we have a few pointers for you.

But let’s get a grip on what ultrasonic calibration blocks are. 

In ultrasonic testing, calibration is necessary because the digitization of the equipment must be calibrated to ensure optimal performance according to its design. Hence, ultrasonic calibration deals with appraising and modifying the correctness and precision of measurement equipment.

It is also usually crucial for the machinist to conduct a user calibration of the equipment.

So, with the knowledge we have of the ultrasonic calibration block, let’s jump into identifying top manufacturers of the ultrasonic calibration block.



Ultrasonic Calibration Block Manufacturers




Hong Kong, China


AUT Solutions

Houston, Texas


PH Tool

Pipersville, PA, USA



Tokyo, Japan


NDT Systems, Inc.

California, US



North Carolina, US



Lancaster, UK



1. NDT-KITS Calibration Block Manufacturer


  • Headquarter:

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

  • Company Background:

Honesdom International HK Limited or NDT-KITS was established and charged with the sole purpose of creating and manufacturing high-tech ultrasonic equipment, which includes ultrasonic calibration blocks and other ultrasonic equipment. It is also well invested in research and developments as they have manufactured many high-quality ultrasonic calibration blocks. These high-quality blocks are manufactured by a specialized technique known as Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).

Consequently, NDT-KITS channels over 10% of its sales revenue to better serve its customers and advance its technological innovations with many unique products over the years. These products have been successful in the international market, and this investment has yielded dividends for the company as its products serve its customers well.

NDT-KITS’ ultrasonic calibration blocks are widely used in the automobile, aerospace, power supply, and petrochemical industries. And we are a supplier of SGS to supply them with calibration blocks for skilled production technicians.

  • Popular Products:

DSC Calibration Block, RC Calibration Block, 4 Step Block, V-2 Calibration Block

  • Recommended Reason:

NDT-KITS is your tested, trusted, and reliable calibration block supplier in China, and they offer this product at the best price you can get in the market.



2. AUT Solutions  


4. AUT Solutions Calibration Blcok Manufacturer


  • Headquarter:

Houston, Texas

  • Company Background:

AUT Solutions has a mission to supply both its current customers and prospective customers the top-quality sophisticated Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment, services, and support. 

AUT Solutions has an array of sophisticated Ultrasonic Scanning software, systems, and training for its constantly growing customers worldwide and across industries such as power generation, aerospace, petrochemical, and industries.

It is classified as one of the best calibration block suppliers due to its short lead times, fast delivery time, and the quality of products that enable its customers to meet their expanding job requirements. 

AUT Solutions has a professional team that gives world-class customer service and support before, during, and after the sale to ensure the customer’s satisfaction is complete without complaints or interruption.

  • Popular Products:

Universal AUT Calibration Block CS1, Universal AUT Calibration Block CS2, Universal AUT Calibration Block CS3, and Universal AUT Calibration Block CS3-MM 

  • Recommended Reason:

AUT Solutions products have been tested, trusted, and certified reliable across several industries, and this is why they are one of the best suppliers of ultrasonic calibration blocks in the market.



3. PH Tool  


5. PH Tool Calibration Block Manufacturer


  • Headquarter:

Pipersville, PA, USA

  • Company Background:

PH Tool Reference Standards is an ultrasonic calibration Block supplier that has supplied Non-destructive Testing (NDT) equipment across many major industries over the years with quality Reference Standards and Test Blocks since its establishment. 

With close to a half-century of supplying ultrasonic calibration block equipment experience in the market, PH Tool remains one of the best and trusted suppliers with a technical and professional team readily available to serve every customer need in the shortest lead time due to its wealth of experience and continuous varying technological improvements.

The entire staff of PH Tools is professional technicians, toolmakers, and machinists with excellent experienced managers who are committed to the design, fabrication, and manufacture of the best quality Reference Standards in the market. 

Its strong growth and outstanding reputation in the NDT suppliers’ market is phenomenal due to its priority on quality, attentiveness to detail, and ingenious perspective to the most tasking requirements of its esteemed customers. And also, meeting requests of the continuously elaborate NDT marketplace is a challenge PH Tools accepts wholeheartedly.

  • Popular Products:

IIW-Type Blocks, PAUT IIW Block, ISO 19675, ASME Sec V Calibration Blocks, Phased Array Ultrasonic Test Blocks, ASME-Compliant ERVW® Line of Calibration Blocks.

  • Recommended Reason:

PH Tools are readily available and prepared to serve all your ultrasonic calibration block needs. They are reliably recommended to supply all you need and want at very competitive prices and in the shortest possible time. 



4. Olympus  




  • Headquarter:

Tokyo, Japan

  • Company Background:

Olympus was founded in 1919 and specialized in non-destructive testing equipment, including reference standards like calibration blocks, after successfully building its first practical gastro-camera thirty years after manufacturing. 

With over a century in the non-destructive industry, Olympus’s commitment to developing customer-focused equipment that helps solve human challenges is unquestionable. Such human challenges are scattered across various sectors, including the health sciences and industrial sectors. 

Olympus has remained resolved in all these years and has worked to improve people’s lives in health, safety, and detecting, preventing, and treating defects and abnormalities. They are also active participants in advancing scientific research and protecting public safety. 

Olympus employs about 35,000 people globally in roughly 40 countries and regions, while its headquarters remains in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Popular Products:

Calibration blocks, videoscopes and borescopes, industrial microscopes, NDT sensors and scanners, automated inspection system, and OEM microscope components

  • Recommended Reason:

Over a century of industry existence and experience places Olympus on a high credibility pedestal. Their innovative and broad portfolio of solutions and products is also commendable.



5. NDT Systems, Inc. 


NDT Systems, Inc.


  • Headquarter:

Huntington Beach, California, United States

  • Company Background:

For over 47 years, starting in the 70s, NDT Systems Inc. has been leading in designing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality, advanced ultrasonic testing equipment to the non-destructive testing industry. 

They have a wide range of non-destructive products, including ultrasonic thickness gauges and reference standards to ensure the accuracy of flaw detectors’ results. They also offer a range of precision ultrasonic transducers, including manual and automated scanners. 

While they’ve been very successful over the years, NDT System Inc. has added numerous other non-destructive tools to their offering, including data enhancing imaging systems that significantly increase Probability of Detection (POD). 

Many industries find their tools very applicable and practical, including aerospace, petroleum and gas, power generation, and the transportation industry. 

Their products are 100% made in the USA. Calibration, service, and repair are all performed at their   California-based facility, which allows for a fast turnaround.

  • Popular Products:

Coating thickness gauges, flaw detectors, scanners, transducers, and imaging systems

  • Recommended Reason:

A very high commitment to quality manufacturing, practical designs, and a responsive customer service team.



6. Ecutec




  • Headquarter:

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

  • Company Background:

Since 1992, ECUTEC’s devoted team has succeeded in understanding the demands of the NDT business and providing trustworthy products and services concentrating on quality and speed.

They offer a massive assortment of NDT equipment for prompt shipment. ECUTEC provides several standards like ASME, RFT, NFT, ECA, NFA, IRIS, PSEC/FSEC, or any bespoke standard you may desire. Also, they can execute flat bottom holes (FBH), side-drilled holes (SDH), round bottom pits, ID or OD grooves (90°, 180°, 270° & 360°), taper cuts, EDM notches, spiral grooves, expansions and more customized to their demands and tolerances. Calibration standards may be created utilizing a milling machine, lathe, electrical discharge machine (EDM), and surface grinder.

ECUTEC supplies various materials in most conventional diameters in prime or finned OD and ID configurations. ECUTEC’s dedication to quality is excellent as its products are created and examined using NIST-certified equipment. Quality always comes first. No detail is too minor. They take pride in their quickness, quality, and value. Remarkably, they are also highly imaginative with solutions that fulfill varied NDT project demands for field operations as well as in R&D.

  • Popular Products:

Calibration blocks eddy current analyzer, proprietary software, accessories, and other reference standards

  • Recommended Reason:

A solid commitment to quality, good stock of raw materials and finished products.



7. Sonaspection




  • Headquarter:

Lancaster, United Kingdom

  • Company Background:

With offices in Lancaster, UK, and Charlotte, USA, Sonaspection pride itself in pioneering many well recognized ‘industry standard’ flaw manufacture and implanting techniques.

They believe that high-quality flaws are achieved by a combination of first-class workmanship, a unique blend of welding and non-destructive testing skills, plus a complete understanding of the product.

Flawed specimens contain purposely induced real flaws which are accurately sized and located. Each specimen is supplied with documentation detailing flaw types, sizes, and location. Their policy of setting new standards and developing new techniques to improve quality and reliability assures the highest quality of flaws.

Sonaspection flawed specimens can be found in many reputable businesses providing training and certification of technicians and procedure and equipment development in non-destructive testing and evaluation.

With many clients from around the globe, they can create customized orders and ship their products internationally. Please contact us directly for a quote.

  • Popular Products:

Flawed specimen, calibration blocks, and custom specimen

  • Recommended Reason:

Strong environmental preservation, quality production, considerable years of existence gives an assurance of expertise.


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Tips to Choose a Reliable Ultrasonic Calibration Block Manufacturer 

We can guess what your thoughts are on finding a reliable ultrasonic calibration block manufacturer and supplier, and you are probably reflecting on what to consider when choosing an ultrasonic calibration block supplier. Let’s not waste anymore of your time and ours as well. Let’s consider a few pointers that can assist in choosing a tested and trusted supplier.

Warranty: This is a critical point to consider before choosing a supplier because a reliable supplier should have a warranty period on its product to ensure the customer gets a good service in the occurrence of a mishap or when a problem arises from a particular product acquired from the said supplier. This exhibits a trait by a company with an incredible track record of quality.

Competitive Pricing: A reliable ultrasonic calibration block supplier must supply at a reasonable price, not a cut-throat price, or accord a percentage of discount per quantity acquired. This builds trust for most users of such products, and it also helps create competitiveness within the market. 

After-Sales Services: A reliable supplier must have a clock standby team readily available to answer all customer’s complaints or suggestions.


Ultrasonic Calibration Block Manufacturer



Choose Ultrasonic Calibration Block Manufacturers in China or Other Countries? 

China remains one of the manufacturing strongholds in the global market, but several other countries are stepping up to the competition posed by the manufacturing conglomerate.

Consequently, European, American, Asian, Mid Eastern countries are technologically advancing and breaking new ground in the electrical and mechanical industries and are also coming up with quality, innovative techniques, and methods to manufacture quality equipment.

Due to the diversity in the global market, China is demonopolized of their complete ownership of the market by the other countries entering the global market as manufacturers and suppliers.

With technological improvements, many of these countries tend towards achieving this feat, but there are only a handful of them.

Consequently, China also advances in technology just as the rest of the world does. And due to its large capacity in the market with competitiveness in pricing, China continues to soar higher than these countries in manufacturing this machinery.

Do you plan to buy quality but affordable ndt calibration blocks? Importing reference blocks from China is a good choice.  


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In a nutshell, ultrasonic calibration is an essential part of manufacturing. It is the process of appraising and modifying the correctness and precision of measurement equipment for optimal performance according to its design. 

However, identifying a reliable supplier of this equipment has to be carefully considered. A few of the reliable suppliers were identified above for easy perusal and assessment to enable you to make the right choice of supplier.

Furthermore, there are other factors to consider in finding and choosing a reliable manufacturer of ultrasonic calibration blocks. Other factors to consider before choosing include warranty, competitive prices, and excellent after-sales customer service.

Lastly, China is a global manufacturing power, but many other countries are stepping up to the market and are looking to take the market from their grip and allow for competition. But you might want to consider choosing a manufacturer from China first before making your final acquisition of the products needed.

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