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Top 10 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers

In this blog post, you’ll read:Do you often find it difficult to locate a dependable ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturer? Here are the top 10 list of ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers.

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Do you often find it difficult to locate a dependable ultrasonic thickness gage manufacturer?

Sometimes the amount of energy, time, and resources poured into the search for a suitable ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturer can be so much that it makes you tired and even frustrated. Another thing is the doubt you feel when you eventually get one because you don’t have the necessary details to make your choice.

Not to worry.

This post will give you all the information about the top ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers in the industry today, including the critical factors to help you decide when you think you’ve found the one. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in.  


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturer


Top 10 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers

Here are the 10 best ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers around today. 



Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers




Toyko, Janpa



Hong Kong, China


Tritex NDT

Dorset, UK



Dorset, UK





NDT Systems, Inc.

California, US


DeFelsko Corporation

New York, US


PhaseII Machine & Tool, Inc.

New Jersey, US


JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

Hyogo, Japan


Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd.

Technopark, Russia


1. Olympus


1. Olympus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturer


  • Headquarter: 

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

  • Company Background:

Olympus is a Japanese company known for manufacturing reprography and optical products. Established in October 1919, it initially specialized in microscopes and thermometers. However, it soon metamorphosed into a manufacturer of cameras with significant success, especially digital cameras. Olympus eventually entered the industrial testing industry by developing imaging and measuring systems. It specializes in the manufacture of instruments used in industrial quality assessment procedures. 

According to their company profile statement, they also have various subsidiaries that aid their different business interests, including medical systems divisions and scientific solutions divisions, all aimed at “creating customer-driven solutions for the medical, life sciences, and industrial equipment industries,” according to their company profile statement. Overall, Olympus is dedicated to customers’ needs and innovative solutions. 

  • Popular Products:

Flaw detectors, probes, Industrial scanners, Image analysis software, Thickness gauges, Digital cameras, Fiberscopes, Industrial videoscopes, XRF, and XRD analyzers

  • Recommend Reason:

Their over 100 years in the testing equipment industry gives them a lot of credibilities. Also, their commitment to innovation and constant reinvention shows a desire to keep advancing. Lastly, their customer-driven objectives show their commitment to their customers’ needs.




2. NDT-KITS Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturer


  • Headquarter

Hong Kong 

  • Company Background:

Founded in 1988 as the first digital ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturer in China, NDT-KITS has acquired over 33 years in the non-destructive testing industry. As a professional supplier of NDT equipment and its production base, they aim to provide highly precise NDT instruments to their teeming customers. 

This innovative high-tech company integrates development, research, production, and sales into one wholesome entity to achieve customer-centric objectives. NDT-KITS has onboard national and international experts, including doctorate professionals with proficiencies in leading ultrasound technology.

Currently, the company has production lines developed with the latest cutting-edge technology presently available in the industry today. Also, they have put together sophisticated assembly lines for their ultrasonic equipment production base, including Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) production lines, probe production lines, and machining production lines. These production lines are constantly under the supervision of highly proficient and experienced production technicians.

Along with a competitive price offering, NDT-KITS is also very committed to a quality product which has seen them acquire several quality certifications, including Quality Management Systems Certification ISO 9001:2015, CE mark, and Standard Compliance Certification EU EN-12668. These qualifications and attributes make NDT-KITS a preferred Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge manufacturer for a wide clientele both nationally and internationally.

  • Popular Products:

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Phased Array Transducers, Ultrasonic Probes, Calibration Blocks, Ultrasonic Scanners, Electrical Conductivity Meter, Flawed Specimen.

  • Recommend Reason:

NDT-KITS has extensive years of experience in the industry. Also, they have a highly functional research and development department. Additionally, NDT-KITS responds in real-time with a helpful customer support team. Finally, they are dedicated to quality manufacturing with a highly competitive price tag. 


3. Tritex NDT


3. Tritex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturer


  • Headquarter

Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom

  • Company Background:

Established in 2007 as an ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturer, Tritex NDT has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. It is now in the league of leading ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers globally. Though it became a fully-fledged company in 2007, its technicians have been at work since the 1980s pioneering the first hand-held multiple-echo wall thickness gauge with their subject matter experts having a combined 90 years of experience between them. 

Tritex NDT has a customer-focused ideology that ensures they listen to the NDT challenges of their customers and seek ways to provide innovative solutions for their teeming customers. With significant years of experience in the industry, they’ve had enough time to perfect their understanding of the NDT field and its challenges. Their knowledge has shaped their NDT solutions’ design methodology, production, and marketing. They’re also big on environmental preservation with the exemption of hard-causing substances in the manufacture of their products.

Tritex NDT offers ultrasonic thickness gauges that ensure coatings remain intact, thereby eliminating the repair cost on the damaged coating. And they also respond to customers’ inquiries before, during, and after purchasing any NDT solution. 

  • Popular Products:

Ultrasonic metal thickness gauges and communication software. 

  • Recommend Reason:

They have many years of experience in the industry. They offer high-tech thickness measuring solutions. Their equipment is easy to use, and they commit to quality manufacturing, as evidenced by their quality certifications. They offer 3 years warranty on their thickness gauges. 


4. Cygnus


4. Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturer 

  • Headquarter

Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom 

  • Company Background:

Created in 1983 with a pioneering through-coating material thickness measuring technique known as the digital multiple-echo technique, Cygnus has since grown into an NDT equipment manufacturer focusing on innovative thickness measuring solutions. The need for a hand-held thickness measuring device drove Cygnus to develop their multi-echo digital thickness gauges that deliver highly accurate measurement results through material protective coatings. This technique has become one of the industry’s standards of thickness measurement. 

Their solutions boast of the highest quality standards in terms of durability and robustness to withstand very harsh environmental conditions often present in the field. They are also committed to research that has brought to light their different ranges of ultrasonic thickness gauges to solve customer challenges with an actual application in the marine inspection industry. 

Furthermore, Cygnus is a proponent of quality manufacturing, walking the talk by acquiring quality management system certification ISO-9001 with a complementary emphasis on safety as evidenced by their acquisition of BASEEFA and CSA, both safety certifications. 

  • Popular Products:

Hardness testers, Ultrasonic thickness gauges, Probes, and Thickness gauge accessories. 

  • Recommend Reason:

Quality manufacturing and accreditation, research and development, customer-oriented service, and safety certifications are great for Cygnus to possess and worthy of recommendation. 


5. Extech


5. Extech Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturer


  • Headquarter

New Hampshire, USA

  • Company Background:

Established in 1971 as Extech Instruments, the company has consistently focused on delivering measuring devices and solutions to their target audiences which includes DIYs (Do-It-Yourselfers), tradespeople, and professionals. They have become the go-to company for tools for preventing, troubleshooting, and identifying a plethora of problems in different technical situations. Their range of tools is especially useful in mechanical, electrical, environmental, safety, and maintenance industries. 

Also, Extech prides itself in the tested and trusted references they get from their teeming customers worldwide. Counting over 45 years in the industry has helped Extecch build a reputation that people can trust. Their customer satisfaction ideology also helps to give their customers the confidence to approach them with any concern. Their products also meet quality standards and requirements since they have been ISO:9001 certified for quality management systems. With a customer base present in over 100 countries, Extech agents are spread worldwide to continue to add more customers to their customer base. Their continuous dedication to research also ensures that they can serve their customer’s needs to meet new challenges with innovative solutions. 

  • Popular Products:

Multimeters, oscilloscopes, power analyzers, airflow meters, thermometers, gas analyzers, and inspection cameras. 

  • Recommend Reason:

They have significant years of experience in the NDT industry. They are also customer-centric, with a focus on technical professionals as well as DIY. Additionally, they have consistently invested in research and development to improve their solutions. 


6. NDT Systems, Inc.


NDT Systems, Inc. 


  • Headquarter

Huntington Beach, California, United States

  • Company Background:

Since it began in 1974, NDT Systems Inc. has been a global leader in developing, making, and supplying high-quality, advanced ultrasonic testing equipment to the non-destructive testing market for over 47 years.

NDT Systems, situated in Huntington Beach, California, offers a comprehensive product range to aid in checking practically all materials, including new composite materials, plastics, ceramics, and metals. Their present concentration is on creating data-enhancing imaging methods that greatly enhance the Probability of Detection (POD) (POD). They’ve accomplished considerable gains over past corrosion-mapping approaches while keeping expenses low. The new features include post-data collecting, analysis, and baseline data preservation.

Their products are employed in fabric airfoil, aviation, oil and gas, power production, and transportation. Interestingly, their equipment delivers high-quality, comprehensive functionality at a reasonable price. NDT Systems offers customized solutions such as fully automated robotic inspection systems and specialized transducers.

Adaptive NDT product development is a never-ending process for NDT Systems. They have the experience and abilities to help their customers address the most challenging applications, owing to their embedded application lab of design engineers. NDT Systems aims to give the most incredible quality of customer support possible, with a dedicated group of specialists available to answer inquiries and help with solution setup.  

  • Popular Products:

Coating thickness gauges, flaw detectors, scanners, transducers, and imaging systems

  • Recommend Reason:

A very high commitment to quality manufacturing, practical designs, and a responsive customer service team.


7. DeFelsko Corporation



DeFelsko ut thickness gauge manufacturer


  • Headquarter

New York, United States

  • Company Background:

DeFelsko Corporation, a major U.S. manufacturer of coating thickness gauges and inspection instruments, has been supplying Simple, Durable, and Accurate gauges since 1965. Family-owned and managed in Northern New York, its state-of-the-art facility contains research, development, production, quality, sales, training, and service divisions.

Over the years, DeFelsko has pioneered several innovations, including the first combined ferrous/non-ferrous gauge that automatically detects the substrate and obtains a measurement. Also, they have the first hand-held ultrasonic coating thickness gauge for non-metal substrates like plastic, wood, and concrete. And again, the first interchangeable inspection device offers compatibility with coating thickness, dew point, surface profile, soluble salt, ultrasonic wall thickness, and hardness probes. Further, the first ISO-compliant salt contamination testing technique, with no sharps or glue, and the first hand-held, field-ready equipment for 3D-imaging of blasted surfaces and measurement of peak density and other characteristics.

Starting with the mechanical PosiTest FM and GM, DeFelsko has proven a dedication to quality in manufacture and after-sales service. 

  • Popular Products:

Digital and analog coating thickness gauges of varying capacities and sizes 

  • Recommend Reason:

A long time in the industry depicts extensive experience, professional service and expertise, practical designs, and a long track record. 


8. PhaseII Machine & Tool, Inc.


PhaseII Machine & Tool, Inc.


  • Headquarter

New Jersey, United States

  • Company Background:

Incorporated in 1982, focusing on supplying the finest quality goods, PHASE II has created a world-class reputation for quality and service. They take pleasure in giving more than simply a product. They offer “In House” Application Specialists that can advise you with product selection and maintenance. They are highly trained and competent to deliver whatever technical help is required. They also maintain a comprehensive line of replacement components for their products.

PHASE II is a prominent producer of hardness testers, hand-held hardness testers, surface texture testers, measuring gauges, coating thickness gauges, durometers, and force gauges in their material testing equipment sector. Then machine tool accessories and precise measurement equipment inside their tooling business. Both internal and external probe systems cover the coating thickness gauge category, the latter incorporating memory, output, and software. The probes are dual-use, auto-detect types for testing ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. Testing equipment in their material testing sector is supported by a 5-year guarantee and free lifetime technical support. Machine tool accessories are supported by a 2-year warranty, while a 1-year warranty backs the precision measurement equipment.

  • Popular Products:

Hardness testers, Ultrasonic thickness gauges, vibration meters, surface roughness testers, precision measuring tools

  • Recommend Reason:

Extensive industry experience, product warranty, after-sales technical support, practical design, a long track record of success.


9. JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.


9. JFE Advantech Co. Ltd.



  • Headquarter

Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan

  • Company Background:

The company was established in April 2003 as the JFE Group but later changed its name in April 2004 to JFE Advantech Co., Ltd. However, their journey started way back in 1944 as a scale manufacturer for steel mills in Japan. Since then, they have specialized in manufacturing measuring instruments that customers require to inspect the quality of their components. They meet customers’ requirements from general measuring instruments to unique measuring systems using the technology developed from many years of experience in the steelworks industry. Their philosophy has always been to contribute to society by providing industrial equipment, devices, and systems with continuous technological improvements. Interestingly, they have successfully developed industrial solutions that help in manufacturing measuring and diagnostic equipment for preventive maintenance, quality assessment, and improvement of production. Also, they have solutions for the early detection of anomalies like the ultrasonic thickness gauge.

  • Popular Products:

Ultrasonic thickness gauge, hardness testers, piezoelectric vibration pickup, condition monitoring systems, ultrasonic pulse detectors, gas, and air leak detector 

  • Recommend Reason:

A high commitment to safety and environmental preservation, a consistent commitment to quality, and long years of industry experience. 


10. Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd.


Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd.


  • Headquarter

Gorki Leninskie, Technopark, Russia

  • Company Background:

The research and production company LLC “Acoustic Control Systems” (LLC “AKS”) was established in 1991 to ensure successful implementation of scientific and applied research in the area of acoustic non-destructive testing of structurally non – homogeneous materials and to develop competitive tools for ultrasonic non-destructive testing of a wide range of products.

Thirty years of expertise of their experts enable LLC “AKS” to build gadgets that combine high technical features with maximum comfort and simplicity of use, with extensive functionality and current design.

The organization employs highly trained individuals, including physicians and over 50 highly qualified engineers and experts. Devices of LLC “AKS” have established them as a high-quality, modern, and competitive enterprise with the manufacturing of both manual and automated controls not only in Russia but also overseas. Over 20 percent of items are sold to the CIS nations, the European Union, the USA, Asia, Australia, Latin America, the Middle East.

Currently, the firm has one of the top positions among producers of non-destructive testing, and instruments for ultrasonic testing of concrete, reinforced concrete, composites, and stone, created by their company, have no parallels in the world.

  • Popular Products:

Thickness gauges, flaw detectors, tomographs, automated scanners, other customized inspection equipment 

  • Recommend Reason:

Many years of industry experience, research, development, innovative solutions, a wide array of solutions.


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How to Choose a Reliable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Supplier?

Understanding the quality needs of your operations and choosing a reliable ultrasonic thickness gauge supplier requires a very different set of skills. However, here are some factors for your consideration when selecting a reliable ultrasonic thickness gauge supplier.

– Research and Development: Find out if the supplier is committed to research and development. This is the hallmark of continuous solution improvement and satisfactory product delivery.

– Competitive Pricing: Most manufacturers often over-price their equipment, sometimes because of high-profit margins. However, a reliable supplier should have competitive pricing but not at the expense of good quality. 


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


– Customer Service:  Customers are what makes businesses thrive, and a good supplier often seeks to satisfy the customer, sometimes even over-delivering on their offers to the customers. 

– Customer Feedback: How well do the customers’ feedback about the supplier? The higher the number of good customer feedback, the higher the supplier’s reliability. 


Where can I Find the Manufacturers of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

Ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers are scattered everywhere globally but locating them is another story entirely. Nonetheless, things have become easy with the internet. Most manufacturers have websites where prospects can easily and quickly get information about whatever inquiries they have about any manufacturer. 

Additionally, local and national libraries keep a list of most businesses segmented into industries. But the thing with this type of search is that it is often limited to local companies. Ultimately, you can combine online and offline search modes to locate ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers. 


Should I Choose an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturer in China or Other Countries?

With most businesses seeking to improve their profitability, China has become the destination of most of them, including manufacturers. These manufacturers enjoy abundant labor with a reduced production cost which makes them competitively priced without reducing their quality. 

Ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers are not exempted from participating in this opportunity as Chinese brands of ultrasonic thickness gauges are very competitively priced compared with their European or American counterparts. What’s more, Chinese manufacturers match the quality of these European and American brands and, in some cases, even surpass them. Thus, importing ultrasonic thickness gages from China is a perfect choice for you to buy affordable and quality ultrasonic thickness gauges.


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To wrap up, this list of the top 10 ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers can come in handy when you search for a reliable supplier. Sometimes the effort put into searching for a reliable supplier can make the whole process frustrating and tiring. However, it would be best not to forget to look out for critical pointers when choosing ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers. Such factors as competitive pricing, customer service, customer feedback, and an active research and development department are key to selecting a reliable supplier. 

Now that you have this information, what’s your move?

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