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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector in China

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  • Provide quality products with 40 years of defining experience in China
  • Manufactures technical excellent equipments providing high accuracy and professional results
  • Products available at a competitive cost and high efficiency
  • Provide after-sale services for better customer experiences
  • 99% of client reviews are positive about Ultrasonic flaw detector durability and quality
  • Manufactures with auto gain function, DAC function, and AVG function
  • Products develop with materials, able to bear the worst temperature and weather conditions.
  • Complete many machining workshops about CBC, CNC machine tools, and 50 more types of processing equipment.

Benefits of Buying Ultrasonic Flaw Detector in China

The ultrasonic flaw detectors in China have the following advantages:

  • The ability to control products from metals and non-metals, including concrete structures, metals, plastics, fiberglass, ceramics, glass, polymer, and composite products.
  • High sensitivity in detecting cracks up to 1 micron wide and pores up to 0.5 mm in diameter in products.
  • The ability to detect defective areas in on-line mode increases the speed of decision-making.
  • The absence, unlike radiography, of harmful effects on the operator.
  • The possibility of exercising control directly at the place of work, incl. in the field, without changing the technological sequence.
  • The ability to measure the thickness of the product in a wide range from 3 millimeters to several meters.

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40 Years of Expertise

We have 40 years of experience in the professional production of ultrasonic flaw detectors, an annual output of more than 10,00 ultrasonic flaw detectors, thickness gauges, ultrasonic probes and calibration blocks.

Talented Engineers and support team

As of September 2021, we have a total of 125 employees, including nearly 45 professional and technical workers who are masters or doctorate degree holders.

Advanced production equipment

We have Complete machining workshop, CNC, CNC machine tools, and more than 50 other types of processing equipment,to ensure high-precision product parts.

Excellent After-Sales Service

We provided excellent after-sales service, including fast delivery, online training,  immediate feedback of trouble shotting.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector in China - FAQs

Table of Contents

1. What should I Consider when Buying Ultrasonic Flaw Detector in China?

In addition to the obvious budget constraints, we recommend taking into account the following technical characteristics of ultrasonic flaw detectors:


  • Frequency range, speed of ultrasonic waves and discreteness.
  • Permissible range of investigated thicknesses.
  • Which type of material is being measured.
  • Supported methods of ultrasonic testing (shadow, mirror-shadow, echo-mirror, resonant method, echo method, delta method).
  • Types of transducers and scanners with which the ultrasonic flaw detector is compatible;
  • Support for phased arrays, TOFD or other methods of flaw detection 
  • Convenience of the interface, ease of setup, amount and organization of memory for saving reports, and the ability to connect to a PC and use SD cards.
  • Battery capacity, battery life.
  • Check-in advance whether the selected device can be operated at low and high temperatures.


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2. How to Find the Best Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Manufacturer for Your Inspection in China?

To find the best suitable ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturer depending on your geographical location and your immediate needs. Finding an appropriate manufacturer for Your Inspection in China can be a hard task as there are many numbers of companies that produce Ultrasonic flaw detector devices. Here are some ways by which you can find good manufacturer for yourself:

  • Online Search: Any good company will have its own website. Study these websites and their product details. you will be starting to understand which manufacturer is better for you by looking at some related websites.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions: Non-destructive testing industry in China frequently organizes a number of exhibitions all over the country. Many manufacturers participate in it and showcase their products.  Arrange the meeting with the manufacturer with products you like.
  • Goodwill: The most common way to find the best Ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturer is by the company’s goodwill and reputation. You can ask your friends and relatives who have already bought these items.
  • Chinese platforms: There are a number of online sites. Those sites allow buying products such as ultrasonic flaw detectors from China.  These sites are user-friendly and easy to use.

3. Top Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Manufacturers Recommended in China


Research and production center “NDT-KITS“. One of the three most progressive manufacturers of equipment for manual and mechanized (automated) ultrasonic testing in China. Products NDT-KITS have a very good reputation in the professional community as they are always certified with ISO and CE. From this manufacturer, you can buy a flaw detector for ultrasonic testing of welded joints, base metal of rolled products, composites, polyethylene, etc. They are producing a variety of solutions from TOFD flaw detectors, phased array flaw detectors, ultrasonic flaw detectors for rail systems, ultrasonic thickness gauges, videoscope to many other NDT Equipment. They provide after-sale services such as fast delivery and solutions for any troubleshooting to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • KairDa

KairDa is the official manufacturer and supplier of ultrasonic flaw detectors. Since 2007, the corporation has been serving the people of China with its products with ISO and CE quality certifications. KairDa has absorbed all the best procedures that are used in the development of flaw detectors. The company is a supplier with an excellent reputation. The catalog contains the entire range of laboratory products. In the section on ultrasonic flaw detectors, they have digital and flaw detectors with adjustable frequency.  

  • Beijing Dragon Electronics Company

Beijing Dragon Electronics Company (DGC) is a respected domestic manufacturer in China from which you can buy a good impedance flaw detector for ultrasonic testing of materials with a high attenuation coefficient. For these tasks, such devices as DFD10, DFD20, and DFD30 are produced. Other than these, the company also produces ultrasonic thickness gauges, surface roughness testers, hardness and vibration testers. The company was founded in 1993 by specialists with a very solid experience in non-destructive technologies.  DGC is certified by CS and ISO.


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4. How to Import Ultrasonic Flaw Detector from China?

You can import Ultrasonic flaw detectors from China by going through these steps:

  1. First, investigate and select the best product needed according to the requirements.
  2. Search for the Right Flaw detector Supplier while considering the country’s compliance requirements, quality certificates and packaging requirements.
  3. Contact suppliers and tell them about your specific demands, they will guide you with best-related products.
  4. You can also get sample products or demos.
  5. Make use of Google search to find reliable ultrasonic flaw detector suppliers from China.
  6. Calculate and negotiate the price with the supplier. Cost may include actual cost of product, related taxes,  service charges, packing and landing costs.
  7. Choose the most affordable and efficient way of shipping, and guide them with correct navigation to avoid delays in delivery.

5. What are Some Tips for Buying Ultrasonic Flaw Detector from China?

Before buying one or another ultrasonic flaw detector, you need to make sure whether it meets the requirements of industry technical documentation, is compatible with the object, the amount of control, the requirements of the instructions, the criteria for rejection. It would be nice to read real reviews from test laboratory employees who are already familiar with the model you are interested in. It is important to understand that not a single ultrasonic flaw detector is eternal. Therefore, looking closely at a particular model, also evaluate the manufacturer who released it.


By knowing how an ultrasonic flaw detector of one type or another works and its features, you can easily decide which is better for you to process the method of flaw detection. An experienced consultant can also help you decide on the model and manufacturer. By going through this article, you already learn about perfect flaw detectors, the most suited manufacturer and buying the product form from China. Now you just need to make it practical and get your ultrasonic flaw detector.

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