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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge in China

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  • Dependable manufacturer and supplier of ultrasonic thickness gauges in China
  • Ensures the guaranteed quality of over 24 years of manufacturer experience
  • All the equipment offers smooth and great dependability
  • Uses quality materials to design the parts used in the equipment
  • Offers a high-end and luxury sense to the clients who use the ultrasonic thickness gauges 
  • Over 95% of the clients choose to cooperate and rely on NDT-KITS after personally trying our ultrasonic thickness gauges

Things to Consider When Buying an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from China

① What will you test for (flaw detection, thickness, erosion, corrosion, etc.)? 

As there are several types of thickness gauges, it would be very hard to have a simple answer. But, if you are looking for a tool to check whether there is a flaw in the part, you will be able to choose the type of ultrasonic thickness gauge according to the screening: large area or average area.

② What are the target materials?

If you are going to make a lot of samples for testing whether the part is ultrasonically hardened or not, you need to consider it carefully. Generally, large area probes will be perfect. They deal with thick samples and offer high precision and repeatability.

③ Does your team require special training to operate the gauges?

Depending on the type, it may be necessary to properly measure the thickness of certain kinds of materials. In most cases, the training is quite simple.

④ What other accessories do you need when working with the thickness gauges?

Accessories are very important accessories to ultrasonic thickness gauges. They may not directly work with the gauges, but they are very useful in ensuring your thickness gauges will continue to work well. 

⑤ Other things to consider

  • Accuracy
  • Temperature
  • Geometry
  • Phase reversal


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Products We Have for you

Why Global Clients Choose Us?

40 Years of Expertise

We have 40 years of experience in the professional production of ultrasonic flaw detectors, an annual output of more than 10,00 ultrasonic flaw detectors, thickness gauges, ultrasonic probes and calibration blocks.

Talented Engineers and support team

As of September 2021, we have a total of 125 employees, including nearly 45 professional and technical workers who are masters or doctorate degree holders.

Advanced production equipment

We have Complete machining workshop, CNC, CNC machine tools, and more than 50 other types of processing equipment,to ensure high-precision product parts.

Excellent After-Sales Service

We provided excellent after-sales service, including fast delivery, online training,  immediate feedback of trouble shotting.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge in China - FAQ Guide

Table of Contents

1. What are the Types of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Available in China?

  • Corrosion Thickness Gauge

Corrosion gauges are well suited for corrosion inspection on metals, ferrous metals, and plastics. You can also use them for getting a rough thickness reading of ceramics and glass. The main components in a corrosion gauge consist of an oscillating horn and a probe.

  • Precision Thickness Gauge

Precision gauges are designed specifically to measure the thickness of non-metallic materials. These materials include resins, rubber, epoxy, plastics, etc. In some cases, these gauges can also be used to measure the thickness of complex shapes. Precision gauges are designed to offer a high level of accuracy and precision. 


2. What are some Advantages of Choosing Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers in China?

There are many advantages of choosing ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers in China. The main advantages of buying a product from a Chinese manufacturer are:

  • Excellent CNC technology and workmanship 
  • Low cost of parts, accessories and consumables 
  • Competitive pricing on wholesale items


3. How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge in China?

If you want to find the best manufacturer for your ultrasonic thickness gauge in China, it is very important to follow these steps:

  • Identify what you need from your ultrasonic thickness gauge and decide which material you will measure. 
  • Decide how you will use it and how large the measurement range should be. 
  • Consider what accessories you might need or want and find out if they will be included in your purchase. 
  • Discover if any additional features need to be integrated with your ultrasonic thickness gauge Purchase a product directly from a manufacturer.


4. Who are the Best Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Suppliers in China?


NDT-KITS has been an industry leader in providing ultrasonic thickness gauges for over 20 years and is a supplier of ultrasonic thickness gauges for sale worldwide. The company’s headquarters are located in HongKong, China. NDT-KITS is a global manufacturer, and they have a very close relationship with their customers and suppliers.

NDT-KITS is a company that is dedicated to providing world-class service to all of its clients. 

  • Krautkramer

Krautkramer is a professional ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturer that has been involved in the ultrasonic thickness gauge industry for over 35 years. The company also distributes products and provides quality assurance services. The company specializes in designing, producing, and selling ultrasonic thickness gauge systems. 

  • Panametrics

Panametrics is a high-performance ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturer. The company has been involved in the ultrasonic thickness gauge industry for over 25 years and strongly emphasizes quality and technological innovation. The company designs and manufactures innovative products that benefit customers worldwide.


5. How to Import an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from China?

The first thing to do is to contact the supplier of your choice. 

After that, ask for a quotation and make sure the price is good before going ahead with any deal. You should always compare prices, features, and warranty. 

Then, you can send your order to the manufacturer or send them a payment invoice. 

After payment, the manufacturer will send you a payment confirmation of your order and the estimated delivery date of your order. 

Now, all you have to do is wait for your order to be delivered.

NDT-KITS is among China’s best manufacturers and suppliers of ultrasonic thickness gauges. Contact them to get the best deals on ultrasonic gauges and probes in China.


6. How Long will it Take to Have My Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Delivered?

Typically, it might take up to 2 days for your ultrasonic thickness gauges to be delivered, depending on the supplier that you have chosen. However, if you buy from a distributor, it might take up to 4 weeks for your ultrasonic thickness gauges to arrive. When you plan to ship globally, it might take up to a couple of weeks for your ultrasonic thickness gauge to be delivered.


7. What are Some Buying Tips for Importing Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges from China?

There are some important things that you should follow if you want to import ultrasonic thickness gauges from China:

  • You should always buy directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributors.
  • Always be aware of the shipping costs and additional charges when importing ultrasonic thickness gauges from China.
  • You should always make sure you have a written agreement with your suppliers.
  • Find out where your ultrasonic thickness gauge will be inspected and if import duties will apply to your purchase. Also, you should find out about the transportation costs and if any customs taxes need to be paid as well.


8. Why Choose us: NDT-KITS Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  • Trusted ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturer. 
  • We verify all specifications before we ship the product so you can have good quality and excellent service. 
  • Reasonable price with high quality, competitive price, best services, and fast delivery.
  • We have a good relationship with our clients and supply the best high-quality products. 
  • Easy to install and operate, easy to integrate with other systems.



At NDT-KITS, we ensure that you get the best high-tech ultrasonic thickness gauges. If you use our ultrasonic thickness gauges, there will be no doubt of their quality because we ensure that all our products are inspected before they are shipped. If you have any questions about the ultrasonic thickness gauges or the best ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturer in China, please get in touch with us on our website.

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