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Things to Consider When Buying an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge in the UK

First of all, an ultrasonic thickness gauge should be fairly simple to use. Some of them come with very advanced features that make the unit complex to use. It must include all the essential technical features and allow an engineer to take quick and accurate measurements.

Accuracy is of paramount importance along with simplicity. A scan that refers to the observation and recording of the ultrasonic waveform and other assisting functions such as the measurement stability indicator plays a critical role in improving the accuracy of the unit.

The durability of the ultrasonic thickness gauge is also essential. You need an IP-rated drive that has passed all formal drop tests to ensure it performs well for several years.


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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge in the UK - FAQ Guide

Table of Contents

1. What are the Types of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

Commonly ultrasonic thickness gauges can be divided into two types

  • Corrosion gauges: 

They measured the wall thickness of tanks, metal pipes, and pressure vessels which are not seen by the naked eye to analyze inner corrosion. These gauges are designed with single process techniques with dual-element transducers. The advantage of such gauges is that they measure thickness in rough and rusted objects also.

  • Precision gauges:

Precision gauges can measure the thickness of smooth metals, plastics, composites, fiberglass, rubber, and ceramics. They can measure objects with more accuracy than corrosion gauges, more than 0.001”. They are designed with single-element transducers. Precision gauges are of many different varieties due to the availability of many distinct transducers available. 



2. Are Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Accurate?

While selecting a meter and its transducer, these factors should be kept in mind for better accuracy for example calibration, uniform sound velocity, sound attenuation and dispersion, curvature, surface roughness, and poor coupling. With proper calibration and these factors, you can get accurate measurements up to 0.001mm. The accuracy of ultrasonic thickness gauges can also be enhanced by the use of reference standards of thickness devices. For example, Mode 3 thickness measurement can be taken with accuracy with meters using dip or delay line transducers for Mode 3. So these details are essential if you are looking for exact measurements.

3. How Ultrasonic Testing can be Used for Thickness Measurement?

Ultrasonic thickness control allows you to determine the residual thickness of the metal of the test object. These include carbon steels and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and composite materials.

The ultrasonic thickness measurement method involves the use of high-frequency sound vibrations that propagate in the material. Ultrasonic thickness testing is used when specialists do not have access to the opposite side of the product to use traditional mechanical measuring instruments. Ultrasonic thickness gauges are used to measure the wall thickness of pipes, tanks, and complex production equipment.

The devices make it possible to timely determine the impact of corrosion on structures and prevent accidents. The measurement is made by a non-destructive method, it is possible to carry out measurements of painted structures without removing the coating.

Modern ultrasonic thickness gauges can be used for multiple measurements with the results stored in the internal memory of the device. This greatly simplifies the process of creating reporting documentation, you can conduct dynamic observations.

4. What is the Typical Usage of an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

Ultrasonic thickness gauges are used to control the thickness of materials of different types.

  • Mining and pipe industry:  measure the thickness of structural parts
  • Shipbuilding industry: control of steel thickness in various places of ships and offshore structures.
  • Oil and gas sector: monitoring of the wall thickness of pipelines and pressure tanks, underwater lines of main gas pipelines, gas and oil reservoirs, as well as pump and valve housings of various structures.
  • Construction: to control the thickness of beams, and supporting structures, for compliance with standards.
  • Automotive industry: control of the thickness of body parts and paintwork.
  • Aircraft industry: measurement of the wall thickness of steel parts of aircraft and portholes (windows) with one-sided access to the element under test.

5. What are the Advantages of Choosing a Manufacturer in the UK?

Manufacturers of ultrasonic thickness gauges in the UK have countless benefits over that of other countries. Some of them are:

  • Quality Production

The UK never compromises quality and product standard, whether it is ultrasonic thickness gauges or any other device. Otherwise strict legal actions can be done.

  • Refined products

The manufacturing of products in the UK companies is the process of premium-level proficiency. From time to time, these companies developed new innovative technologies to produce improved and modern devices.

  • Numerous choices

You cannot count the number of manufacturers of ultrasonic thickness gauges in the UK, that’s why you have numerous choices. This large number of companies make accessibility easier for everyone and lessen cargo payments even if you are living in the remotest area.

  • Technology leader

It is not a surprise that the UK is the technology leader. Most of the newest machineries are presented by the country, same is the case with NDT devices and Ultrasonic thickness gauges. 

UE0073-Ultrasonic-Thickness-Gauge-side6. Who are the Reliable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Suppliers in the UK?

  • Krautkramer

Research and production center ” Krautkramer”. One of the most authoritative NDT developers, created in 1890 under the umbrella of the famous Baker Hughes groups. The company is certified according to international standards ISO, and passes different certifications from time to time. To date, Krautkramer company produces and supplies several portable and digital ultrasonic thickness gauges models: CL5 (with A- scan), DM5E, and DM5E DL corrosion thickness gauge (daily use device with 50,000 reading), and DMS Go+ Series (Portable with colorful A scan and B scan). To purchase any of these ultrasonic thickness gauges at Krautkramer in the UK, visit their website.

  • Panametrics

With a rich experience of 100 years, Panametrics is a manufacturer and supplier with worldwide recognition for its leading-edge Non-destructive and Inspection Technologies. They have achieved a number of worldwide certifications and standards like ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and ISO 45001. The company supplies the entire line of NDT Club. They have manufactured a series of digital ultrasonic thickness gauges. Their products are known for the latest technology embedded and advanced performance. These series include basic handheld thickness gauges, Hall-effect thickness gauges, advanced ultrasonic gauges, and dual and single element transducers. Their services include manufacturing, supplying, and renting devices, you can contact them by visiting their website.


NDT-KITS is one of the oldest and most respected suppliers not only in the UK but all over the world. The company was founded in 1980 and has its own production base in China. They also have a number of required certifications and achieve quality standards like ISO. NDT-Kits produces ultrasonic thickness gauges from UE0068 to UE0074 – all of them have different specifications and uses. The product line also includes an extensive set of other non-destructive inspection devices and sensors like flaw detectors. You can choose an ultrasonic thickness gauge and transducers for different methods and budgets from the company.

  • Cygnus 

Cygnus was established in 1970 and is another ISO certified company. It is a high-tech manufacturer of measuring instruments and inspection devices. Products of Cygnus are the output of many years of experience of the manufacturer, manufacturability, and reliability. It has mainly three ultrasonic product lines including a flooded member detector (FMD) system, thickness gauges, and a water-tight door leak detector. Devices in thickness gauges are Cygnus 1, 2, 4, 4+ and Cygnus 6.

  • Dakota

Dakota focuses on creating devices for determining the thickness of different objects. They provide almost 100% accurate results, operate quickly and without interruption for a long time, and rarely need calibration. The company’s devices are easy to operate and have intuitive control. They are equipped with sufficiently large and bright screens on which the readings are displayed. The internal memory is large enough to store the received data for several months or even years. Their UT thickness gauges include precision series, corrosion series, special series, and racing series.


7. What Qualities should I Look for in a UT Thickness Gauge Supplier in the UK?

These are key qualities that you need to check-in UT gauges suppliers.

  • Experience of the manufacturer: Not only for production, supplying experience of the company is vital for better product handling. Also mark the point that avoids purchasing any product from a trading company.
  • Upbeat reputation of the company: The reputation and popularity of the company should be positive and optimistic. Read the reviews about the desired manufacturers.
  • Suitable Location: Get to know about the location and other common details about the company. This can help you to save shipping costs. It is better to choose a manufacturer from an industry hub.
  • Certifications for UT thickness gauges: For assurance and guarantee, learn about the certification of the manufacturer and get satisfied with tests and standards applied on the UT thickness gauges of the company. 

8. What should I Check Before Contacting the Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Supplier in the UK?

Before contacting UT gauge supplier, thoroughly study its website, have a detailed analysis of its features of the company. Investigate all the products and know about their specification. After that choose your desired product. Make sure that the manufacturer delivers its products to your address. Calculate taxes and shipping costs also, so you know that you can afford the gauge.

9. How to Order an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

You can easily order UT gauges with the help of the following steps:

① Open the manufacturer’s website, from which you want to order

② Select the UT thickness gauge model with your required specification

③ Request quotations and discounts from the manufacturer

④ Set an online or face-to-face meeting with the salesperson of the company

⑤ Negotiate cost with the salesperson

⑥ Add up actual cost, shipping, and logistics cost

⑦ Create, discuss and sign the contract with terms 

10. How Long will it Take to Have my Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Delivered?

How long to wait for an order of UT thickness gauge depends on the distance of the region from the warehouses of the company. Delivery times can vary for different countries and carrier companies. If the delivery address is at a very remote place, then delivery of the order can take more than the usual time. When checking out, the city where the product is located is displayed. Here you can also find out when the parcel will be delivered approximately.

11. Why Choose our Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

NDT-KITS is a Chinese company that occupies a leading position in the development and production of devices for non-destructible testing. The company has established itself in the market as a manufacturer of high-quality inspection instruments, which are distinguished by reliability and high accuracy. Our ultrasonic thickness gauge is one of the best and the most selling products due to its reliability and accuracy. 

We have developed several types of digital and manual thickness gauges for measuring the thickness of metal and non-metal products.  Advantages of our UT gauge include high accuracy of indicators, protect the outer surface of the device from damage during drops and shocks, large LCD display with A and B scan resistance to various aggressive substances, reading memory up to 50000, and many more.


In this blog, we have discussed UT thickness gauges and their manufacturers and suppliers in the UK. It is better to choose a thickness gauge taking into account its purpose – for ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals. You also need to pay attention to the manufacturers of UT thickness gauges. This is the only way to get a really useful gauge. If you want more information or order NDT devices, then visit our website or contact us.

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