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Ultrasonic Transducer Supplier in the USA

Your Reliable Ultrasonic Transducer Supplier in the USA

  • Providing premium products to inspection industry for United States market since 1998
  • Supplies products to many national and international brands
  • No compromise on quality and standards, certified with ISO, CE and EU EN-12668
  • The most affordable UT inspection products
  • Manufactured standard and customized probes with accessories in 4000+ models
  • Created with 1-3 piezoelectric composite crystal to feature Higher Sensitivity
  • Competitive to the most recognised Olympus UT probes
  • Provide shorter duration of wave: 2~2.5 cycles and higher Bandwidth: 70~110%

How to Select Your Suitable Ultrasonic Transducer?

Things to consider when choosing an ultrasonic transducer.

  • Terms of reference

Ultrasonic transducers can range from direct beam to immersion, with models designed for a variety of industries. Focus on parameters such as frequency and element size.

  • Quality check

It is important to check if the sensor you are using has passed the performance test and to know if it meets the stringent compliance and quality requirements in your country.

  • Material

Accuracy and durability are the most important aspects of a transducer. Using materials such as piezoceramic and stainless steel for the housing to produce control products.

  • Performance and guarantees 

All sensors (probes, transducers) must be durable and are easily repairable.

  • Ease of selection

To make the right choice, you need to know the manufacturer well and have access to the entire line of products of interest. 


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Products We Have for you

Why Global Clients Choose Us?

40 Years of Expertise

We have 40 years of experience in the professional production of ultrasonic flaw detectors, an annual output of more than 10,00 ultrasonic flaw detectors, thickness gauges, ultrasonic probes and calibration blocks.

Talented Engineers and support team

As of September 2021, we have a total of 125 employees, including nearly 45 professional and technical workers who are masters or doctorate degree holders.

Advanced production equipment

We have Complete machining workshop, CNC, CNC machine tools, and more than 50 other types of processing equipment,to ensure high-precision product parts.

Excellent After-Sales Service

We provided excellent after-sales service, including fast delivery, online training,  immediate feedback of trouble shotting.

Ultrasonic Transducer in the USA- FAQs

Table of Contents

1. Who is the Best Ultrasonic Transducer Supplier in the USA?

  • Zetec

Zetec was established in 1968. Under the Zetec brand, means are produced for the quality control of the application of various nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions. The company offers the purchase of ultrasonic probes and wedges with the best characteristics of the phased array Ultrasonic technology (UT). They are designed for use with ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as plastics. The main advantage of this company’s offerings is a complete range of standard phased array and UT probes and wedges. Also, their products can be used in the worst weather conditions. Their product line includes 1D-Linear Probes, Corrosion probes, 2D-Matrix Probes and customized probes and wedges.


NDT-KITS was founded in 1988. These products are certified with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, CE mark, and EU EN-12668 certification. NDT-KITS manufactures 400+ kinds of ultrasonic transducers with different specifications and technologies, to meet your specific needs. All ultrasonic sensors (probes, transducers) undergo quality testing and certification.  Their product line includes series of TOFD ultrasonic transducers, dual element ultrasonic transducer, immersion ultrasonic transducers, angle beam ultrasonic transducers, phased array ultrasonic transducers, normal beam ultrasonic transducers, and many more. They provide after-sales and maintenance services also for customer satisfaction.


  • NDT Systems

NDT systems is an American manufacturer that started operations in the early 1970s. The company specializes in creating professional ultrasonic testing measuring instruments for the non-destructive testing marketplace. The UT transducers are certified with ASTM E1065 Standard and ASTM E1065 standard and are recognized worldwide. Their devices are primarily designed to work with severe conditions. They guarantee that their products are sold for complete efficient use. Product line of NDT systems UT transducers include CHF series, CHG series, CHRF Series, CMRF Series, PDG series, RDH series, IxHG series and list goes on.

  • Blatek

Blatek Industries has been providing its services to its loyal customers since 1979. They produce high quality products that meet commercial needs and are ideal for solving various industry problems. They are a manufacturer of NDT ultrasonic transducers, custom medical instruments, and piezoelectric composites devices. They manufactured various series of UT transducers for example Contact probes, Immersion probes, Down Well Inspection probes, Curved Phased transducers, TOFD transducers, Single and Dual element transducers, Near Wall Phased arrays, Weld Inspection Phased arrays, and custom transducers.


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Selecting and purchasing the right ultrasonic transducer can be a very daunting and time-consuming task, especially if you are looking for the one that will best suit your industry needs.  If you want to know who sells, deals, distributes, or offers ultrasonic transducers or similar products, then this blog can actually help you. In order to make a better choice in the USA, first find the best suitable ultrasonic transducers and then appropriate manufacturer of UT transducers .


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