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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge in Singapore

Your Reliable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Supplier in Singapore

  • Provides quality products for Singapore market with over 25 years of manufacturing experience since 1995.
  • Provides custom-made ultrasonic thickness gauges to ensure all products are tailored to customer needs.
  • Products are designed to make the user feel the strength and weight accordingly.
  • Ensure easy and safe installation as all products have manuals.
  • Parts of the ultrasonic thickness gauges are made with expensive materials to ensure product quality.
  • Over 95% of all the clients have a satisfactory relationship with us after personally trying the ultrasonic thickness gauges.

Things to Consider When Buying an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from Singapore

  • Measurement factors such as corrosion, flaw detection, erosion, and thickness: The most important factor to consider when buying an ultrasonic thickness gauge.
  • Target materials: Different ultrasonic thickness gauges are suitable for different materials. The most common materials to measure are stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel.
  • Accessories needed: The ultrasonic thickness gauge is not normally standalone equipment. It needs to be connected to other devices such as computers, CROs, or printers.
  • Skills and training needed: The person using it will need training on how best to use it for accurate results.
  • Phase reversal: Most ultrasonic gauges come with a phase reversal switch. This switch is to reverse the phase of the signal. 
  • Geometry: Geometry is one of the most important parameters when buying an ultrasonic thickness gauge. 
  • Accuracy: It is important to see how accurate an ultrasonic thickness gauge is before you can determine if it is reliable enough for your application or not.


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Why Global Clients Choose Us?

40 Years of Expertise

We have 40 years of experience in the professional production of ultrasonic flaw detectors, an annual output of more than 10,00 ultrasonic flaw detectors, thickness gauges, ultrasonic probes and calibration blocks.

Talented Engineers and support team

As of September 2021, we have a total of 125 employees, including nearly 45 professional and technical workers who are masters or doctorate degree holders.

Advanced production equipment

We have Complete machining workshop, CNC, CNC machine tools, and more than 50 other types of processing equipment,to ensure high-precision product parts.

Excellent After-Sales Service

We provided excellent after-sales service, including fast delivery, online training,  immediate feedback of trouble shotting.

FAQs on Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge in Singapore

Table of Contents

1. What are the Types of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

  • Corrosion thickness gauges: Corrosion thickness gauges are used to measure the remaining thickness of different corroded metals. These gauges use sound waves to penetrate the metal’s surface. This is vital in industrial manufacturing areas. These gauges are used in both manual and automated operating conditions. 
  • Precision thickness gauges: Precision thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of metal sheets and to find defects present in the material of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. With a large variety of transducers available, precision gauges can be used in various applications.



2. How to Select Your Suitable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

There are several factors to consider when choosing your choice of an ultrasonic thickness gauge. These include the type of material you are measuring, its use, how you plan to use it, your budget, what features it has, and price.

  • Type of material to be measured: ultrasonic thickness gauges are made for industrial or commercial use. Industrial gauges can measure a larger range of materials and be used in multiple applications. Home gauges are smaller, lighter, and easier to use.
  • Material use: The ultrasonic thickness gauge is carefully designed to measure different metals or alloys. The best gauge for you will depend on what metal you are measuring.
  • Your intended use: You must consider how the ultrasonic thickness gauge will be used and by whom. Some gauges can be operated by an operator, while others have an automatic function.
  • Your budget: There are inexpensive ultrasonic thickness gauges made of plastic yet can be used for a wide variety of applications. These gauges are also very affordable.
  • Features and functions of the ultrasonic thickness gauge: The ultrasonic thickness gauge will come with a manual to help you operate it. Some have automatic functions, while others have settings that an individual can adjust. A manual will help you understand how to adjust settings and use the product properly.
  • Price of the ultrasonic thickness gauge: Price is a major consideration when buying an ultrasonic thickness gauge. It will determine whether or not you are getting value for your money.

3. Who are the Reliable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Suppliers in Singapore?


NDT-KITS is a highly technological company that focuses on manufacturing and supplying high precision ultrasonic thickness gauges in the USA and the rest of the world. Their ultrasonic thickness gauges are suitable for measuring metals, alloys, and other materials. The company focuses on the manufacture and supply of ultrasonic thickness gauges that are user-friendly, portable, and simple to operate. This ensures that their customers can use the product with ease. NDT-KITS  has over 25 years since 1988 in the ultrasonic thickness gauge business. The company has a large range of products and services. The company has an advanced R&D team to help develop new ideas for any type of product that their clients need in the future.

  • Olympus 

The clients highly respect Olympus ultrasonic gauges for their advanced designs and easy usability. The company has been in the industry for over 50 years and is one of the longest-serving companies. The company is known for its wide range of ultrasonic thickness gauges suitable for various types of customers, from industrial production to commercial use. Ultrasonic gauges from Olympus offer a wide range of features and performance, making them reliable for different applications to suit your needs. 

  • Cygnus

Cygnus is a designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic thickness gauges mainly focused on measuring ships’ hulls. Founded in 1983, the company has been working hard to develop a range of ultrasonic thickness gauges suitable for the naval industry. The company is a customer-oriented and responsive supplier, ensuring that they deliver high-quality products on time with exceptional customer service. All their ultrasonic gauges are designed to be highly durable and accurate. You can rely on Cygnus to meet your requirements at competitive prices.

  • Dover Supply Pte Ltd

Founded in 1981, Dover Supply Pte Ltd is an innovative company that designs and manufactures a wide range of ultrasonic thickness gauges. All their ultrasonic gauges are built to be highly reliable and durable. They use the latest technological advancements in the design of their products which ensures that you get a high-quality product.

Along with Ultrasonic thickness gauges, Dover Supply Pte Ltd also ventures into the production of calibration and testing tools, fabricating custom instruments, and servicing and repairing measurement tools.

  • Masterscan Engineering

Masters Engineering is an Engineering company based in Singapore and founded in 2005. It is an accredited and independent Testing and Inspection company. The company provides calibration services, professional technical support, and repair service to all its customers.

The company produces high-quality instruments designed with the latest technology in this field. All their gauges are built to meet international quality standards and comply with regulatory requirements.


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4. How to Choose Your Right Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Suppliers in Singapore?

  • Quality of the gauges: When choosing an ultrasonic thickness gauge supplier in Singapore,  it is important to choose a company that you can rely on for quality.
  • Price of the gauges: When choosing an ultrasonic thickness gauge supplier in Singapore, you must consider the price. The price should be competitive and within your budget.
  • Warranty and after-sale services: Singapore’s ultrasonic thickness gauge supplier must offer high-quality service. They should be available to solve any problem that might arise in the future after purchasing the gauges.
  • Consider the company’s reputation, experience, integrity, and track record in business


There are many ultrasonic thickness gauge suppliers in Singapore that can offer you the products you need. Therefore, it is important to conduct proper research before buying gauges from any company. When choosing an ultrasonic thickness gauge supplier in Singapore, always consider the above points. NDT-KITS  is one of the best companies you can rely on for ultrasonic thickness gauges. Ensure to buy from a reliable company to help you get value for your money.

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